Am I a 4w5 or a 6w5

Am I a 4w5 or a 6w5

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This is a discussion on Am I a 4w5 or a 6w5 within the What's my Enneagram type? forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; After finally finding my MBTI type (INFJ) it took years of trying to place exactly who I am. I retook ...

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    Am I a 4w5 or a 6w5

    After finally finding my MBTI type (INFJ) it took years of trying to place exactly who I am. I retook every MBTI test in existence and I’m an INFJ. Now I can’t figure out my enneagram. I have come out as a 4w5 and 6w5. I can’t find much information and would like to hear a comparison between the two.
    Information about me:
    I am constantly researching, trying to find information on ethics, theology, and psychology. I am very detached at times, to the point I could seem dim witted when put on the spot (thanks social anxiety). I am extremely loyal towards people, but I don’t truly trust many people. I am constantly questioning my authenticity, and enjoy being social at times. I hate the fact I seem to lack personality at times due to my constant reflection of others. My hobbies have been singing, playing instruments, writing poetry, reading, acting, and foreign language. I hope this helped!

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    Enneagram Institute's website is a good resource. Fours and Sixes are not really look alike types, especially not the men. You sound male. Am I correct?

    The two 6w5 I remember well were both researchers, driven, the insecurity could be felt very well, I couln't really relax around them, because they were so tense. Intellectually from a fives perspective they're a bit boring although no one else has read as many books as them, because they're not original thinkers. But they're the true erudites if you will. They don't go deep because they read every book they can find. Also they don't trust their own thinking in the end. They have weird tastes in authorities. My six flatmate seems to read the weirdest stuff that weirdo fives and eights write. I pity him a bit as you can hear. And of course I envy them because they're "insiders" and I am not. Riso and Hudson call them the "defenders".

    The 4w5 from what I have learned through my own observations in the male variant presents the true special one, the injured one, the victim, the sufferer. He has gone a long way on special paths where no one else is going. They present themselves as beyond mainstream and do not realise that all they're unconscious shame is about not fitting in. So they're really not beyond. It's good to see this for myself actually. I have the four wing myself. And I also often get into the idea of not belonging when it is just that I feel that I am the not fitting in person.

    Riso and Hudson call this subtype the bohemian and the 4w3 the aristocrat which brought only confusion to me for more than one year. Because the 4w5 I have met from the outside presented both an old-fashioned soft, aristocratic masculinity in the style of Ludwig from Bavaria, who was like porcelaine, too delicate, but with something very special they have to offer, whereas the 4w3 both men and women often style themselves as bohemians when in fact their three wing makes them very mainstreamy. They're the outsiders the mainstream likes you could say. But they're still fours. So I believe they cannot take the admiration in.

    I couln't really connect to all of these guys I met which is sad. None of them was really healthy. I don't know. My acting might be involved as well. : )

    Sorry for this dreadful account but I think that I am just sad that it is so difficult to really connect to men. I mean they're human beings, right, all of them, and it is as if they lived a very lonely live. But it still serves well to discern the styles I find. I am content about that.
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