[Enneagram Type 4] Mental Illness and Health Levels (Another Thread)

Mental Illness and Health Levels (Another Thread)

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This is a discussion on Mental Illness and Health Levels (Another Thread) within the Type 4 Forum - The Individualist forums, part of the Heart Triad - Types 2,3,4 category; I was just wondering how many of you 4's out there have some kind of mental illness and how you ...

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    Type 4

    Mental Illness and Health Levels (Another Thread)

    I was just wondering how many of you 4's out there have some kind of mental illness and how you figure that plays into the health levels associated with 4. I have severe Bipolar I with anxiety and when it's under control I'm a very healthy 4, but if it's out of control I can descend into level 9 overnight. I have some confusion as part of my bipolar when it's acting up, which also contributes to me making poor choices. I feel kind of hypocritical saying I'm usually a "healthy 4" when I sometimes do descend back into the low levels due to my bipolar. Fortunately once my meds are adjusted properly I'm back to being pretty healthy. I also find therapy pretty helpful.
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    Have suffered from depression (but this was caused by the circumstances, so not really a mental illness).
    I have ADHD, though that's not a mental illness either.

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    Type 7w6

    I had some depressions in the past, and short attention spam too.
    I also have suffered with anxiety and it lead me to psychosomatic ills... At that time I was very social phobic and It was by that time that i discovered enneagram.

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    Type 4w5

    I've had depression since my early teens. I'm pretty moody. I was diagnosed with bipolar I during a rough period in February, but believe that it was a misdiagnosis. It's hard to know as I have episodes like that a few times a year and around the same times too, but I don't think it's just a matter of fitting the criteria. I have some Bipolar I friends and I can see huge differences in how our 'manic' episodes look. I have food allergies and I have to be careful with what I eat or it can just make me really impulsive and reactive. I can have uncontrollable, self-destructive behavior because of it. It's insane for some of us how much the things we eat can affect aspects of ourselves we'd never expect.

    Quote Originally Posted by unico View Post
    I feel kind of hypocritical saying I'm usually a "healthy 4" when I sometimes do descend back into the low levels due to my bipolar.
    I know what you mean. I feel like I can seem really healthy and believe it myself. I will be connecting with friends in a really genuine and loving way and then I'll be doing really unhealthy things that I turn a blind eye to and don't acknowledge myself until maybe a few weeks of doing it. I can really feel like I'm in the top levels of type 4, but then before I know it have made a trap for myself. I come home to an empty room and start doing things that are considered unhealthy. The desire is definitely there to be healthy though, but I can't always sustain it when I'm alone.
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    Type 5w4

    I have MDD (this could possibly be Bipolar II), ADHD, and Anxiety, but I have these disorders generally under control. However when things become chaotic in my life, and when I don't have control, I go into my unhealthy states.
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    Type 5w4

    @sleeper , bipolar often goes in cycles, corresponds with seasons. It's pretty rare to be bipolar and not have SAD. Fortunately I live in a place with lots of winter sun but it still really affects me. Maybe it's more bipolar 2 than 1, if you're bipolar? Because I feel like I'm really different than most bipolar people too, I'm mainly depressed and my hypomania usually manifests as irritability, like everyone is dragging their fingers across chalkboards. I just feel really on edge and intense.

    My daughter is allergic to gluten and when she eats it she gets really emotionally volatile, starts crying about how we hate her and how she hates herself. but now that she-and we- know the cause, it helps. But it's still scary, especially since I'm bipolar so I know it's in her genes. I've cut down my gluten intake too but my biggest obstacle is giving up beer.

    Just like @unico and you have said, I will be doing awesome and then the next day I wake up and all of that feels erased. It sucks.
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    Type 4w5

    I also feel 'phony' sometimes when considering my healthier levels because I never seem to stay in one zone for too long. I have chronic depression (although I don't think mine is an illness as much as a disorder) and sometimes I'll feel so much better that maybe a part of me clings on to those feelings to convince myself I'm out of it. And I'm still scared a lot of the times because of my intrinsic fluctuating nature. I'll start to descend sometimes without realizing and catching myself. I strive to be healthy by all means but I never know if it's really 'me' becoming healthier or just feeling healthier. I think there is a difference in that regard for me. I'm still figuring things out
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    Type 4

    I had anorexia in my late teenage years /early adulthood, but have now recovered. I struggled with mild depression for many years, but that seems to have improved with time (and therapy). I tend to be fairly healthy and resilient now...although because I am sensitive, like so many 4s, I think I am a little bit more suceptible to stress than the average person.
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    I've had a severe eating disorder for over 12 years now (I'm 27), depression since I was about 11/12, significant OCD-type issues since pretty much as long as I can remember (my earliest memories of "rituals" are from when I was about three, though I've never actually been diagnosed with OCD -- probably because I've never told anyone about it), moderate to severe anxiety and panic issues, borderline personality disorder... yeah, fun times. [/sarcasm] Oh, and my therapist thinks I should consider being evaluated for adult ADD.

    I couldn't honestly say that I've ever been fully mentally healthy at any point in my life thus far, so that undoubtedly plays a role in my (very low) level of health as a Type Four.
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    Type 4w5

    I've suffered from depression, and have also been diagnosed with AvPD. The diagnosis is a bit shaky, though, and I'll be seeing another psychiatrist next month regarding the issue. There's still a lot of anxiety and mild social phobia, among many other things. I've always seen myself as a relatively healthy Four, but lately the levels have started to descend with my increasing anxiety and other problems. Currently I'm borderlining between bottom average and unhealthy.
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