[Enneagram Type 9] Bliss Stream's Descriptions for the 9w1 Stackings

Bliss Stream's Descriptions for the 9w1 Stackings

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This is a discussion on Bliss Stream's Descriptions for the 9w1 Stackings within the Type 9 Forum - The Peacemaker forums, part of the Body Triad - Types 8,9,1 category; so/sx 9w1 They want to contribute something new and passionate to society, but feel like too much of a social ...

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    Bliss Stream's Descriptions for the 9w1 Stackings

    so/sx 9w1

    They want to contribute something new and passionate to society, but feel like too much of a social nonentity to do it. They may view themselves as 4ish due to issues around uniqueness, but these issues only arise because of how aware they are that others possess a sense of self, which only reinforces the 9's sense of nothingness....Since they know they lack a strong self, they lack hope about contributing something original. They resolve the quagmire either by spinning their wheels with fruitless and endless self-examination hoping to discover something deep about themselves or by conforming to various personalities and completely checking out. They are dispassionate in general but can seem more passionate, sad, or lively because they comply to a Oneish social instinct in the back of their head telling them how they should react and what's appropriate. They know underneath how internally unaffected they are. They are taken back by the possibilities of things they could imagine happening without stirring a real reaction in them and find it disturbing to think about how they could merge into anything... They can seem 7-like in their draw to books, people, beliefs, and adventures, but they are drawn to these outlets in hopes of receiving a sense of perspective and self. They have a nose for unconscious structures and may create a new language around patterns, themes, or archetypes in myths, traditions, history, and groups. They are easy to mistype because they can seem to run fully on the 'software" or agendas of different types. They may search for approval and validation like a 3, but reject the approval once they get it as if wondering why they would be worthy of admiration or attention in the first place. It's the 'agenda' 'software' itself they are addicted to, not the result.

    so/sp 9w1

    They deeply care about their community's welfare and get wedded to ideals and dreams in their imagination. They seek out responsible positions in society and infuse the collective unconscious with an antidote against cynicism. They spend their lives fighting off cynicism for the good of the whole. More than anything, they are masters at bridging groups together for the sake of compromise. Every advancement they make is reframed in their stream of conscious as 'we made' "they did" 'we did.' They view the collective as having a responsibility to put an end to poverty and other social ills and get testy when harmony is disrupted by politics and special interests....They hold the 'we" "them" "whole" to high expectations, but they don't feel like enough of an entity to impact the greater good. They look for transformational leaders to merge with...They may try too hard to hint at the similarity between them and whoever they are merged with, sometimes appearing wooden in their drawnout monotone rambling. They identify with compromise and peace to an extent they lack a spine for conflict and seem overtly soft, preferring to leave confrontational action for others...They'll take it on the chin even when the most pragmatic course is to hit back...But they are shrewd at using their social capital to mobilize others into doing what they lack the motivation to do themselves. They never feel the whole so fully as when people with opposing views compromise... as they believe that everyone is willing to sacrifice for the sake of harmony. A good compromise helps solve their 'nothingness' issue and fills them with an appreciation for existence... The precision of their attunement to boundaries in the social sphere is something like feeling the ripples of "a butterfly flapping its wings."

    sp/so 9w1

    They are the most persona non gratta 9w1s.... They have a warm, gentle and diplomatic feel about them as if nobody is home. Their presence is wimpy and resigned, but occasionally they might erupt in a burst of gut truth like somebody sliding head first into home plate. They sometimes take testy, tough, and immoveable positions with relatives.... But inevitably resign themselves to putting their heads in the sand. They can have an unassuming ambition and fall into depression or bouts of despair not having yet made a mark...They are reliable reporters of what's going on socially and are more stuck to people in their environment than they let on. Unlike sp/sx 9w1, this stack sticks to their routines much longer and more consistently in the details of their activity day in and day out, right down to the conversations they have with people and the inflections and tones they use in their voice. They may seem like 5w6 in their scientific orientation. But they are unshakeable idealists when it comes to their sense of duty and social responsibility. They will do what's necessary without fanfare but can seem cool and aloof as if it's all process. They contain a social motor of willpower that lacks self-awareness. This same aloofness can show up as an indifference towards the needs of family members when they are under stress. They see how everything subjective is ultimately swallowed up into nothing, giving them a long, long view of events. They know when they can move the "templates" of reality forward through their unconscious sense for which way the winds are blowing. But in doing so, they still retain the detachment to narrate events as if they weren't the ones moving them.

    sp/sx 9w1

    This typewingstack most clearly embodies Jung's Introverted Sensation style. They are the eyes and fingers of the universe examining itself. They are most aware of how everyone is connected indirectly through the swamps of psychic muck. They have a sense of adventure and view the world as a playground where they can move beyond the biases of their own ego by learning about the world around them. They learn about themselves by learning about others and they want to grasp every interesting person they encounter at the level of the unconscious....engagement isn't exactly necessary but rather they have an extrasensory decoder for the subconscious... They aren't burdened by social obligations, so their inner aesthetic is a daily source of nourishment. Their internal repose slows things down so they can get a better look and feel for the world around them....they see the textures that others miss and can articulate the texture in a way that taps into the electrical charge of reality. Their convictions and ideals are more personal than sp/so, but also unshakeable. They cobble together their own basic truths without the drag of social responsibility and embrace philosophies as flexible as necessary to accommodate their personal epiphanies...they believe that words and language are imperfect and childish tools to communicate these truths and epiphanies. They feel truth can only be hinted at through aesthetics such as art or film or music. They are drawn to and fascinated by the language of the unspoken and believe this is where all the intentions of life spring.... They view words as primitive and utilitarian, and attune themselves to the subconscious realm (under the spoken word) where it is impossible for people to hide their inner being....They can resemble 5w4s in their grasp for subtlety, but they are working at a more elemental level where nothing is purely true, but nothing is purely not true. All expression is a distortion of the truth that relates to the origin of the cosmos. Every act pertains to "god" "creation" the "singularity." Even people's masks and false propositions are distortions of this truth. They are more interested in the elemental forces that move events rather than the event itself. They have access to archetypes in the unconscious where mythological battles can be hashed out while keeping the 9 disconnected from their instinct. They have the freedom to play around with absurdity and imagine extreme 'violence' and destruction against the elements they have merged with in their imagination. They view life as a series of inevitabilities...They take a passive role in relationships as if they were fully merged with the universe's agenda to let all things happen as they must.

    sx/so 9w1

    They look for people who can spark their passion and help improve them as a person... But once they begin to merge with somebody they are passionate about, they become more hesitant about showing their passion...This may look like disinterest, but it reflects the sensitivity they have to separation. They want to avoid creating memories that could come back to haunt them....so they may often break eye contact or go aloof as a reflex to intense or romantic moments... The more they do this kind of thing, the stronger they feel for the person. This type falls in love easily, but has difficulty falling out of love and prefers not to let themselves fall out of love. They stay in love with the world and people by living inside of their fantasy world where they can maintain a relationship long after it ends....On occasion, reminders may be powerful enough to break through their defenses and remind them of what once was. The longer they put off dealing with their negative feelings, the more they will continue to reexperience breakup years after the fact....one dream can force them into a state of melancholy for days on end....They may seek escape through other things like music...They usually have a great ear for music and can learn instruments rather easily, and even compose their own stuff. Their compositions are usually scattered across a range of feeling from melancholy to absurd. If they can't find passion through a relationship, they may look alternatively through a cause. They believe in doing the 'right thing' and will protest the "wrong thing." They don't just want connections with people, but a sense of solidarity with those who care deeply about the same issues like they do. They have a soft spot for anything living and defenseless, and can even seem "extreme" or "kooky" in their defense of these things. In spite of it, they retain a shy, sweet, and gentle exterior with a touch of autism.

    sx/sp 9w1

    This typewingstack embodies the passion of sloth very well. They desire personal development and enlightenment. However, their sloth is always one step ahead of them. They know what they gotta do, but can't summon the motivation to do it. They get more in touch with their own willpower later on in life. They do very well in fields that involve listening and connection so long as they can get their judgmental 1 wing under control. They have less drive for comfort and more drive for intense experiences. These 9s can sit around and have long conversations with people they hardly know in the strangest places and lose themselves in ripples only the 9 is aware of. Their fractured identities can also manifest in their living environment....i.e. some parts could be on the warm and bright side while other parts are plain and unattended to. More than other 9w1s, this 9w1 can virtually run on a fast and scattered autopilot for long periods of time with virtually no productive activity. Depression and self-destruction is not uncommon. They are most attuned to the sense that underneath all the things they know they have to do and attain, there is an essential nothingness at the core of existence, even of their own 'identity', and this only further locks them into their narcolepsy. Afterall, becoming awake would bring them to terms with this nothingness and that's not something they want to confront. They don't usually have a social network to fall back on. They idealize connections to such an extent that finding a friend is like searching for a needle in a haystack.... They can wind up feeling completely numb, lost, lonely, and longing for a blissful sense of completion that can only come from a relationship. Perhaps this is why no 9w1 is more pushy and assertive when it comes to merging. When they do, it's as if they are totally blind to any boundary between themselves and the other. As they get older, they can grow more guarded and less excited/open to the flow of experience.

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    Type 5w4

    Holy crap, that 9w1 sx/sp description is so me it is... disturbing.

    And then I read sx/so...

    And then so/sx... oh my God...

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    If you don't mind my asking where was this from or would it be who? I did a search but found nothing and this thread was the first link in the results.
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    Type 4

    My best friend is a 9w1 sp/so and this description and the description in the sticky variant thread both fit her very much.
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    I believe that I am 9w1 sp/so :) Great definitions.
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    Type 6w7

    :(( 9w1 So/sx....this is frightening because it's true and I'm getting nowhere fast. Ihave strong convictions and desire to find my self and do something in this life...:S but I can't say no and cave in to other people's requests....it feels like I'm all over the place and constantly angry because of this, but numb out and repress my anger...because I don't want conflict...this in turn fuels my internal conflict and avoidance...which leads to eventual external conflict with others due to disappointment....T__T
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    Just about every nine instinctual variant and wing description makes me doubt both my wing and my stacking. I also read the 9w8 version and I relate to those stackings too
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    Type 5w4

    Quote Originally Posted by Harley View Post
    Just about every nine instinctual variant and wing description makes me doubt both my wing and my stacking. I also read the 9w8 version and I relate to those stackings too
    The curse of the nine... We relate to everything. It might be better to ask, which behaviors do I exhibit the most?
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    Type 6w7

    lol i took this instinctual variant/enneagram test first try i scored 4w5 as usual, then 6w7 , then third try 9w1 XD....I don't relate to 3, 5, 7, 8, 2 and slightly higher to type 1.

    6w7 not paranoid and I don't anticipate or prepare nor do I have problems with authority, don't rebel and I don't care :\

    9w1 don't get what the harmonious inner world means...I feel insanely deeply about stuff, I like the negative, the dark, intense positive or negative emotions, I dwell on all these feelings a lot, I'm rarely numb or passive and don't ignore negative things.

    4w5 I'm not that artistic, I dabble here and there in music, writing and drawing, I'm not full of myself nor do I constantly feel superior, in fact I feel inferior most of the time.

    ^^; I'm all of these types and none of these types....So/Sx <---of this I'm sure. I'm also highly Idealistic and want to do the right thing , but don't have type 1's inner critical voice. I'm more accepting of myself and idealism+moral values is an NF thing.

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    Type 5w4

    How can I relate to both the sp/sx and the sx/so description the most? How does that make sense?
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