Worst video games you have ever played

Worst video games you have ever played

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This is a discussion on Worst video games you have ever played within the Video Games forums, part of the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews category; Let's share To me big dissapointment was Elder Scrolls Oblivion...

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    Worst video games you have ever played

    Let's share

    To me big dissapointment was Elder Scrolls Oblivion

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    E.T. for the Atari

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    I loved TES Oblivion.

    I am not sure about the worst but my biggest dissapointment is Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age Origins was awesome and DA2 was awful.

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    The Elder Scrolls online was disappointing to me. I agree that Dragon Age 2 was not Bioware's best game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Nugget View Post
    E.T. for the Atari
    That is not a game, it's chinese torture

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    World at War (turn based GRTS).
    Got BF3 legally for free, disliked it very much.
    World of WarPlanes, that was seriously bad and I joined the Beta for freebies. Still online and active and getting better. Fly-games aren't my thing, never got hooked.

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    The Lost Valley would be up there for worst games I've played (if you can call it a game)...

    The Lost Valley on Steam

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    Superman 64 for the Nintendo 64 is by FAR the worst game I've ever played.
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    Its mildly fun until you realize its basically a p2w grindfest with a toxic community and one of the WORST botting infestations I've ever seen. What you see in the above videos isn't just one isolated area of botting, its like that for endless (ingame) MILES. I positive there's more bots playing than actual humans. 'Don't play korean MMORPG's' is the moral of the story.
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    Dear Esther is a terrible 'game' but fun experience (I'm sure somebody will call it a bad experience too).

    Pitfighter for the arcade machine was my worst. I was too young to realize it was shitty, in spite of playing Street Fighter II by then. Man, young people are suckers...
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