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This is a discussion on Do You Need Help on Your Tritype? within the What's my Enneagram type? forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; I would like to add myself to the list but I'm somewhat distrustful why this has to be done over ...

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    I would like to add myself to the list but I'm somewhat distrustful why this has to be done over pm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VamPie View Post
    What my core may be:
    Five, I'm quite sure for long time. I think I have balanced wings


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradigm View Post
    Enneagram type is rarely "comfortable." In fact, for many, it's supposed to be uncomfortable.

    What is your process? How long have you studied the system?
    Rather or not someone is comfortable with their true 'enneagram' box is defined by their maturity level towards truth.
    However, it can be said the same for a mistype.
    My process is to get to know people on a deeper level and not take things at face value but invest time.
    I also enjoy giving a lot of one on one. (but only to females)
    I have not been studying enneagram entirely long enough & I'm not a scholar.

    Quote Originally Posted by VamPie View Post
    Must it be so? Must the self-discovery be horrible? ;)

    I really like my type and the only thing I regret now is that I'm not healthier. But as a five I'm happier with any diagnosis than without any.
    I admit I didn't like being typed as five at the beginning, but that was before I understood what five really is.

    But you're right it's not always pleasant, I took a look at tritypes, my... I think this will be another thing to deal with.
    There's good and bad to every one of the enneagram types. And even so, with our tritypes, we learn the other types we are accustomed to behaving like. It's a beautiful journey but trials make the best testimony and sharing them can be awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paradigm View Post
    If you don't confront your ego, persona, and complexes, then the resulting "self-discovery" is somewhat pointless. Sometimes finding your core type isn't the hardest thing ever--I wasn't devastated discovering I was a 6--but it should make you at least question yourself (which 6 did for me).

    I asked for @Younique to divulge her process; I was hoping to get more information before confessing my concerns. But the way this was presented makes me wary about if she'll be accurate or just leading newcomers to mistype.
    I can only do my best, and I'm here to be of help. :-)
    If you would like to express your knowledge or concerns to them, you are welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by L View Post
    I would like to add myself to the list but I'm somewhat distrustful why this has to be done over pm...

    Feel free to if you decide.
    And PM's are private because people are private, and some people open up in a way that is not meant to be read by the masses, but seem less invasive with a stranger. Comfortable stranger even. :-)
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    Eh, why not get another opinion? I relate most to 6w5, though I also relate strongly to 5, 1, 3, and 9.

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    What my core may be: 4w5, less likely 4w3
    Why: Because my whole life I've been struggeling with my self image, finding my own true self, questions like who am I? Who am I supossued to be? Where do I go in life? As long as I strugle with finding my indentity, I feel a little lost and need others to compare with. But the problem is, that I am ussealy not aware of my qualities and I tend to be very jelous of other people. Everything, that has someone esle is always better than what I have! I have very high standarts and often fight with my own self and try to be better person, but my standarts are more like never achievable ideals and dreams. Also I am very idealistic about others and often dream, about meeting ideal people, but it seems like my dreams are sometimes more important, than reality. Even though it makes me unhappy, when reality is different, even when I find something real and close to my ideals I find the smallest mistake about it and don't want it any more. My whole life I've been very artistic and creative. I love to write poems, stories, singing, I acted in amateour theatre, took singing lessons, guitar and piano lessons. I love to be original artistic, my style has always been very uniqe, but yet modern and dark. I love to attract attention with my style. Also I am very moody, tend to be depressed, and even like it. I sometimes love to feel sad, because it makes me creativly on the go. But the true is, I sometimes go to deep into my mind and overanlyze everything and than I can't stop being depressed, than I feel like dying inside... I don't know what else to add. I think I am just 4...
    What other types I relate the most: For sure it is type 6. I sometimes tend to feel insecure or frident for even no reason and I need a lot harmony to feel good. Also I find my self in 7, because I am such a bohemian and I love pleasure. Physical or mental, any kind...I am addicted. There was even a time in my life, when I told to myself: "There is no real thing...only pleasure. That's why I should live for." I don't know much about other types...Beside 4s, 6s and 7s were the only numbers I've been interested enough to read about them.

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    What my core may be: six with seven
    Why: because I'm scared if i make a mistake, I'll lose my job, or people will stop loving me. Also, i worry about everyone and their safety. Seven wing because I am fun loving, and like bright, colorful things, I can be flashy, and I sometimes enjoy shocking prudish people.
    I get along well with quiet, peaceful types (nines, i guess) I should add that i think four may be in my tritype because I'm very much about being my own person, I'm dreamy, romantic, and can be withdrawn at times.

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    I'm willing to give this a go and hear your opinion on my tritype. After all, what's there to lose?

    What my core may be:

    I relate very much to 5 descriptions. It's hard to know where to start if you want me to explain why.

    What other types I relate to the most:
    I relate to the 8's basic fear of being vulnerable and harmed. This is very pronounced on the relationship front. I'd rather not risk have a relationship for fear of being hurt and discarded. My self-esteem is pretty poor in that I doubt anyone will like me enough to stay a lifetime. He will always find someone better. That said, I hate to let people take advantage of me and deal with it by being independent. They don't need me. I don't need them. As a result, I try to keep things light with people.
    It does seem that the 5's basic fear goes one step further. Why do I fear being harmed? Of course, "because it hurts"...but to elaborate - it's because I don't want to be judged as incompetent or worthless. That would be a real blow. I'd rather leave my sense of worth up in the air with the 'maybes' and the 'perhaps' than to be confirmed as "not good enough" by someone.

    I'd rather stay back and remain detached. It's the safest way. That way, I won't develop feelings/desires/habits/dependency/relationships that will probably (or eventually) hurt me in the future. Then I'd feel like an idiot for letting myself get so vulnerable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Younique View Post

    (Don't expect an answer too quickly because I don't know what the load is going to be like)
    What my core may be: 7w8

    • I know I'm an ID type. It's all about WHAT I WANT (sometimes it coincides with what you wants). I romanticize how desires develop out of things base and carnal.
    • Boredom is my worst (in terms of most frequent) fear. Along the same route, there's also being trapped / lack of positive growth.
    • My worst fear (in terms of most visceral reaction) seems to be being vulnerable / dependency. I had a rather long panic attack triggered by opening up about stuff (without even going into depth).
    • For most of my life (before I hit mid teens), I've been an optimist. Still am to a lesser extent.
    • I've always had problems with being overly idealistic (over-hyping, seeing things as how they're supposed to be instead of how they really are etc).
    • Anxiety is the most prominent emotion that drives me, although it's nowhere near as hard to control as anger or forms of euphoria e.g. giggling during supposed-to-be-serious moments.
    • The above leads me to pile distractions on top of distractions until I build enough anxiety to want to deal with my shit.
    • All I do is hop from one sugar-rush obsession onto the next.
    • My disintegration patterns match those for 7 & 8. I become critical (and/ or) bossy (and/ or) ridiculously withdrawn (and/ or) predisposed towards excessive inaction.
    • I've largely been running away from responsibilities and expectations as quickly as possible. Lately, I feel more willing to take those on if I can exchange it for power.

    What other types I relate to the most:

    Pros: Black White certainty & dreams of dominance. Wanting to know where I stand. Relying on anger as an emotional crutch etc.
    Cons: I don't give a damn about confidence. Haven't got enough of it to be an 8. (LOL has anyone even seen my self esteem? *flaunt*) Neither am I competitive nor particularly interested in conquering challenges. I take the easy way out whenever I'm not being perfectionist.

    Pros: Perfectionism, lapsing into "should" language, critism of self & others, wanting to fix things in my environment. Disintegration to 4 sounds a bit like me.
    Cons: I lack the appropriate amount of superego values.
    Repressing my own anger when it arrives? ALMOST NEVER.

    Pros: When I'm depressed, anxiety is lessened. I want to be numb all the time and I do stay numb most of the time. It is "peaceful". Lack of energy translates into a lessened desire to face conflicts. I become falsely agreeable, quietly passive aggressive, dissociative, and more avoidant of being intrusive. I spend so much of my time daydreaming that reality no longer has any basis. I am no longer proactive. I am sluggish - minimum needs are barely met. If I don't do A (e.g. get out of bed), there is no need to do B (e.g. get on with the rest of my life), therefore my list of tasks is greatly lessened. I practice burying my head in the sand many times a day. It's the ultimate form of not giving a fuck.
    Cons: Avoiding my own anger when it arrives? NEVER.

    Pros: Frugal with resources, not being fully engaged or emotionally invested in others, drawing safety from research and knowledge.
    Cons: I fall far below the required levels of detachment, concentration, specialization, and observation etc.

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    I'm interested, but I haven't been able to narrow down my type much yet. I can only tell you that the types I am even remotely considering (and thus relate the most to) for core are 4, 6, 7, 9, and maybe 5 (I find it unlikely though). Is that alright?

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    What my core may be: I think I'm a five. I'm not sure on the wing.
    Why: I have always been the kind of person who wants to know why. I am very much into gaining knowledge, and I possess an ability to be successful in technical subjects.
    What other types I relate to the most:
    9: because I am very averse to conflict and like to keep harmony in my surroundings.
    1: because I am very much a perfectionist.
    2: because I like helping people.
    4: because I am creative and enjoy artistic expression.
    6: because I worry a fair amount.

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