[Enneagram Type 6] Dear [Enneagram type], ... sincerely [Enneagram type]

Dear [Enneagram type], ... sincerely [Enneagram type]

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This is a discussion on Dear [Enneagram type], ... sincerely [Enneagram type] within the Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; Took this off the ISTJ forum.. Basically what it says, Try not to be too cruel here, but it happens ...

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    Type 6w5

    Dear [Enneagram type], ... sincerely [Enneagram type]

    Took this off the ISTJ forum.. Basically what it says, Try not to be too cruel here, but it happens XD

    Dear Type 7

    Your constant display of happiness and optimism is a downer :P although, you can spread it around and give me a shove for some form of happiness at times.

    Sincerely, a type 6.
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    I like type 7s. It depends on any individual whether I do or not. Sevens aren't always positive, anyways. They got their fair share of issues. I find it refreshing because with some things I find difficult and I'm quite serious about, and maybe being more 3 like to be successful, they might just apply enthusiasm to the same task. Things should be fun. Life should have passion and excitement. They can have pretty extreme ups and downs. I'm sure it can be more like mania if too wound up. I watched a famous motorcyclist from like the 70s. He had so much energy and reminded me of a type 7. Just smiles from ear to ear. He was an amazing rider. He did a lot of very serious long distance races. When I see people like him, I totally got to remind myself I can accomplish the same task in a good mood. Further more, being uptight takes muscle and energy that you could otherwise apply to things you want to succeed at. Haven't you heard the saying it takes more muscles to frown? I think it's good to appreciate that different energy. It would be so boring if we were all too similar. I learn so much from other types. I couldn't get out of my mind funks if it weren't for other types, especially the ones who I might not naturally gravitate towards.

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    Guys I'm gonna bump this. The 6s must speak.

    Dear 3w2,

    The world does not revolve around your penis. Whoa. Crazy, I know. You are probably one of the biggest asshole I have met this year. You are always talking about sex and your social status. You skip classes constantly. You disrespect the teachers openly as if you're trying to put on a show for your fans or something. You lied about getting a handjob from your ex, such a douchebag move. My question is why the heck do you like me? Or have any feelings for me whatsoever? I've made it so damn obvious that I hate you, but yet you don't get. You have mindless girls who are willing to have your baby, but you choose me? And where are your guts? Sending people to ask me out for you? Uncool. Then you started a lie, not a rumor, that we're dating. You, sir, are a fuckass. I guess a girl who doesn't want to suck your dick turns you on or intrigues you somehow. So I ask you to stop staring at me, talking about me, talking about your penis around me, and trying to impress me. It's not going to work.

    cp 6w5
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    Type 9w1

    Since this is open to the general Enneagram public...


    Oh my lawd, your Fi just has a way of making me feel overdosed. LOL, it's like a sugar rush, djkshfuieghuifgweuif...

    Ti-dom 9w1
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    Type 6

    Dear 3 I know(not all 3's),

    GTFO yourself, pull your finger out your ass!

    Love 6.
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    Type 6

    Dear 7 with 2 fix,

    Thankyou for your company and for your understanding of the situation i'm in. I appreciate having you around, you're like a breath of fresh air at times.

    From 6 ;)
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    Type 6w5

    Dear 8:

    I did not give you permission to eat my cheese puffs :L
    So... could you not?

    A 6 with limited reserves of trashy cheese-based food product
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    Dear INFP 9w8,

    YOU ARE A LAZY BUM! LAZY BUM! Take responsibility for once in your life and just stop. Like I cannot begin with the shit you do.

    Pissed off

    P.S.- Stop the clinging and leave me the fuck alone!
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    Dear love 9,

    When you show that beautiful quiet hope in the world it's like a drug to me, and nothing is more precious.

    please don't tell me any more that it's all a lie you tell yourself, your hope is mine.

    sincerely, your 6 love.
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    Type 9w8

    To a type 4w5 that I used to know,

    Enjoy pushing your new persona as you deteriorate into something unrecognisable. I will sit back and watch this bridge burn nice and slow in the meantime. Once it's done, I'm not looking back because you're as good as dead to me.

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