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Bliss Stream's Descriptions for the 9w1 Stackings

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This is a discussion on Bliss Stream's Descriptions for the 9w1 Stackings within the Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker forums, part of the Body Triad - Types 8,9,1 category; This sp/sx description is the description of my life...

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    Type 9w8

    This sp/sx description is the description of my life

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    Type 9w1

    Nup, won't be able to decide, looks like Ne has a new playground, I see my self in all of them (which seems to be pretty common). I'll read one and think 'yeah, that's it' and then I read the next one and it's 'oh wait though', haha, this could take a while...

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    The sp/sx description comes close. It probably paints a dreamier picture than my reality is, but the subconscious/non-verbal nature of truth/reality fits. Words, while in and of themselves woefully inadequate, can sometimes weave magic where glimpses of truth nonetheless travel between minds. Also... While things can feel like they "relate to the origin of the cosmos", one needs to be mindful of objective truth claims entirely based on internal experiences. Music can weave magic in realms far beyond flesh and bones, but consists objectively of nothing but waves of air.
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    The so/sx and sp/sx actually fit me really well. Can I be a 9 now? I'm tired of being a 6. Jk but no, really.

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    Type 9w1

    I haven't been on the boards much recently, but I've been lightly lurking. As an sp/so, I've always hated these descriptions, as as I was re-reading this thread I got so annoyed I wrote my own. It's obviously based on my own limited experience, but I'm throwing it out there because I think sp/so deserves better than "wimpy and resigned." Thoughts?

    Sp/So: Sp/so 9w1 is the most 5-ish 9, and one of the lowest-energy subtypes on the enneagram. They have a strong focus on physical comfort, and like sp/sx, sp/so 9s can struggle with physical laziness and neglect mundane chores as they pursue their real self-preservation need: comfort and the avoidance of stress. Other sp/so's excel at domestic life but use this to distract them from real stress. Sp/so 9s can be more assertive than other 9s, since they easily say “no” to things that might interrupt their relaxation time. “Getting in touch with priorities” for this subtype thus has less to do with asserting oneself against others and more to do with translating fantasy into concrete action. Sp/so 9s, if introverts, will guard their alone time jealousy, but they enjoy time with friends. Their intimate relationships tend to be comfortable, stable, and domestic but can be distant or boring. This type can struggle with a fiveish need to be invisible, and their agreeable demeanor helps them maintain connections without attracting any responsibilities or stress. Many have addictions to mindless pursuits, drugs, or alcohol, but these 9s can also use serious research, reading, introspection, armchair-activism (especially NFs), or creative arts to self-soothe and distract them from real, but stressful, priorities. Sp/so 9s can have a conniving aspect to them, since their social instinct demands acceptance, but their self-pres instinct means they must plan their energy expenditure carefully. They might fantasize about achieving great things, winning recognition, or having a perfect social life, but be frustrated by their inability to follow through. Such fantasies are another way for them to self-soothe.
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    Type 9w1

    Sp/sx seemed all positives whereas sx/sp seemed to be basically all negative.

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    Type 9w1

    These descriptions appears to be coming form more of an iNtuitve perspective of Nines as in INFP for an example. It was a little too abstract for me to relate to. I am more of a Sensing. I can relate to descriptions that deals with the reality of life through my senses instead of my imagination. Nicely written. :-)

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    Type 9w1

    *sigh* I don't know if I relate to any of these particularly 😩

    Maybe I am a 2w3... ???

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    These are great!!!! I can't believe I've never looked this up before. I'm most certainly an sx/so, and this part hit home:

    "They may view themselves as 4ish due to issues around uniqueness, but these issues only arise because of how aware they are that others possess a sense of self, which only reinforces the 9's sense of nothingness."

    Being honest, there are a lot of things I do that make me look different physically, and I wondered if I was a 4 for this reason even though there was a lot in their description I didn't relate to. It makes so much more sense now. Thank you so much!!!!

    There are some things I want to add, at least about myself, though:

    I don't really find myself seeking validation from anyone, anymore. My view towards most people is internally sort of misanthropic, though on the outside I seem to do a really good job of seeming like I care (which is only a tactic I use to keep peace with those I don't trust. And I don't trust pretty much anyone.) However, I do occasionally meet people who I love more than anything and whom make any effort I put in worth doing. So I tend to feel like it's worth it to put myself out there, if I can meet more of those. They make me feel a lot less alone in the world which is a priceless feeling.

    What keeps me from trying to make a difference, is that distaste for most, and a sense of hopelessness for that reason. On one hand, I want to see people succeed. On the other, I feel like if they're standing in their own way, then maybe they don't deserve success. For example, if you treat me like shit, I may still want the best for you from afar...but I definitely won't bother with you, at all. I am aware that perhaps feeling this way makes me an asshole. But at the end of the day, I stay back for my own safety/mental security; not really anyone else's. I still care more for myself than anyone else.
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    Type 9w1

    Thanks a lot for those descriptions. I don't fully understand my type (sx/so) and I feel this has brought me just a bit closer.

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