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Heart Fix

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This is a discussion on Heart Fix within the Type 5 Forum - The Investigator forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; To those who know their heart fix: How does your heart fix manifest? Have you noticed its influence in your ...

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    Type 5w6

    Heart Fix

    To those who know their heart fix:

    How does your heart fix manifest? Have you noticed its influence in your day-to-day life? In what ways does it conflict or compliment your core?
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    With 4 as my heart fix and wing I often find myself attracted to and enjoying the darker side of emotionalism like a masochist, but I can only handle so much.

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    Type 5w4

    My heart fix is a 4, which manifests in wanting to do things in unique ways. It'll be part of how things have to have a touch or suggestion from me in order for me to do things.

    I have noticed its influence more looking in the patterns of the past where I can see how I had to have my touch on things or do things a bit differently than others.

    In going with my core type of 5, there are a lot of compliments as both are Introspective types and can be seen as having a rich inner world. The conflict comes from the head versus heart side of things as each has a slightly different view of what is on top.

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    Type 5w6

    No 2- or 3-fixers?

    I am curious how a 2-fixed 5 balances the detachment of their core with a people-centric fix.

    Also, I'd like to know how a 3-fixed 5 deals with their 'double competency.'
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    Type 5w6

    Alright, I'll bite.

    I got a 2 fix, and it has a 3 wing. It's even second in my stacking. It took me so long to figure this one out because I don't view myself in the outward sense, looking at the way I interface with the world; rather, my tendency is to just see what's on the inside and pay attention to my mental content.

    This doesn't negate the presence of this aspect of me, though. So my role into the world, when I'm not in introverted shutdown, is as a giver of ideas, information, knowledge, what wisdom I come to possess through my thought - a teacher and a thinker, contributing to whomever or whatever my impulse is toward. I feel disappointed when I offer something I consider significant and don't get response - slightly more specifically, any response that indicates to me that what I had to offer had some meaningful impact, was of aid, what have you. This could be them returning my conversation with questions, feedback (mindfood), putting what I had to say into use through their actions, etc.

    Due to the presence of sx in my stack, and the lack of so-style awareness, it shows up a lot around individuals and not groups. I have a marked tendency to take on individual students I favor, and none at all to deal with classrooms. I would be the kind of person to have an apprentice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluity View Post
    No 2- or 3-fixers?

    I am curious how a 2-fixed 5 balances the detachment of their core with a people-centric fix.

    Also, I'd like to know how a 3-fixed 5 deals with their 'double competency.'
    512 sx here

    The two makes me batter people with information because I become overly involved in wanting to help people by making them know things.

    I'm not a 3 fix but 1 is competent as well, it makes me double critical.

    Being double critical and then people focused makes me very critical of people. I wonder if 3 fixes are the same or if the more locally focused 3 makes them more self critical?

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    I'm not sure of my heart fix. I'm guessing 3w4, which makes me concerned about how I'm viewed by others and want to be perceived by others as successful.

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    Type 8w9

    4w3 fixed with 4 wing. To me it mostly shows up in how I want to help people see themselves. Just like I have my own innate preference towards seeing myself, analyzing every bit and piece of who I am and find my own unique identity through this analysis, I want people to do the same. My primarily need shows in seeking personal understanding of who I am as a human being, a person, what have you.

    Perhaps one could see the connection between 4-2 here, and I definitely think the connection to 8-2 matters too. I have a strange relationship to type 2 this way in that two of my fixes connect to 2 but I am not myself a type 2. Because I'm sx first, I use this kind of information as a way to connect with people. I like helping people type themselves but it only serves them in that I want them to see themselves for who they are. Once I feel they have fully explored themselves and have reached a deeper sense of self-understanding, I feel I'm done as there's nothing more to offer in terms of information. I love helping to share information with other people but only in the form of self-analysis that is meant to reach a deeper understanding, to see oneself in a more lucid light and achieve greater self-awareness and thus ultimately also move away from being a mere nobody in a collective into becoming a somebody with a goal, reason and purpose as to who they are. I am not entirely sure why I think it's important for me to help people see who they really are, the very core of their beings and themselves, but it is.

    I also feel my 4 fix shows up in my way of dressing, choosing to interact with the world around me and through my art. A lot of my art is very self-centered on a sense of internal torment and I often and easily develop moods where I just feel life is crap for no real apparent reason than it is and I can stay in bed all day wanting to indulge this feeling and reinforce it through external validation such as bemoaning it to other people. Don't you see how much I suffer?

    I never felt that the 4 influence contradicts my core. I don't think wings or fixes can contradict one's core, as that would result in a heavily neurotic and psychologically dysfunctional person that would likely suffer issues similar to schizophrenia. Instead, what I think happens is a form of synergy so fixes and wings cannot nullify, but they will instead strengthen and unite certain aspects in unique ways. I feel my 4 fix gives 5 a certain flavor that separates it from other 5s, creating a more unique blend that you don't have even among 5w4s, And I see how 4w3 and 5w4 both synergize into a mentality where absolute importance is placed upon understanding oneself, knowing oneself and fully exploring every aspect of oneself and seeing the truth of these observations.
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    I always have this nagging sense that nothing is ever going to make me happy and I live with this ongoing sense of perpetual dissatisfaction.
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