[Enneagram Type 6] In your face reality.

In your face reality.

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This is a discussion on In your face reality. within the Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; Sometimes reality takes the in your face approach to thing that you have pretended to not be true. It is ...

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    Type 5w4

    In your face reality.

    Sometimes reality takes the in your face approach to thing that you have pretended
    to not be true.
    It is like reality has decided to show you that your belief about the world are wrong
    and it choses to create a situation that illustrates your error.

    Of course no such will to prove me wrong exist. I think,
    but that is what it often feel like.

    Not that I had anything like that lately, but just got reminded of one time it did happen.
    Anyone else have experienced similar patterns?

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    Accept reality for what it is and you won't have this problem. Reality always wins out in the end. People get hurt by trying so hard to block out unwelcomed truths, yet if they worked as hard blocking out certain parts of reality instead of just figuring out ways to accept reality and move on with their lives they would be much more stable human beings.

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    Type 4w5

    Avoiding the truth is just creating more problems. The truth, however sad or whatever, is a position from which we can build upon and improve.
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    Yes, this has happened to me in the past--usually truths about myself I didn't want to face. I was forced to face the fact that I am not the person I thought I was. That was truly humbling, although ultimately I'm glad it happened. A sadder, wiser woman.

    As others have said, we need to accept reality and truth for what they are--or nothing else can happen. In principle, it's something I strongly agree with--actually one of the core tenets of my entire values system. But it's funny, though, because I always push this on other people even while sometimes willingly denying it from myself.
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    Type 4

    This has happened to me in relationships where I tried to tell myself everything was good and okay, but the guy would do something terrible which would wake me out of my fantasy and show me the harsh reality I had been ignoring (the flaws of these men I idealized/defended).
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