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Enneatype 3 and wings.

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This is a discussion on Enneatype 3 and wings. within the Type 3 Forum - The Achiever forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; This site's questions always have me as testing as 3w2 (not as my first one, but always in the tritype), ...

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    This site's questions always have me as testing as 3w2 (not as my first one, but always in the tritype), but I don't match the description at all. In fact, if I'm even a 3 I'm more likely a 3w4 (I do see more that fits me in here). I'm still investigating into this, though.

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    Type 9w1

    Definitely 3w2. Especially the thing about anger and emotional facades. :x

    I like it like that though~

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    To all those who vibe with the 3/4 description but receive a 3/2 remember that the 4 disintegrates to a 2, and most of the enneagram tests that you find online test for the "what" you do, not the "why" you do it. The why is everything, and the what is really misleading, all actions can be undertaken by any ennatype, the reason is what's important, so a type 2 may engage in conflict in order to generate sympathy, while a type 8 will engage in the same conflict to assert his dominance over others for example.
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    The 3w4 description is eerily familiar, uncomfortably so.

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    Type 7

    anyone can give me a description/photo of someone who's 3w2 7 9w8 and a 378 perhaps ?

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    Type 7

    or try and type us both? i know im a 7, he was suggested to be 378 (but did not take the test)... thanks178906_444583012274101_1158856976_n.jpg

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    Type 7

    phew...just took the comprehensive test and came out as ...
    Type 3 with a 2 wing: "The Charmer"

    Your trifix is 3w2, 7w8, 8w7.

    used to always think/score as '7' in the basic test ....??IMG01124-20120312-1130.jpg

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    In the deepest psychosis, mass-murder-suicides are possible. Everyone else gets to be famous, but not me. But watch! I'll get my fifteen minutes, when they see what I have done. Just wait. I'll show them.
    Yeah, this isn't alarmist and unfounded conjecture...watch out for the threes!

    I'm worried more about this author than my own psychological well-being.
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    I'm a 3w2 xD! sound like me for the most part. I'm so bad ass, got deep dark skillz lol so boss!
    *Embrace the darkness with in*
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    Why isthe 3w2 descriptions so freaking negative..makes 'em look like self absored evil narcissists.....

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