[Enneagram Type 7] Enneatype 7 and wings.

Enneatype 7 and wings.

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This is a discussion on Enneatype 7 and wings. within the Type 7 Forum - The Enthusiast forums, part of the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 category; ecstatic gratitude spontaneous enthusiasm passionate accomplishment active materialism restless superficiality addictive excess irresponsible debauchery manic hysteria burnt-out debilitation Type seven ...

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    Enneatype 7 and wings.

    ecstatic gratitude
    spontaneous enthusiasm
    passionate accomplishment

    active materialism
    restless superficiality
    addictive excess

    irresponsible debauchery
    manic hysteria
    burnt-out debilitation

    Type seven people care more than most about having fun. They can become trapped by a compulsion to have intense experiences. One of their talents is an intuitive ability to generate and sustain healthy optimism, in themselves and others.

    Except in rare cases, people of type seven show a flavoring from one of the two adjacent wing points, so we can say they are seven with a six wing (7/6) or seven with an eight wing (7/8).

    Like all humans, sevens also come in three instinctual flavors: social (7sc), sexual (7sx), or self-preserving (7sp). In addition, sevens also experience nine distinct levels of mental-emotional health (briefly described by the phrases at the top of this page). Therefore, it is possible to distinguish fifty-four distinct subflavors of type seven.

    seven with six wing

    general description

    Many average 7/6es are natural comedians. The sevenish desire to entertain others is enhanced by the sixish desire to be liked. Driven by sixish anxiety into wild, sevenish schemes, they can at times become panic-stricken if their impulsive plans lead them into difficulty. Sevenish gaiety is more powerful than sixish mistrust, so they might not choose their friends wisely. Unlike the power-oriented 7/8, 7/6 would rather move away from conflict than into it.

    balanced and transcendent states

    Balanced 7/6 finds a new kind of centered calmness, as impulsivity and the desire to entertain begin to fall away. Instead of shifting to another mood, there is a willingness to wait and see where this one leads. The slippery, happy-go-lucky quality is replaced by a smooth feeling of attentive watchfulness. There is a kind of directed, joyful intelligence to the healthy 7/6, like a sure presence, with an unlimited attention span.

    Extremely integrated 7/6 becomes the master of many talents because of fiveish perceptivity, combined with deep fulfillment and pleasure from the experience of being fully present. 7/6 is profoundly grateful for the continuing opportunity to take part in the unfolding drama of life. What a gorgeous, unpredictably fantastic world! What incredible beauty there is in even the smallest details of this universe! How excitingly alive I feel, and how at-one with the world! Let's celebrate together the deep abundance of life and love.

    unbalanced and unhealthy states

    When 7/6 stresses, the search for ever-increasing levels of excitement and stimulation seems at first like a way out of the apparent trap of boredom and unease, but it brings only temporary relief. Maybe another kind of fun will help me avoid this increasing sense of hopeless ambivalence. Maybe I should start a new company, or have a great big party! Unbalanced 7/6 tries to find the answer in increasingly grand plans for great, exciting events.

    But the ever-growing fear and boredom keep coming back, as excessive stimulation approaches dangerous levels. Without increasing awakeness, this course of exciting overload leads to extreme exhaustion, and a kind of despairing depression that totally incapacitates. At the bottom of the scale of health, 7/6 becomes a worn-out husk, utterly debilitated by drugs, sexual excess, and general overstimulation, and totally incapable of self-care. At every opportunity, every means available is used to provide some escape. Without some kind of external help, such a person may ultimately die of excess.

    physical appearance

    7/6 wants to be colorful and noticeable, but also entertainingly different. Like 4/3s, they want to be distinctive, but they usually lack the aesthetic finesse of the four, so they might combine patterns and colors in ways that could cause fours to cringe. Because of the six-wing, they want to be liked, so they are not as far-out as 7/8, but they can still radiate color and excitement. The healthier 7/6es do not always dress so loudly, and in fact can be quite subdued.


    Some 7/6es find work that is fun and visible. Comedians, clowns, singers, actors, travel reporters. Entertainers of many kinds. Others live more private lives as technical writers, computer engineers, event planners, PR specialists, salespeople, or various kinds of creative designers. There are 7/6 advertising consultants, pianists, chefs, talk show hosts and stage directors. Of course, 7/6es can also be found doing many other kinds of work.

    seven with eight wing

    general description

    Average 7/8s are often aggressive and flamboyant. Seven's talkativeness and charisma combine with eight's outgoing power to create a personality that may be well-suited for starting big projects, but ill-suited for continuing them. Unlike the gentler 7/6, 7/8s are not afraid to make themselves unpopular. In fact, sometimes they seem to delight in generating shocked antipathy. 7/8 is not as careless of image as the rougher 8/7. 7/8 usually wants to be fun to look at, sometimes to colorful, elaborate extremes.

    balanced and transcendent states

    With balance, 7/8 settles down. Becoming aware of the compulsive nature of the desire for excess and learning how to moderate the constant power-trip, healthy 7/8 finds that other people are much easier to get along with when they are not being pushed or receiving a hard-sell on some wild idea. Love and appreciation for subtlety become important aspects of a life that includes increasing amounts of silent, peaceful contemplation.

    Highly integrated 7/8 discovers that by letting the mind's chatter come to its own end, a new level of perception emerges, with a much greater understanding of how the world fits together. Instead of exploding outward into wildly impulsive activity, 7/8 harnesses enthusiasm for practical uses. Life becomes a joyful, loving celebration. Look how much we have been given! Jump into the beautiful universe with both feet! Find your power and become what you were meant to be!

    unbalanced and unhealthy states

    Under stress, 7/8 gets ever-wilder. When others fail to respond with enough enthusiasm to the high-pressure sales tactics, and the high of the latest exciting trip begins to wear off, it's time for the next wild ride. Maybe just a little bigger dose will do it. New ideas seem to erase old problems, and each one is bigger and better than the last one. If it doesn't work, forget it and move to the next grand scheme. You've got to try this, it's totally fantastic!

    As the highs get higher, the lows scrape lower. But the miserable mornings are soon forgotten, because there's an even better high coming. What a fabulous idea I've got! All I need is a thousand bucks and you'll get it all back next week! But first, lets have an all-night party to celebrate! Very unbalanced 7/8 heads into ever-deeper entrapments, promising ever-greater rewards to those who will finance (or otherwise support) rapidly exploding levels of excessive indulgence. It all leads inevitably to the great crash, and utter dissipation. Fearfully, psychotic 7/8 withdraws into a shell of total escapist fantasy, depressed and lost in exhaustion. Possibly, the law is hot on the trail by now, and jail is not far away.

    physical appearance

    Average to unhealthy 7/8s definitely like to dress on the wild side. With little apparent sense of taste or aesthetics, they boldly combine colors and patterns in an effort to be as showy as possible. Could anyone else feel comfortable dressing like this? Other 7/8s are more eightish, and might dress rather sloppily. Physically, 7/8 is almost always either fat or thin, but seldom anywhere in between. Either they eat so much that their metabolism can't possibly keep up, or their metabolism is so high they couldn't possibly get fat.


    Some 7/8s find work that combines excitement and aggression. Wrestlers, high-tech entrepeneurs, lion tamers, drug dealers, con artists, loud and wild rock stars, screaming DJs. Others are more moderate, becoming TV weather forecasters, comedians, clowns, actors, or dancers. There are 7/8 physicists, doctors, tax advisors, race car drivers, and sex therapists. Of course, 7/8s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.

    type seven
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    7w6 and 7w8 are SO different. let's use ENFP as an example (ironically, they have the same name too)

    ENFP 7w6 (who happens to be extremely sexy =P )


    ENFP 7w8

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    So that means Charlie has the same Enneatype as I have :D haha!!!! No wonder why he reminds me of myself when I am in my extrovert moods :P *I love Charlie <3

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    Type 7

    wow definitely scared of my type now
    throw in the mix i'm an ENTP....what suck is i have to be more caring but what I really want is to go sky diving

    You are a Type 7 with an 8 wing: "The Realist"

    Your tritype is 7w8, 8w7, 3w2
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    Type 4

    Lol, I'm an ENFP 7w6, 4w5 and 9w1.
    My fashions sense are pretty neat, I'd say Xd, but I guess my mother plays a great role into this, because younger I didn't mind throwing on pink socks with green pants and a yellow shirt.

    When not feeling like dressing up, I can still make terrible combinations that must hurt the eyes of all fashionistas. XD

    I still dress in colors, they deeply affect my mood, regardless of fashion. A dull room with lot of undertones or cold colors tends to make me feel very uncomfortable.

    Charlie reminds me a lot of how I am too!

    Thanks for the thread!

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    Type 8w7

    Oh god FML, 'm an ENTP with a 7/6.
    Partyan Partyan yeah.

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    I'm an ESFP (Don't worry.. I'm one of the smart ones) and my Enneagram types are 7w6 9w1 3w2.
    As far as crazy odd fashion.. I don't really have one.
    I prefer to dress in class, I like slim fit dress shirts, vests, tie, comfortable slim fit nice black jeans, my glossy black dress shoes for more dressy events, and converse or vans for normal.. more casual events. Oh yes, and nice moderately short (always between 2 and 4 inches) hair that is spiked into a faux-hawk.
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    Type 8

    The Distribution of Your Scores

    • Type One:

    • Type Two:

    • Type Three:

    • Type Four:

    • Type Five:

    • Type Six:

    • Type Seven:

    • Type Eight:

    • Type Nine:

    Your probable Enneagram Type

    Your main type is 7.
    Considering the wings you should be a 7w8.
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    If so...then you sound fantastical.
    I'm an ESFP 7w8, 4w3, 9w8.
    Buttt, i feel a little like im a little more of a 7w6

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