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Enneatype 3 and wings.

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This is a discussion on Enneatype 3 and wings. within the Type 3 Forum - The Achiever forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; Originally Posted by Insert UserName Why is the 3w2 descriptions so freaking negative..makes 'em look like self absorbed evil narcissists..... ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insert UserName View Post
    Why is the 3w2 descriptions so freaking negative..makes 'em look like self absorbed evil narcissists.....
    speaking as a self absorbed, evil narcissist, I correlate this trait more with 7, 8w7 and Sx dom. 3s typically need to accomplish a lot before they become narcissistic.

    PS: if anything, 3w4 is the more narcissistic subtype of 3. the 2 wing brings 3w2 a little more down to earth and gives them more of a sense of community. 3w4s are more the stick-up-the-ass elitist, harboring stronger feelings of isolation and rejection. being a narcissist requires one to view other humans as having low intrinsic value. naturally, this will come more easily to the more separated 3w4 than to the friendlier 3w2 with their greater need for love and appreciation.

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    Type 3w2

    i'm 3w2, this is perfect! haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by susurration View Post
    genuine acceptance
    poised assurance
    motivated confidence

    competitive diplomacy
    efficient expedience
    self-promoting narcissism

    opportunistic scheming
    deceptive sabotage
    relentless monomania

    Type three people care more than most about appearances and effectiveness. They can become trapped by compulsive deceit, of themselves or others. One of their talents is an intuitive ability to instantly adapt to rapidly shifting situations.

    Except in rare cases, people of type three show a flavoring from one of the two adjacent wing points, so we can say they are three with a two wing (3/2) or three with a four wing (3/4).

    Like all humans, threes also come in three instinctual flavors: social (3sc), sexual (3sx), or self-preserving (3sp). In addition, threes also experience nine distinct levels of mental-emotional health (briefly described by the phrases at the top of this page). Therefore, it is possible to distinguish fifty-four distinct subflavors of type three.

    three with a two wing

    [CENTER] general description

    Average 3/2 is the prototypical sales personality. The threeish desire to be admired is stronger than the twoish desire to please others, so it is more important to them that they look good than that they make others feel good, although they will do both if they can. Unlike the more withdrawn 3/4, they want to reach the largest possible audience. Threeish, mainstream attractiveness is flavored by twoish seductiveness, rather than fourish uniqueness.

    balanced and transcendent states

    Healthy 3/2 loses the false polish and becomes more real. The vanity of three turns into genuine self-observation, and the seductive pride of two turns into appropriate humility. Balanced 3/2s are friendly and personable people whose natural social skills help others feel comfortable. They find a new kind of pleasure at playing without always having to win, although of course they can still choose to be competitive when it's appropriate. Genuine feelings emerge and are given expression as two integrates to four, while three going to six provides a sense of belonging that builds powerful bonds of friendship.

    Further 3/2 integration leads to an astonishing ability to generate enthusiastic optimism and self-confidence in others. Highly evolved 3/2 is usually an expert motivational speaker, and often takes advantage of that skill. The uplifting message is delivered with style and power, zooming right to the heart of the listener, where the magic of positive thinking can begin. These are the teachers who bring us to our feet shouting and jumping for joy, eager to take the reins of our life and charge onward into the future.

    unbalanced and unhealthy states

    Unbalanced 3/2s become trapped by the vain desire to be admired and attractive. They begin to hide more and more behind their false emotional facade. Trying ever harder to show the emotional states they think others think they should show, they get further out of touch with whatever real emotions are being ignored. The anger and pushiness from the two-wing's disintegration to eight combine with the three's nineish emotional deadening, for a kind of hostile self-promotion than can be most annoying.

    If 3/2s lose touch still further, eightish anger at the world is the only emotion that is strong enough to penetrate the cotton wall of nineish deadness. In a peculiar, zombielike state, the most horrible atrocities might be committed. Sometimes extremely unbalanced 3/2s are nice-seeming, quiet people who just happen to be mass-murderers or serial rapists. See who brought you to ruin! I am the one.

    physical appearance

    3/2s usually want to be well-dressed, according to the top fashion of whatever social group they belong to. Their clothing is well-chosen and reflects the mainstream, not the fringes of fashion. They seldom let themselves become overweight. Makeup and jewelery are always well within the norms of their largest audience. Note, however, that some audiences like excess, and threes who are addressing such groups will meet their expectations. 3/2s possess a calm, cheerful social manner, always trying to show the best side. They want you to feel that they are emotionally together even if they aren't.


    Some 3/2s find work that puts them on display in a glamorous way. Actors, singers, football players. Others follow their ambition into the business world, becoming executives, salespeople, managers, or advertising agents. They might be motivational speakers, models, game show hosts, or newscasters. There are 3/2 DJs, politicians, and image consultants. Of course, 3/2s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.
    it's creepy how easily i can relate to the 3w2 description...oh yeah..except for the fact that i'm not a serial killer..o_0

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    Type 3w2

    I'm 3w2....though it looks like I haven't developed my personal character very well; the unbalanced state is true.....I do need to be less fake with others and myself and being so obsessed with an admired self image. Though I do use my social skills to make everyone around me as comfortable as possible; whenever I volunteer I have to constantly meet new people and I work pretty hard to make them feel good with me, haha.
    herinb thanked this post.

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    Type 1

    proud to be 3w4

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    Type 6w5

    Quote Originally Posted by susurration View Post
    genuine acceptance
    Sometimes extremely unbalanced 3/2s are nice-seeming, quiet people who just happen to be mass-murderers or serial rapists.
    Lol, I've been told once or several times that I can possibly come off as creepy and/or hostile when severely stressed..

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    Type 1

    Some of these things I can see in myself as where others I certainly can not, but I suppose this comes down to how well developed of a person you are.
    I can say I have never once felt vain or conceited, in fact I thought I was quite hideous as a child so I shrived to make myself what I thought a good well rounded person is, I can recall this thought processes taking place as early as 5th grade. Even after being scouted to model by one of the largest agencies in LA I chalked it up to I had a rare hair color (auburn) & that was merely it. It wasn't in till my mid twenties that I had a more realistic vision of myself. Even after realizing esthetically my appearance is considered attractive by most I never once felt empowered by it, and thought to do so was shallow and petty. However, I do find that maintaining a good wardrobe is highly important to me and the care of my skin, I own a lot of hygiene products haha. I don't feel I adhere to any fashion code or go with the flow, but I do shop worldwide pulling inspiration from Paris, Korea & Japan and tend to be called fashionable. (I've received the title of "best dressed" or "most fashionable" in school more than once.) But I also chalk this up to the fact I have loved clothes as a form of expression since I was little, and since its something we have control over, why not present yourself with your best foot forward.

    I do put on a happy face at all times, but not to be accepted, but as to avoid making others feel bad or uncomfortable. I also despise being pitied...Im also horribly private (INTJ personality type, not surprising). Me at even my worse doesn't sound anything close to an unhealthy 3, I would never want others to hurt cause I am hurt or bring about their demise. Also those career choices sound horrible, especially acting, I find the lime-light appalling and being the center of attention (especially in front of strangers) awfully uncomfortable. I do retain a high level position within my company, but that is due to my responsible hard working nature and not at all with the desire to have power or be recognized. Actually 3/4 jobs sound more up my ally with artist and computer engineering. In all honesty my dream job would be to just study quantum physics and hopefully be able to provide this world with something meaningful that we as a society could benefit from or just the selfish pursuit of knowledge regarding it. I felt its description sounded very loosely like me, but I took it a few times and got the same answer.

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    3/4 here from the description, except for the fashion portion. I either have wanted to blend in, or, now, would rather be what helps me feel comfortable. Mismatching socks, t-shirts of things I love.

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    3w4 here. I do a lot of casual career advising. I've helped three friends successfully choose careers. I feel so proud of myself- er- them!

    I'm actually going into psychology, and am writing psychological thrillers for fun, and am using my 4 wing as a plus and working on a custom-size (read: even if you're fat or weirdly-shaped or hella fucking skinny, it will work for you) alternative fashion line that will be sold on Etsy, with items being made during breaks from school. I would have gone into fashion full-time, but the industry is just so shallow- I've heard horror stories. Ugh. Though psychology isn't much better. There are so many incompetent psychologists out there. I mean, have you *looked* at any copy of the DSM? /laughs

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    This is a great post.
    I am clearly a 3w4. This information is helpful to my wife.

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