[Enneagram Type 3] 3s with 8 fix

3s with 8 fix

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This is a discussion on 3s with 8 fix within the Type 3 Forum - The Achiever forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; How does your 8 fix manifest?...

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    Type 4w3

    3s with 8 fix

    How does your 8 fix manifest?
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    Type 3w4

    I'm a 3w4 8w9 6w5

    For me it manifests itself mostly at work. I have all my meetings on the phone because we are a global team. We outsource a lot of our work to other countries, India, Poland, etc. So lots of different cultural influences, lots of English as a second language, etc. We're always under tight under tight timelines, so you can probably guess that a lot of conflict arises. I do my best work in sitting back and listening to what everyone is saying and identifying the disconnect, solving it, and moving forward. I'm also very good with calmly challenging people when they say something I disagree with. I usually get my way.

    The image I want to project is firm but fair and persistent but calm. The one who can get the job done but make work less stressful at the same time.

    Outside work I am totally the 'go along to get along' type as long as everything is being done in a way that makes sense. I don't tell people what to do unless they aren't doing what I think is best. When they deviate from that I speak up and try to get us back to where I want us to be. I'm usually very firm about it, too. Not quite 'my way or the highway', but similar.

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    How did you settle on a 9w1 fix earlier?


    This is from an older thread on the same subject:

    Quote Originally Posted by Boss View Post
    Mine is most likely 8. The other possibility is 1w2. I'll address both.


    -It gives me a very strong vengeful streak. I am very revenge-seeking.

    -There is a certain forcefulness to my personality (nothing I consciously project. it's just there) that people find intimidating, and times, threatening. I have to tone it down a lot, which is an annoyance. I am can deftly changing masks, so it doesn't always get in my way.

    -The 8 seems to bring with it a revelry in my animal side. I indulge in my animalistic nature, without guilt. I am completely in touch with my lusty dirty nature (and this isn't a sexual reference per se, it's more about a love of excess, wanting to milk the most out of life, no matter what). You might wonder what it means to feel like animal. I experience it as a total lack of inhibition. When I feel anger, it pulsates through my veins and makes me feel very alive and lustful. The animalistic aspect also contributes to a love of intense experiences and an ability to withstand and when necessary, inflict violence, without being deeply affected by it. It brings a distinct and, again, remorseless cruelty to my personality.

    The downside to this is that I rarely feel human. People rarely connect with me because they are repulsed by the animal inside, without even knowing me that well. Incidentally, I don't go around talking about this side irl for pragmatic reasons lol. I don't care to 'connect' with everyone and anyone, but this feeling of being inhuman or partially human gets in the way of connecting with the very few people I really do care for. It's only after they get over any revulsion they may have that closeness develops. One person has fallen in love with this aspect of my personality, without fear and without judgment, which was a pleasant surprise. He is the love of my life.

    -Justice. My interpretation of justice is limited and, by most people's standards, barbaric. I have little tolerance for the abuse of innocence. I will not stand by when a child/elderly individual/disabled person is being abused. I will not stand an ounce of prejudice and disrespect. This also applies to 1s and 1 fixers. My sense of justice revolves around revenge; whereas, for most Ones and 1 fixers, justice is a moral ideal that may or may not incorporate a punitive approach.

    -Protectiveness. This is a human thing as opposed to type thing, as far as I am concerned. While I am very difficult to provoke, hurting someone I love (which is very very few people, especially my partner) will place you in my direct line of destruction. I don't recommend this.

    - I am amoral. I can't stand moral policing. People who rub their morals in my face and try to "Reform me" either get laughed at or kicked to the curb.


    - I have a strong sense of right/wrong. This is not One specific, but intuitively, it fits better here lol. I don't have an internal moral code, but instinctively, I know what's right and what isn't.

    - I can't stand around and watch any kind of abuse/exploitation take place. My conscience (yes, contrary to popular belief, I do have one lol) doesn't lend well to spinelessness. If it's impractical to intervene (the risk to my safety is too large, then I will try to call for help, and if even that's not possible, then I will simmer and rage inside until I can do something. If all else fails, I end
    up feeling very cold inside. I know it's life, and sometimes, I will fail to do what I want, so I move on.)

    -My anger takes a cold authoritative form. I am a self-controlled and composed person. I am not self-controlled because I think anger is bad, but because composure really is a part of my personality. It takes a lot to make me furious. When I am angry, I intend to destroy. My anger is focused, and apparently, palpable and intimidating. This applies to Ones/1 fixers as well.

    -This speaks of 1 (potentially) being my fix rather and not core--I would compromise my values for a petty personal goal any day and feel no remorse whatsoever. As long as my actions are not harming children/the poor etc., I will do anything to get ahead. My desire to succeed and prevail is not up for compromise but values are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maybe View Post
    How does your 8 fix manifest?
    3s with an 8 fix (and 8s with a 3 fix) are the most career oriented and acquisitive 3s. they're all about acquiring money and power and are willing to work hard to fight their way to the top.

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    Type 3w4

    Quote Originally Posted by Boss View Post

    How did you settle on a 9w1 fix earlier?

    I have never really decided on my tritype. I go for periods of time where I *think* it's right. After months of research I think this tritype is correct, but now I'm trying to make sure I have the order correct.
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    Type 3w4

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsman of Mana View Post
    3s with an 8 fix (and 8s with a 3 fix) are the most career oriented and acquisitive 3s. they're all about acquiring money and power and are willing to work hard to fight their way to the top.
    I'd say it's more of a personal interest thing. I have the power to do what I want, and I do. I feel my 8 fix makes me more assertive and far less preoccupied on bullshit. 3w4-5w6-8w7
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