Please Help! What is my type?

Please Help! What is my type?

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This is a discussion on Please Help! What is my type? within the What's my Enneagram type? forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; Hello, Hopefully, one of you lovely people can help me. I'm new to Enneagram and I am trying to suss ...

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    Please Help! What is my type?


    Hopefully, one of you lovely people can help me. I'm new to Enneagram and I am trying to suss out what type I am. I tested as both 7w8 and 4w5, but after looking into many different forums and type descriptions, I have come to learn that tests are usually unsuccessful. I have looked at both the 7 and 4 descriptions and found myself agreeing with a lot of both. As for MBTI I am xNFP.

    Case for type 7:
    I identify with the adventurous spontaneous nature of the typical 7. However, I find myself eschewing the materialism that is often associated with this type. I don't think of myself as impulsive, but I am comfortable with making decisions on the fly. I can be assertive in pressing my ideas in a conversation but I am mostly a go with the flow person in social situations. I also can be scattered, but I don't know if this is a trait of my personality or just because that if my suspicion is correct and that I have undiagnosed ADD. I also identify with some aspects of 5 when I am my most productive and creative and that would sync with 7's direction of growth/integration.

    Quotes that have resonated with me:
    "They are bold and vivacious, pursuing what they want in life with a cheerful determination. They have a quality best described by the Yiddish word “chutzpah”—a kind of brash 'nerviness.' "
    "Sevens can tend to become jaded and hardened, insensitive and demanding, selfish and uncaring about others.

    Case for type 4:
    I am deeply contemplative about my own actions, and driving causes of them. I am emotionally self-aware in a way that I feel not a lot of people are, at least they are not as open as I am about it. I know that I have a tendency for repression of stressors (also a trait of 7) and that I am emotionally reactive in ways that are not always beneficial. I deeply relate to the feeling that some intangible quality is missing in me, as well as a lack of confidence in my own self-image and uncertainty about who I really am.

    Quotes that resonated with me:
    "More than any other type, Fours are acutely aware of and focused on their personal differences and deficiencies. Healthy Fours are honest with themselves: they own all of their feelings and can look at their motives, contradictions, and emotional conflicts without denying or whitewashing them. They may not necessarily like what they discover, but they do not try to rationalize their states, nor do they try to hide them from themselves or others."

    Through some more research, I have learned of tri-types and fixes. I understand that it is possible that I could have both 7 and 4 in my tri-type although I am not sure of what my gut type is. (8 possibly?)

    1) Is there more information or insights that anyone can provide to help me find out my core type?
    2) Can anyone explain the function of fixes and tritypes to me?

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    For having just found the Enneagram, you certainly present it well.

    In fact, the precision with which you present these cases leads me to default to 7. I mean, you don't seem turned off by some of the general characterizations. Insensitive, bold, pursuing, etc. Perhaps this is the moment to consider whether you are (besides an E type) withdrawn or 'hanging it out there', so as to challenge that inner fear. Speaking just for myself, I can see that perhaps for 7, those personal fears could be internalized as a deficiency. These qualities (er, issues, whatever) sooner or later became the predominant something-er-another however

    Regarding tri-types, I think they're entertaining fodder if your are aim is to make fodder. In my Enneagram, they take the focus away from the root and cast it out upon the surface of the ground. Scattered bits of a complicated (and questionable) use. My 4 neurotic child wants to have a tantrum about them providing nothing productive toward honest personal development.

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    Here is a link for you with which you should be able to sort this out.

    I know the seven not well enough to give a personally thought out answer. It's my stress type and I don't really clicked with the sevens I got to know so far. Therefore so far I haven't developed an interest in the type's workings. But I maybe should at some point. : )

    Maybe just this: I personally hypothesize that the 7w8 in particular is the ADHD/ADD in person. I see people diagnosed (and worse: fully identified) with ADHD/ADD in the 8-5-7-"corner" of the Enneagram. The average social five and social eight are in my view the paradigm for what is described in ADHD. In my view psychiatry fails at finding a convincing explanation of this behaviour because they don't understand that they subsume three different core styles with completely different basic fears and motivations in just one of their diagnoses. And there are other candidates. The 4w3 is also a very lively character.

    What I learned about the seven from the book, I have not observed and validated it myself, and is not pondered upon in the E-Institute's misidentification, is, that the seven is very afraid of their inner life, of the unpleasant and painful stuff what can arise. Sevens therefore are highly prone to drug addiction it is said. The four on the other hand is very good at enduring pain, and therefore they're especially gifted to stay with the pain of others, to acknowledge it and just be present with it, what are very supportive and healing gifts. The seven cannot well stay with their own or the other's pain and is therefore unsupportive in crisis. They rather try to deny your painful feelings, run away or at their best send you somewhere else : )

    I believe that you might well be a 4w3, they are sometimes said to look like sevens at the first glance. When they want they're great listeners and when they don't want their terrible at it. They can be mean, even cruel, when they're lost in their own dissatisfaction and then can try to put their shame on you. Make terrible counselors when their not healthy and unbalanced because they get too moody, envious and impatient with their clients.
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