Best Detective/Cop Videogames

Best Detective/Cop Videogames

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This is a discussion on Best Detective/Cop Videogames within the Video Games forums, part of the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews category; I am looking for good detective video games, where you really have to think and the story is great. The ...

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    Best Detective/Cop Videogames

    I am looking for good detective video games, where you really have to think and the story is great. The only one I know are Heavy Rain, LA Noire and Condemned. I liked Heavy Rain although the story didnt make sense in the end, LA Noire was meh and Condemned isnt really a game about detective work but rather a horror game.
    I saw the game Bladerunner from 1997 on amazon and I think that might go in the direction I would like.

    Do you girls and guys have some other good suggestions on detective games I have to check out? :)

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    Do you specifically mean where you are a cop/detective or just where you're like investigating crimes and whatnot? Assuming from what I've seen of ya that you don't mind Japanese-styled things, Danganronpa is a great one if you just mean the latter. One of my favourite series. I don't want to risk ruining any surprises for you if you don't already know about it so I'm gonna be vague but the main gameplay is centred around solving murder mysteries, and the story is really great. Really fun and likeable characters. Feel free to get as attached to them as you please. Nothing bad will ever happen to any of them. Ever. Honest. Did I say murder mysteries? Nah.

    If you do mean specifically games where you solve crimes as a cop/detective though I can't really think of any other than the ones you've already mentioned. Surprising, that. You'd think there'd be more.

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    There's probably a lot of good detective/cop Adventure games. Here's a list I found:
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    Contradiction is campy FMV game but from modern times
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