[Enneagram Type 5] Dear [Enneagram Type], Sincerely [Enneagram Type]

Dear [Enneagram Type], Sincerely [Enneagram Type]

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This is a discussion on Dear [Enneagram Type], Sincerely [Enneagram Type] within the Type 5 Forum - The Investigator forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; We don't seem to have one of these threads. I figured it's time to have one in case any of ...

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    Type 6w5

    Dear [Enneagram Type], Sincerely [Enneagram Type]

    We don't seem to have one of these threads. I figured it's time to have one in case any of us wants to write a letter to someone, specifically of a certain Enneagram Type. But be free to write to whomever you choose regardless of Enneagram/MBTI/whatever type.

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    Type 6w5

    Dear Type 2 Mom,

    Please state what YOU want. The reason why your Type 1 daughter is upset with you is because your passivity allows others to have their way and say nine times out of ten when you have right and reason to get your way as well. I think she's peeved because she sees just how unfair things are and can't continue to respect your indirect, passive approach. Your selflessness is honorable and I'm aware I should learn from it, but seriously, I'm also getting tired of reading your mind. Be assertive when it's called for, please!

    Your Type 5 daughter

    Dear Type 2,

    I'm onto you.

    This Type 5 who has good Spidey-sense.

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    Type 3w4

    Dear 5w6 ISTP,

    I hope you get in touch this week because I miss you. But if you don't, I guess I'll live.

    Your 6w5 INTJ
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    Dear 6w7 boyfriend,
    When you are frustrated I wish you would find a better way of letting your frustrations out. I was really hurt and embarrassed by what you said to me today in front of a stranger. It was the first time you ever made me feel that way and I didn't like it.
    Thank you for sincerely apologizing within 30 minutes and admitting what you did was wrong. That was all I needed.
    I love you,
    Your 5w4 girlfriend.
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    Dear spacey 4w5 ,

    I wish we could meet. Then again, it might be nerve wrecking so....I don't know. Maybe not today, someday for sure.

    A 5w4
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    Dear Type 8w7 daughter,
    The world doesn't revolve around you. Stop being such a drama queen. Would it kill you to be bored for 30 mins?? Your father and I are thinking about hiring a private clown to keep you entertained bc you are draining the life out of us. Stop lying and being sneaky about your hw. Also, quit with the lying entirely...I see through you. I dread the day you become a teenager. I love you!

    Love always,
    Your exhausted 6w5 mother
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    Type 6w5

    Dear Enneagram tritype 6-4-9,

    I gave you many chances. I gave you benefit of doubt each and every time. I let you in because I decided you were trustworthy. I gave you my time, attention, and loyalty because you were worth it to me. I also believe I gave more; I invested more in this friendship. And the one time I really wanted your support, you remained robotic as usual.

    I'm over this. Maybe this is karma, so I'm getting my due. I accept it.

    You have taken my friendship for granted. I will never allow you to take me for granted ever again.

    Don't call me to meet up. Call someone else. Don't email me articles anymore because I will no longer oblige you in discussing them with you. Don't IM me again. Make small talk with someone else.

    I refuse to be here for your convenience. We all have it tough in some ways. I have never asked for much from you, ever. But you can't pull through even once for me. This is not an equal friendship based on mutual respect and reciprocity. This is when I need to see things for what they really are. And now, I finally have.

    Consider me your distant friend because I can't do this anymore.

    a Tritype 5-9-4
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    Type 6w5

    Dear Type 4w5,

    Thanks for always being on my side. You enrich my life and imbue it with color and beautiful images and feelings. Thank you for being you. I haven't the words to express how much you mean to me, but I hope you somehow just know you mean so, so much.

    Love always,
    a blessed Type 5w4

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    Dear Type 6w7 friend,

    I really don't understand you at all sometimes. I've tried, but it doesn't make much sense. I know you're insecure and anxious. Everyone seems to see it except you. I guess I just don't see how you can be so un-self aware.
    I understand the ambivalence thing... but you really take it too far to the point where I think you're just two-faced sometimes.
    You've said that I have trust issues. And you're right, I do. But I wish you would see your part in that also and take some responsibility. You've lied to me SEVERAL times. I think I have reason to not trust you. I may have overreacted emotionally, but the basis for my lack of trust in you is very valid. I just want you to mean what you say and say what you mean. If you're unsure of something, I wish you would just say that you are unsure instead of giving mixed signals and responses and making me feel like I have to guess with you all the time. It's really wearing me out.

    Sincerely, A Type 5 who cares and worries about you
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    Type 1w2

    Dear Enneagram 2w1

    Stop trying to control my life. *I* decide what's best for me, not you. Stop "love-bombing" me, and start being civil, for god's sake. *Stop invading my space*- it is precious to me. If you weren't technically family, I would avoid you like the plague. You bring my worst qualities and I don't appreciate that.

    If you really love me, just leave me be. Seriously, just pretend I don't exist. Okay? Now go live your life, and I'll live mine.

    Enneagram 1w2
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