Interesting Video Game News

Interesting Video Game News

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This is a discussion on Interesting Video Game News within the Video Games forums, part of the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews category; I just found out about this and felt there needed to be a thread to share video game related news ...

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    Interesting Video Game News

    I just found out about this and felt there needed to be a thread to share video game related news like this.

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    Someone mined all of the text written on signs and in books of old Minecraft servers.

    Gleaner Heights Is Like Harvest Moon Meets Deadly Premonition - Siliconera

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    Obsidian CEO would like to make a Alpha Protocol 2 - after 8 years now since it's rushed release
    Obsidian Has Pitched Alpha Protocol 2 to Sega - OnlySP

    Also potentially Prototype 3

    No confirmation. But it's underrated games that I've been interested in and also made videos about on my Youtube.
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    Crusader Kings 2 is now available for free on Steam: Crusader Kings II on Steam

    You kinda need the DLC to complete the game, but if ypu can find someone to play with who already owns the DLC, you don't have to buy it yourself.

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    Some loot box computer games are breaking Dutch gambling rules

    Some popular online games are breaking rules on gambling, the Dutch gaming authority said on Thursday. The makers have been told to adapt the games before June this year or face fines or a ban.


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    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I just learned that Civilization VI now has a battle royale mode and I feel conflicted. On one hand, the battle royal thing feels like a fad that's being exploited too much. On the other hand, it actually sounds like a fun idea in Civ.

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    Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy on steam

    It's spyro 1 & 2 and Year of the dragon all remastered and all for the low price of one game.

    I've been eyeballing it for a bit. website
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