[Enneagram Type 9] Any other ENFPs ?!?!?!

Any other ENFPs ?!?!?!

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This is a discussion on Any other ENFPs ?!?!?! within the Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker forums, part of the Body Triad - Types 8,9,1 category; I'm a 9w1 ENFP and I'm wondering if I'm the only one..... ..also interested in how extroverted you would describe ...

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    Type 9w1

    Any other ENFPs ?!?!?!

    I'm a 9w1 ENFP and I'm wondering if I'm the only one.....

    ..also interested in how extroverted you would describe yourself because Idek!!!!!!
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    Type 9w1

    I'm not an 9w1 enfp but I've definitely seen them around before. You're not alone:)

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    9w1 = ❤
    enfp = ❤ ❤

    enfp + 9w1 = ❤ ❤ ❤

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    Type 9w1

    Thankyou very much for your replies people!!!!! Too kind, too kind!!!

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    Type 9w1

    Hi ^_^
    Not a w1, but still ENFP :P
    Nowadays I tend to score somewhere in the middle of I and E leaning E. I have two very strong sides of me that want opposite things. I love being alone and some days I prefer it, but I also hate being lonely and love to be around and get to know people. The introverts in my life are done socializing before I have even had my fill, and the extraverts in my life are sometimes too much for me. Some people energize me, some people drain me, depends more on who it is. My mom is an ENFP either type 9 or 7 (resembled 7 in her twenties, relates more to 9 now) and she's a fair bit more extraverted than I am, although she has gradually gotten a lot less social.
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    Type 9w8

    Male 9w8 ENFP here! (Not sure about my instinctual variants). My level of extravertedness depends a lot on how well physically speaking I am. If I don't follow my daily routines like eating at the same hour, my afternoon nap after lunch at work, etc etc, then my mood will suck and don't want to talk to anyone. In any other cases I am pretty upbeat making silly questions and remarks while keeping a smile on my face :) That of course depends with who I am. With my college friends for example, I am not that extroverted (I would dare to say that I am the one who less talk between us) but with my cosplay group I am pretty extroverted and tend to be the one who is leading the conversation.

    In the end there is a numbers of factors that influence whether I act as an extrovert or not but most of the times I am~

    Edit: what I always regret though is not being to express much about me. People are always venting and stuff, and I wish I could also vent like that
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    Type 1w9

    Hello there fellow ENFP 9w1 (I'm sp/so), and no you are not the only one. There's probably more of us, but most of them would likely type as INFP because of the 9w1 withdrawn tendencies. The only reason I don't type introvert is because inferior Te makes no sense in context of my personality.

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    Hello. I an ENFP 9w1. I had some problems with enneagram result, I didn't really see myself in type 7 or 6 or 8. But after some good thinking about the answers that represent myself I found out that I a 9w1 type.


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