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Sevens- Boredom and Stagnation?

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This is a discussion on Sevens- Boredom and Stagnation? within the Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; I'm not a 7, at least not certainly, but I do this thing where I negate my own attempts to ...

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    I'm not a 7, at least not certainly, but I do this thing where I negate my own attempts to cure my boredom and malaise. I'll be in my room and think about listening to music or doing something to entertain myself, but I am too aware that most of those things are the habits that keep me from the real progress I want to make in my life. Unfortunately, I don't know how to go about that either so I just sit around until I feel better.

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    Type 7w8

    I have had so many different hobbies I can't even remember them all. I bore very easily :p

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    Type 7w8

    Quote Originally Posted by WintersFlame View Post
    Any people with the Seven enneagram who feel quite stagnant. Stuck between freedom and all the options available so you end up just wandering around inefficiently, with your time wasted on doing menial things?

    Quote Originally Posted by WintersFlame View Post
    I just end up swearing obscenities at my brain and then I'm like "no! I've got to do this!" then I walk around. Basically I give in to my boredom every 5 minutes.
    This! It takes me days to prepare myself to do things, if i have 20 days to finish something, i'll be like "Okay day 1 i can do this, let's start" and i do start but then i don't do anything for 18 days and on the last day i am finishing it all in like 2h before midnight

    Quote Originally Posted by Malandro View Post
    It's my worst nightmare. When my whole schedule is filled with work and play, I feel alive.

    When I'm just at home watching a series I never got round to watching, I'm all itching twitching

    and wanting to attack man.
    I started noticing that when i am extremely energetic and i use that energy to do something new and fun and exciting, it's all great, but if i don't it, starts turning into anger and i just need to punch something (repeatedly), i was literally browsing punching bags online the other day

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