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3-7-1 Tritype

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This is a discussion on 3-7-1 Tritype within the Type 3 Forum - The Achiever forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; Originally Posted by Marlowe Hahaha. Sometimes I make up arbitrary rules without realizing it. And then can't be sure if ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlowe View Post
    Hahaha. Sometimes I make up arbitrary rules without realizing it. And then can't be sure if I heard it somewhere or just developed the notion in my head without basis. It wasn't so much about which pairings a person could have, just in which order. Like if you were a head type, then your middle type had to be a gut because it's the next set if you go clockwise.
    Haaa...sometimes the things I come up with. Thanks for clearing that up.
    Well in that case, I'm pretty sure I'm a 173. :P
    I think that's just ESTJ XD
    you're too damn id to be a 1w2 imho
    anyway, sorry for the derail

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    I am a potential 1w2 fixer as SOM said. Well, my impression of myself is that I am pretty fuckin awesome lol. Double competent (3-1) is a pretty professional/task oriented and ambitious combination. 7s can be visionaries, and I think my 7 fix boosts my 3's optimism, drive and the scope of my "dreams". I routinely overestimate myself, keep my eye on the prize and focus on solutions and what is "good"/ positive as opposed to what could go wrong. This isn't to say that contingency planning isn't my forte. It very well is, but my attention naturally goes more towards the positives of a situation and how to maximize them (3-7). 371 can be very frustration- triad ish and have a very set view of how things should be, and when this "ideal" isn't met (mind you the "ideal" can be very pragmatic here), the 371 trityper (in whatever order) is bound to get immensely resentful or angry. That's certainly very true of me. I want things to be a certain way, and when that requirement isn't met, the frustration can (and does) get expressed as rage.

    Another person I know of this tritype is a 7w8-1w2-3w4. He is very politically active (has political aspirations) and is just a hugely ambitious person, overall. He is often typed as 8w7 or an 8w7 fixer, and he is neither. He is a very hard taskmaster, and there is a very notable insensitivity and pushiness to him that's likely what gives the 8w7 impression. He's so/sx btw. He has a very keen understanding of human nature and how people work. It's nearly impossible to bullshit him. He is quite in tune with power dynamics in an inter and intra group sense. He can also be very charming, though the ruggedness is always there. There's a grating edge to him. The 1 fix brings very strong convictions and seems to rein in the more scattered head centre workings of core 7. He is a more focused (comes across as 'belligerence' more often than not LOL) 7 with a strong sense of what his mission is in life, what his goals and visions are, and how to fulfill them.

    I know quite a few 137/371/731 tritypers.

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    it also helps to look at triads
    1 with 3 and 7 fixes: the Id 1
    3 with 1 and 7 fixes: the idealistic 3
    7 with 1 and 3 fixes: the competent 7

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    Thank you. :] All of you.
    Funny because I am the only 3w2 7w6 1w2 So/Sx in the thread.
    Are there any examples of my tritype, except Oprah? :P

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    I am ENTP 3w2/1w9/7w8 sp/sx..

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    Type 6w7

    7w6-1w2-3w4 sx/sp ENTP here.
    Basically, the double competency holds the 7 in check, resembling a 5.
    1 and 3 allow 7 to focus, which is unusual for 7s. They also, along with sx/sp, make me less sociable and more critical than other 7s. I'm also way more realistic than average for a 7, enough that I considered 6.
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    I was wondering if there is a person with 3-7-1 tritype on the forum.
    I'm 3-1-7, close but no cigar.

    How your Enneagram Tritype affects your personality and behaviour?
    Apply the theory of type 3, 1 and 7 and there's your answer.

    What are some of your personality traits?
    Type 3, type 1, type 7, type So/Sx, type ESTJ, and even alignment Neutral Evil.

    What does Soc/Sx 3-7-1 looks like?
    It looks like;
    type So/Sx
    type 3
    type 7
    type 1

    If you know anyone with 3-7-1 tritype, what is your impression of them?
    Wow, they also share the same tritype.

    Do you know anyone who is an ENFJ with 3-7-1 tritype?

    Any thoughts?

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