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Enneagram 4 corporality

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This is a discussion on Enneagram 4 corporality within the Type 4 Forum - The Individualist forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; Interesting information. According to this website , the people of enneatype 4 have a tendency to present a body with ...

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    Type 4

    Enneagram 4 corporality

    Interesting information. According to this website, the people of enneatype 4 have a tendency to present a body with the following characteristics:

    Generalized blockade due to hypotension.
    Asthenic bodies, thin and long.
    Skin pale and cold.
    Face: childish features, expression of suffering and grief.
    Eyes: bulging demand look inspire compassion
    Maseteros developed and painful.
    Mouth: morrito.
    Neck: tension anterior.
    Bone scapular waist.
    Omoplatos fixed.
    Torax in keel, in unforced expiration, flattened dome.
    Belly: soft and tender.
    Pelvis: slightly discharged.
    Legs like rigid columns.
    It is characterized by a generalized denergetization, which gives it a flaccid appearance, with very little muscle tone. The muscles seem to be unprepared for action, they are people who seem to be always tired, more than tired, as if they could not do anything by themselves. There is excessive muscle over-relaxability.

    They often have a childish facial expression, with very large and very open eyes, although with a constant grimace of sadness, as if they were about to cry. It seems that they had stayed at that stage of development. They have a demanding look, which can even move us to compassion.

    The lips are usually soft and fleshy and has a constant grimace of pity, like "puchero", with the corners pointing downwards. This does not mean that they can not smile, on the contrary, they are very expressive facially but with the peculiarity that they can change the gesture, from grief to joy, very quickly, being somewhat dramatic or histrionic. They are not aware of what emotion they are expressing because they did not learn to process the instinctive sensations and emotions; They do not distinguish them.

    The neck is usually long, soft and cold and, although it does not present superficial muscular tensions in this muscular ring, they do suffer from problems in the larynx and in the pharynx, due to the tension in the oral cords, so they can have problems for the swallowing and phonation. Sometimes, they may even have problems with vomiting, they invest in it, they swallow it, and problems of aphonia or dysphonic voice (roosters), and very frequent suffocation.

    The back and the muscles of the back, at the height of the arms, are very tense. It is one of the main blocking segments of this character, which gives them unbalanced, disharmonic and longer arm movements than usual.

    The head and shoulders are usually projected forward, in some subtypes even chronically. The shoulders rise slightly, as in a constant "I do not care" gesture.

    The shoulder blades are totally or partially immobile, preventing the aggressive movement of the arms (to ask, reject or retain) and give them a languid appearance, as if they were hanging from the shoulder, without strength. They seem to always be in a "I surrender" position (they got tired of asking the mother). They have a hard time closing their fists, this is an uncommon gesture in this character, because of its difficulty expressing anger, the aggressive impulse is not very strong. For that reason, they usually express themselves with tantrums and uncontrolled crying, like a child, even kicking and moving their arms in the air, with uncoordinated movements. The blockage in the jaws, arms, shoulders and hands acts as a container for the expression of rage, which in turn desensitizes the oral character in front of it (it does not know what it feels).

    The thorax is usually narrow and soft and the ribs easily collapsible under pressure. When breathing, almost does not move. The breathing is practically abdominal. In the case of women, tend to have little developed breasts, resulting almost like a girl, as if they had not finished forming.

    The spine tends to hyperextend, projecting head and pelvis forward. The buttocks and abdomen are rather soft and lax. The abdomen, in addition, presents a slight bulge, like that of children, increased by the tendency of the pelvis forward. This lack of pelvic development, causes a lack of vital energy charge (which as I said, is concentrated in the pelvis), which increases the chances of suicide (is the character that gives less value to their own existence).

    The lack of energy charge in the pelvis produces a constant feeling of empty existence and lack ("I'm not worth, I do not exist"). Hence, the sense of demand that these individuals seem to make is constant. They never have enough, which will drag their whole life, especially as a couple. In addition, pelvic desensitization usually causes problems of anorgasmia.

    As in all your body, the lower extremities have a lack of muscle tone that gives them buttocks, buttocks and legs unfit to hold them up, so they usually have little sense of security, neither walking nor standing. It seems as if they wobble, transmit little feeling of stability. They usually have the knees of the knees in hyperextension (loose joints), increasing the feeling of lack of stability (they fall forward). His unsteady and dazed walk is very characteristic. In addition, they start the march from the head and then the whole body follows them (like a child who starts to walk). This increases the feeling of lack of attachment and their dependence, as if they could not stand or walk alone.


    Do you feel identified?
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    Type 4w3

    Not entirely. Although, my build could be called asthenic, compared to the pic, my muscles are more developed in my thighs and buttocks. Actually, I feel bad about about my big butt, :DDD, because it gives a bad contrast to my not so muscular upped body. I'm a relatively good runner and swimmer. There's some childishness in my face, although I attribute it to the 9's qualities. When I'm in 4 mode, then it's more of that adult bitterness, instead of tantrum sadness. I guess I don't allow myself tantrums anymore.

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    Type 6w5

    I don't know about 4s, but the description there was spot on for me (6 sp).


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