Type Seven Variant Stackings

Type Seven Variant Stackings

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    Type 8

    Type Seven Variant Stackings

    The instinctual energies often appear to manifest differently in enneatype Seven, but the underlying structure really is the same as with any other type. The Seven fixation results in a running away from the internal, away from boredom or pain. Sevens go towards the external world for relief. While the self-pres energy is an inward turning energy, when coupled with the Sevenís outward orientation, the self-pres subtype of Seven can appear outgoing, and more fun loving than other self-pres subtypes.

    Social seven tends to exhibit a nervous energy compared to the other subtypes of Seven while a dominant sexual instinct often accentuates the outward energy of the Seven in terms of a seeking after intensity.


    Self-pres/soc Seven has many friends and loves to entertain. Sevens want to experience life with their friends. The self-pres in type Seven manifests in a desire for sensual pleasures. Their energy goes to the comforts of the body and positive experiences, both experiences of the body and the mind. Like all Sevens, they have an enthusiastic quality, especially as it pertains to the future. Making plans for life is essential for the self-pres/social Seven. This future orientation of the self/social Seven can be an escape from boredom, so many of the plans they make for the future donít come to fruition. This doesnít stop them however from forging ahead and moving onto the next grand scheme. The self-pres/social Sevenís plans usually focus around typical self-pres concerns such as making money, exploring job opportunities, or renovating the house. With social second in the stacking much of their energy will spill over into maintaining social connections.

    When unhealthier, their many friendships serve mostly as tools which help keep the Seven distracted from facing themselves and their problems. The more friends, the more opportunities the Seven has to be distracted. These Sevens can have a hard time making or keeping commitments, as commitments can feel like a limitation on their options. With the sexual instinct least developed, they can feel unmotivated to put in the work it takes to maintain a close relationship.

    When this subtype gets healthier they learn to ground themselves, slow down and actually appreciate the many things they have acquired, whether they be material things or experiences. They start to realize that the next great plan may not give them the happiness they are expecting.


    This subtype is similar to the self-pres/social, but their plans and pursuits are more passionate in nature. There is often more of an artistic flair. They can be moodier then the other subtype. Their focus is more on relationships, although commitment can also be a problem for this subtype. This subtype can even be known to use introspection as an escape. They can go inward with a seeming depth, but they will usually avoid the most troublesome areas, the areas and characteristics most painful to them.

    This subtype of Seven is overall more focused than the self-pres/social. Their focus is on their intimates although certainly not solely on them as they usually have many other fires burning also. They generally have a great sense of humor, sharp quick minds and many interests. These qualities might be common to all subtypes of the Seven, but in the self-pres/sexual subtype, the infusion of enthusiasm comes through when they are engaged in their plans and fulfilling them.
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    Type 8


    Enneatype Seven is a mentally fixated type, with image focus generally underdeveloped. For the social Seven, the concern with issues of image and relation to the group is somewhat at odds with dominant type Seven fixation. This can result in some apparently conflicting behaviors in the social/self-pres Seven. There is an underlying sense of insecurity and anxiety that isnít as apparent in the other subtypes of Seven which is especially noticeable with the Six wing. (These can even become quite needy when unbalanced.) With sexual instinct least developed, they can lose trust in the bonds they have. While they may be very good and comfortable in a large group and when dealing with surface social relationships, they sometimes can struggle with forming and maintaining connections in a closer relationship.

    The self-pres backup for the social instinct adds a grounding force that is missing with the social/sexual. While still possessing a good sense of humor, this subtype also usually has more focus and follow-through when it comes to their many projects. On the high side, they are community minded, have a lot of energy and usually socially accomplished.


    This Seven has a lot of energy although not always a productive energy, as it often contains a frenetic quality. These Sevens usually have a great sense of humor and many comedians are soc/sexual sevens. The social and sexual instincts go hand in hand with the type Seven fixation. These Sevens want to keep things light. They have fast sharp minds that incorporate social awareness into their humor which they use to get by in their interactions with the world. On the down side, commitment is a big issue for this subtype. They cultivate many friendships and can thrive on winning people over, making them laugh and entertaining them but intimacy can feel threatening and constraining. For others, interacting with this subtype of Seven can feel draining, because they are ďonĒ so much of the time.

    With the self-pres instinct least developed in the stacking, they tend to lose focus on their many plans. On the down side, their health and commitments can fall by the wayside in lieu of the buzz of the newest excitement.

    In intimate relationships, this subtype is ďthe charmer,Ē but they maintain their freedom from any strong ties to the one person. They may end up in marriages or long term commitments where they hook up with someone reliable and stable, someone with a much more low key personality. This gives them the stability they donít have themselves. This eventually leads to trouble if the soc/sexual seven doesnít realize that responsibility for his or her own life canít be transferred to another. Itís not that the soc/sexual goes into the relationship with this kind of pattern in mind. It is just easy for the dynamic to default to that dynamic.

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    Type 8


    The energy of the sexual instinct is, in some ways, at odds with the type Seven fixation. The Sevenís focus is future oriented and outward, away from the inner world, while the sexual variant is instinctual and dwells on the inner self as far as relationships and identity are concerned. This combination can make for a Seven that can be Four-like in many ways. They can have a flamboyant style and be very moody and intense. In relationships, there is often a push-pull quality. They are very attracted to the falling in love part. The buzz and high of that is very stimulating to them, almost drug-like for them. Their problems come when that buzz wears off. They want to recreate it again and again, but they also have a way of becoming attached and sometimes very dependent on their romantic partners. On the down side, they can be very clingy but donít want at the same time to lose their freedom. When unhealthy, they can be very selfish in these relationships, things become one-sided in a way that favors the interests of the Seven.

    The sexual/self-pres Sevenís addictive behavior with relationships can extend to other areas, like music, and performing in general. The rock star image and lifestyle can be attractive to the sexual Seven. Many rock stars are sexual Sevens the buzz they experience from music can be similar to what they experience in relationships. Creativity can also function as a release of frustration from the boredom.


    This subtype has a lot of energy, crazy, intense energy and this energy is going to find a way to manifest. This subtype of Seven can have the biggest extremes in behavior and with material success in life. With the self-pres instinct last in the stacking they arenít afraid of taking risks, so they sometimes become very successful, as in the case of rock stars, but they typically also take too many risks, look for too many easy ways out. With the self-pres least developed, they can become dependent on others to add a much needed stabilizing element to their busy hedonistic lives. They have many of the same issues and share many of the same problems as the other sexual first subtype with regards to relationship addiction and have even more dependency issues then the sexual/self-pres. They can lose focus and drift similar to the social/sexual subtype and their high energy can likewise be draining for others.

    With this subtype, you have drama mixed with mental energy. What separates them from Fours who they might resemble superficially is their planning and future orientation. Their drama and intensity is focused on what they are going to do, not on what has happened. They are usually blind to their past, moving forward and not looking back.

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    Type 7

    interesting...i'm a sx/so thanks for posting. :)
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    OMG!! I am a 7!! I can so relate to the sx-sp, I tended to get sp or sx first oh the various questionnaires, but reading this description seals the whole deal. I mean everything...wow!
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    So then I am a type 7 So/Sx

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    I've definitely had my moments of so-sx behaviour listed, especially desiring to be entertaining all the time and people left with the feeling like they're drained after being around me from being so "on". I can tell when that is usually by how tired they look when I'm leaving or they are lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revy2Hand View Post
    I've definitely had my moments of so-sx behaviour listed, especially desiring to be entertaining all the time and people left with the feeling like they're drained after being around me from being so "on". I can tell when that is usually by how tired they look when I'm leaving or they are lol.
    I'm very entertaining, but people never feel drained after being around me. What the hell is up with that this?
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    The fact that people have been drained being around me? Not sure, but I do tend to have a rather high nervous energy about me that calms down after a while of getting to know better probably, other times when it isn't nervous energy I just can't turn off the excitability I guess, like when with good friends when we haven't seen each other for a while especially. I have had more than enough times where I could just talk it seems like forever and people would be on the phone with me and saying I gotta go and I can keep them on for another hour or more usually.

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    Type 7

    I'm also type 7 with Sx/So

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