[Enneagram Type 4] 4s and Mental Illness

4s and Mental Illness

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This is a discussion on 4s and Mental Illness within the Type 4 Forum - The Individualist forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; What exactly is the deal with 4s and mental illness? Just about every other thread on here has to do ...

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    4s and Mental Illness

    What exactly is the deal with 4s and mental illness? Just about every other thread on here has to do with some sort of disorder.

    Are we just more prone to having mental health problems?

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    Type 6w7

    Maybe, I have AvPD. I was advised to let people know so they don't get surprised by me withdrawing.

    Even with my low self esteem I aim to kick it's ass in the next 2 years.

    I think it has to do a lot with being sensitive. When you are open to feelings...you don't have a thick skin to protect you. This leaves you open to all sorts of stuff and can lead to stuff like AvPD, BPD, NPD as a way of coping...or just losing it.

    It's a trade off i guess. Can't have one thing without the other.

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    Type 4

    Maybe 4's are more prone to mental disorders. A lot of the descriptions of 4's sound like people with depression, anxiety, maybe even Borderline PD, etc.

    I myself have bipolar, PTSD, and various anxiety problems. I also used to be anorexic and went inpatient for it. However, mental illness runs (majorly) in my family and I had an abusive and neglectful upbringing. So I don't necessarily associate any of it with my 4-ness.
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    Maybe 4s just think about it more. I know I think about myself a lot (god... how narcissistic). I used to think I might be bipolar, but that just seems stupid now.
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    You mean like this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muck Fe View Post
    You mean like this one?
    Well that may be the cause for some of it. But it seems a large amount of 4s here actually have some sort of diagnosis with an actual disorder. For instance I have major depressive disorder, and Ive been in the hospital for it.

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    Type 4

    Just call us special.

    Better still just wiki it and learn more.
    Mental disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Check out especially
    Laws and Policies
    Perception and discrimination

    We have to deal with special things.
    Like everybody.
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    Type 6w7

    :) the thread needs some comedy. *poke*

    I like to think of it as having more personal insight into the human condition. It makes me understand and accept others more.

    I'm broken in some way. So what? I'll fix it. I have been to that hell and lived through it. I can tell the tale and am stronger for it.

    No one has as much insight into AvPD as a sufferer who has pushed back the fear demons of the mind.
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    Type 4

    I have schizoprenia. Wooopy!
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    I think some 4s also might have more of an ambivalence towards their own mental illness- like more of a likelihood to become attached to it and see it as part of who they are rather than as wholly bad because it ties in w/ perceived difference and the kind of hate/love attitude that comes along w/ it - and maybe this in turn contributes to 4s being seen as having a higher rate of mental illness.
    I wouldn't be surprised if there were actually higher numbers of 4s with some sort of mental illness, but I know I've personally experienced a conflicted relationship w/ mental illness instead of "this is bad it needs to go" and have wondered if this has amplified its presence in myself. I'd also agree with One4YesTwo4No - I think 4s might tend to think a lot about what role mental illness plays in their life in general which might amp up its presence a bit.
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