[Enneagram Type 4] Enneagram 4 and tritype Descriptions

Enneagram 4 and tritype Descriptions

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This is a discussion on Enneagram 4 and tritype Descriptions within the Type 4 Forum - The Individualist forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; I haven't really found good sources on this... but does anyone have some good definitions of the differences in say ...

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    Enneagram 4 and tritype Descriptions

    I haven't really found good sources on this... but does anyone have some good definitions of the differences in say a tritype 4-6-9 vs. a 4-7-9 and etc. I've seen some good list for type 1's and 5's on all the various combinations, but not for 4's.

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    Type 4

    This link was given in another thread: the16types.info Socionics Forums - View Single Post - Fauvre's tritype archetypes and variant descriptions

    I am a 4-1-6 and found the description pretty accurate for me.

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    Type 9

    4-5-6-7-8-9-1-2-3 alive alive alive alive alive

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    Type 4w5

    I'm a 4-5-8
    she said this is the the most intense type, particularly if sexual. Intutiive, knowledgeable and direct. This is the type that really craves knowing what makes people tick and builds what she calls mental or internal maps that are quite astute as to what makes people do what they do. This tends to be the darkest of the tritypes because of the intensity of the 3 types (particularly if 4 or 5 is in charge). David said there is a propensity toward the grotesque, anatomical or intensely esoteric. This is the "true scholar" and the life mission is to disseminate what information is found. The blind spot is this has 3 types that can be prone to arrogance and the attachment to the internal map of what they've found can make them blind to new information as it comes in. So there will be a tendency to become fixed in their worldview or ideas particularly about people and not take in new information. So while the map is quite extraordinary that they've painted they may miss a whole region and thus not have the full picture. This is also the most cynical and the tendency to be so overly opinionated can make people turn off to their wisdom. She said when 8 is in charge there is a bit more compassion, and with an integrated 5 or 4 in charge you get a gifted spiritual teacher (Russ Hudson for example)

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    Type 4w5

    Yeah I read those descriptions too...

    I haven't settled on my tritype.
    I'm somewhere between a 4-5-9 and a 4-5-8

    Though I'm not even sure about that, anymore...
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    Type 4

    Whoa, I think 459 is dead on.
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    Type 4w3

    Tritype 461... I feel like the tritype is shown in a negative way :(

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    Are there any descriptions of 4-5-1?

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    Type 6w7

    Well, I'm not type 4, but I do have 4 in my trifix. I would say I'm either 641 or 614 though~


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