7w8? 9w8? Argh!

7w8? 9w8? Argh!

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This is a discussion on 7w8? 9w8? Argh! within the What's my Enneagram type? forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; Evening ladies and gents, apologies in advance for the long post. I'd really appreciate any help you can offer :) ...

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    7w8? 9w8? Argh!

    Evening ladies and gents, apologies in advance for the long post. I'd really appreciate any help you can offer :)

    I'm having a spot of bother typing myself. I've taken at least three different tests now and I always seem to type as a 7. More specifically, a 7w8. However, on the latest (and perhaps most in depth) test I've taken, I noticed that I also ranked highly as a 9w8 (3rd option; right below 7w6 - 7w8 was once again number 1.) My curious nature got the better of me and I decided to have a look at the description. Annoyingly, I found that I could identify with most of what was said.

    I went into the test seeking a definitive answer but, in spite of taking time and properly assessing all the questions, I seem to have more doubt than before :(

    One thing I can probably agree with is that whatever my type, I must be an 8 wing. I say this because although I am not what you'd call an aggressive person, I can and will lash out when I'm pushed around too much. I do leap to the defence of people I'm close to and I cannot stand any kind of injustice levelled at myself or anyone I care for - I may appear passive or even submissive initially but when I'm pushed over the edge I can seriously go balls to the wall fighting for what I deem to be 'right'. In fact I surprise myself sometimes; I'm very agreeable for the most part but I have fought my corner with insane ferocity on more than one occasion. I'd even go as far as to say that I can become fairly intimidating - not a usual characteristic I must say. Sometimes my anger can be measured and reasonably constructive but often it's explosive and destructive (not something I'm proud of, believe me... unless it gets results )

    Also, I'm a fairly strong willed individual and I do NOT like conforming when it comes to rules or doing something I dislike / am against. I'll do my own thing in my own time.

    Right, sorry for the rant! On to the types:

    Type 7 - For

    - I am hugely interested in travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible

    - I am indeed future oriented (I spent a shocking amount of time thinking about 'what may be') and I am so adamant that something better may be just around the corner that I've become complacent in recent years, waiting in anticipation for that golden ticket to a wonderful opportunity

    - I do not believe in denying myself the pleasures of life; we get one shot at this (depending on your beliefs of course) and so I'd like to make the most of it

    - I can definitely convey my enthusiasm to others; quite often I can get others 'buzzing' about something I'm excited about (although usually I just annoy them because I'm bouncing around like a dizzy fart )

    - I like to keep my options open

    - I have trouble staying focused and I'm as scattered as all hell

    - I can definitely 'disconnect' from other people's emotions and, as suggested by the description, not really 'get' things from their perspective. That isn't to say I don't care, I just feel that I sometimes block such things out to protect my own sanity. I've also done it to become someone's 'rock' in the past

    Type 7 - Against

    - I am probably more prone to introspection than is suggested by the type description

    - I'm not the least bit creative, odd doodle aside (and when I say "odd", my last was in 2007 )

    - In spite of wanting my life to be an incredibly bright, action packed adventure, I do very little to actually get off my backside and get myself out there!

    - I don't tend to make plans; I think about making plans but I rarely do

    - I don't have a great deal of energy, though this may be down to my current circumstances (bored, bored and more bored). When I do eventually get out and about, I tend to have A LOT of energy, though.

    - I'm not as driven or ambitious as the depiction of a 7w8 would have you believe. I'd like to be and I envision my future being very comfortable. Before I became complacent however, I did quite well for myself - I had a fairly well paid job and a nice car whilst most of my friends were still in education, so maybe my current lack of motivation is due to the situation I'm in or whatever - that being working in an incredibly dull job with no prospects and being unable to get out of it despite trying for the past 2 and a half years!

    - I'm not particularly practical

    Type 9 - For

    - I definitely feel a need for harmony

    - I dislike confrontation (until someone pushes my '8 wing' button - not a pretty sight)

    - I do occasionally feel 'withdrawn' from life and sometimes even social interactions. Anything for an easy ride, etc. I'm capable of completely zoning out, even in really busy environments - it's almost like I'm viewing the proceedings from a million miles away with only a vague awareness of what's going on

    - I maintain an optimistic outlook on life. Even when things are going very, very wrong. I always seem to find the silver lining, even if it takes a little while

    - I can be unmotivated towards change, preferring to sit on the sidelines (when I'm not at my best)

    - I do have occasional fits of anger that blow over quickly

    - Being overlooked really is something I fear and it hurts like heck when I am

    - As you can tell by the thread, I only have a vague sense of who I am and what I'm about; apparently this is a true tell-tale sign of a 9

    Type 9 - Against

    - I'm definitely NOT introverted - apparently most 9s are (is there any truth in that?) I am in fact quite extroverted, even for an ENFP

    - I wouldn't call myself 'reliable'. Due to being scattered, I often make plans and forget them, I'm always late, I tend to make plans with people and pull out at the last minute due to something better coming up (not a personality trait I'm proud of but it's there nevertheless)

    - Whilst I dislike conflict, I can and will, as mentioned previously, fight my corner with surprising ferocity

    Does that even help?

    I'd seriously appreciate ANY advice you can offer! Please, feel free to ask me questions in case I've missed anything. I'll be here all night
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    Sure you're an ENFP? That sounds like my type - ENTP 7w8 so/sx. Yes, it's a mess of contradictions. But that just makes you more human, doesn't it?

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    I'm pretty sure I'm an ENFP! I definitely react to things in accordance to how I feel about them. I probably have a reasonably developed T but only because most of my friends are Ts; it took them a long time (the best part of 20 years :p) but they finally got me to be a tad more objective and logical.

    I'm an F through and through, though.

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    OK, then 7w6 counterphobic.
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    Well, they do say the human brain is an incredibly complex thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmj85 View Post

    Well, they do say the human brain is an incredibly complex thing!
    Normal Sixes shy away from the things that bother them. Counterphobic Sixes take them head on as a means of coping with their anxiety.
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    Ah right, so I may not be a 7w8 after all? They sound a bit hot headed and driven for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmj85 View Post
    Ah right, so I may not be a 7w8 after all? They sound a bit hot headed and driven for me.
    Doesn't sound like it. The Six would explain the higher level of introspection (instead of the outwardly-oriented Eight), along with the passive/reactive traits.
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    Apparently the 7w6 is a bit of a joker too, right?

    Well I do have a silly sense of humour and I quickly become the centre of attention after a few drinks. In fact, I've been on work nights out in the past where people actually abandoned their tables to come and sit on mine because I'm acting the fool. I've been told that I'm hilarious when I'm drunk; I guess I'd be like that all of the time without inhibitions ;)

    I think they're laughing at me rather than with me, but still ¬.¬

    Oh, and I can be quite zany / bouncy and overly energetic when I'm happy.

    Thank you very much! You've been a huge help :D

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    That pretty much confirms it - 7w8s generally are not good drunks (lol).

    No problem; glad to help.


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