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This is a discussion on What Am I? within the What's my Enneagram type? forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; Originally Posted by baitedcrow Profiles and opinions on 6 in particular vary a lot from author to author and person ...

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    Profiles and opinions on 6 in particular vary a lot from author to author and person to person in sometimes contradictory ways which may or may not be true to the spirit of that type as initially described. Taking a peek at the early sources could similarly aid you in getting a handle on 6. There's also an interesting thread in the 6 forum that tried to distinguish between the fear/anxiety of type 6 and the kind of fearfulness or anxiousness that could present in any type, which would be very relevant to you if you've ever had clinical anxiety issues.
    Yeah I've had a LOT of clinical anxiety issues, as well as depression. It's always related to specific things. Fear of social situations. Fear of specific people who treated me badly. Fear of being a bad person, in the case of my OCD. Psychological techniques do help -- like grounding techniques and reasoning with the fear. I *can* relate to the type of fear that seems to come from everywhere and be inescapable, but that's probably because to an extent, that's just the experience of being a powerless child in a frightening situation.

    You posted some great links and I think I'm gonna have to take some time to read over them all. I'm leaning a little bit back towards 7 now, because of some of that stuff, and also because, introspection is *hard* and I'm a little alarmed by how much of it I'm having to do just in order to figure out that yeah, I don't like it that much. :V

    I'm mostly curious what would explain the fact that, as a kid, I basically just holed up with a book all the time and didn't talk to anyone. But I remember thinking at one point that I was mostly doing that to avoid dealing with the ever present stress. From what I think I understand that's a pretty 7ish response?
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