[Enneagram Type 3] The Venting/Discussion/Confessions Thread for Type 3s

The Venting/Discussion/Confessions Thread for Type 3s

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This is a discussion on The Venting/Discussion/Confessions Thread for Type 3s within the Type 3 Forum - The Achiever forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; Hey guys Well, this is inspired by a similar thread @ Paradigm created in the type 6 sub-forum. :) Feel ...

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    The Venting/Discussion/Confessions Thread for Type 3s

    Hey guys

    Well, this is inspired by a similar thread @Paradigm created in the type 6 sub-forum. :)
    Feel free to vent about all manner of things related and unrelated to your 3ness--the good, the bad and the super ugly.;) This is your mind dumping platform. Like lovely lil 3s, make good use of it!

    Based on observations from similar threads, I am setting a few basic ground rules:

    a) This thread is not to be used as an indirect/passive aggressive "tell a member" thread. All conflicts/issues with individual members and/or the forum need to be directed to the appropriate channels.

    b) It's a venting/discussion/confessions thread not a spamming thread, so please post with quality in mind. I encourage openness, honesty and unrestricted bitching, but let's keep it clean and mature.

    So, let's get to it! ;)

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    I'll inaugurate this thread with my own little vent lol:

    My A/C isn't back from repair, yet. I hate untimely customer service. I am just very annoyed right now.

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    Type 3w4

    I have 5 exams tomorrow, which determines my receiving a degree this summer or not. I've been out of the country without Internet access for the last week. On top of this, I have a disgusting head cold.

    It's taken me 5 goddamn years for this stupid degree. I will be pissed if it doesn't go my way.
    I'm very not pleased with this situation.
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    5 exams in one day! That's insane!
    I am sure you'll do well, though. :) All the best:)
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    Type 8

    My bewb hurtzzzzzzz. And I want some sweet tea, dammit. And when it rains, it fucking pours... it's almost comical. And I want to go to work tomorrow, but they won't let me come back to work 'til Thursday How dare they be so accomodating and supportive of my health. Dammit, I'm just tryina live.
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    Type 9w1

    Sony's lazy butts won't get the PS1 classics on the Vita store fast enough

    I guarantee you when the games are finally available its going to be no different from PSP

    If I download Spyro again and the game screen is the size of a butthole still I will cry

    Half of the screen when I play it on PSP is black and unused

    When you buy a PSP it should come with a monocle

    everything should have been available when it was released because there's literally only like 50 games so far on the Vita store

    I feel like they hurried the release of it for no reason

    it could have been an amazing console when it was released but they fricked it up T_T

    they're trying to make us excited saying "it will be here in the summer" BUT GURL IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE ANYWAY

    and I know when they say summer they really mean September 21st because if it was coming soon they would have at least what month it would be

    summer means it can be late September and they could postpone it by saying "we are working even harder to make the PS Vita enjoyable! just a little bit longer!"

    so my prediction is I will finally have the PSone Classics on my Vita in the beginning of 2013 BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT EVEN RELEASING THEM ALL


    "We will gradually release them starting this summer"

    so not only are they taking so long with this but they're taking this long for a FEW GAMES

    if this is taking so long because they're modifying it for the Vita capabilities then I will delete this post but I know there will probably be no difference and they will hype it up like its revolutionary and improved

    the point is that they could have made a more reasonable release date so they could have all this ready when it came out because there's really not much reason why they released it so early and if there is I don't care there is still no reason because I said there isn't >:(

    also, if you ask for a toy at McDonalds they act as though you've requested to see the queen of england. It really throws them off guard and they have trouble getting back on track. and then they laugh at you like you're crazy


    And they shut the ice cream machine down at 9 o clock. what the heck
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    Type 3w4

    My rant for today: I find it amusing.. well frustrating really... that so many people try to influence the plans of my wedding. My wedding. The first big decision my husband and I make together, and you want to tell me when and how I am supposed to act on it?

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    Type 3w2

    I'm afraid that I may have been a bit unethical lately.

    There's a coworker which isn't as good as me in scienfitic writing/thought, and recently, he did a poor job in his work and I kind of used this situation to leverage my status with my boss in those areas.

    Due to my coworker's poor performance, my boss wants to schedule a meeting tomorrow so we can arrange some plans to improve scientific skills. But I feel like I don't need such thing at all. I know it's wrong to think of oneself so highly, but I have been doing so lately. I think it's because since I found out I'm a 3, I'm okay with being a bit more competitive and being proud of yielding good results. I just feel like I'm being a bad person by displaying such cockiness.
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    Type 9w1

    I'm a hypochondriac and doctors annoy the crap out of me sometimes

    If its not in the select few things they specialize in they are about as intelligent as a grapefruit

    When I ask them about something I'm worried about having they just laugh and say "That's very rare"


    do not tell me that something is rare as though its impossible for it to happen. I have a lot of other rare things wrong with me so do not tell this snowman that it is not going to melt because the one thing that will melt will be your career.

    so many doctors seriously do not give two craps about their patients and if their patients only laid two craps in their life those idiot doctors wouldn't even give them Miralax

    I have so many weird heart symptoms but my doctors dismiss it because I had an echocardiogram. GURL AN ECHOCARDIOGRAM BARELY EVEN SHOWS ANYTHING BUT FRIGGIN COLORS

    I could have ten pieces of wood stuck in my heart valve and it would probably just show some mild color changes

    And then people get mad that I look stuff up on the internet. Sorry for being more concerned about my health than you are >:l
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    Type 3w4

    So considering a new tritype for myself. Enneagram is frustrating to me, because once I think I have it figured out, nope.

    Also, I rather like this thread and the concept behind it.
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