Third/Gut fix: 9w1 or 1w9?

Third/Gut fix: 9w1 or 1w9?

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This is a discussion on Third/Gut fix: 9w1 or 1w9? within the What's my Enneagram type? forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; gut fix is probably my last one. I'm torn between 9w1 and 1w9. What are the main differences between ...

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    Third/Gut fix: 9w1 or 1w9? gut fix is probably my last one. I'm torn between 9w1 and 1w9. What are the main differences between the two?

    --When faced with anger, how does a 9w1 and a 1w9 react?

    --What usually causes a 9w1 to be angry? What are the main sources of anger of a 1w9?

    I want to know how different their attitudes can be towards anger, how they view the world...

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    You've probably read this, but if not:

    • Type Nine-Type One

    Usually this mistype is caused by confusion about the wing and dominant type: is the person a Nine with a One-wing or a One with a Nine-wing? In some cases, with a strong wing, this can be a difficult call. Both can be idealistic, philosophical, and somewhat withdrawn. Neither feels comfortable with their anger. Usually, the Nine's reluctance to get into conflicts is the easiest way to discern these adjacent types. Average Nines want to maintain peace in their lives, and while they may hold strong personal convictions, they generally do not want to argue about them with people–especially people with whom they have an emotional attachment. For Ones, however, the principle is foremost, and Ones will drive home their point to convert the other to their view, even if it risks creating upsets and arguments. ("The truth is the truth.")
    While Nines can be hard workers, it does not take much to convince them that a break would be useful. They enjoy down time, and tend to have difficulty shifting gears from relaxation to activity or vice versa. Ones are extremely driven and have difficulty tearing themselves away from their various projects to take a rest or relax. They feel anxious when they are not being productive (like Threes), and want to get back to work to avoid attacks from their superego.
    Another distinction can be found in how the two types handle stress. Nines initially become more emotionally disengaged and resistant, but eventually become more anxious and reactive as they go to Six. Ones, initially become more fervent in their efforts to convince the other that they are right, but then collapse into moodiness and a tight-lipped testiness as they go to Four.
    What do and don't you agree with from that?

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    While I dislike fights, the possibility of it doesn't stop me from telling my opinion. I have to state my views no matter what. I love debating, and I'm told I'm a particularly ferocious oponent. It bothers me when the debate turn personal. I feel like if you know you're going to be overeacting, you shouldn't enter a debate in the first place. Sometimes truth has to be told harshly to make someone realize something. Everyone has the right to have their opinions, but once a lack of ethics is shown, it should be pointed out. I always follow my principles, no matter what it costs me. If someone cannot handle it, it's his/her problem. Why, I have written some very self-righteous posts in personalitycafe...

    One of my need is to change the world-make a real difference. It's less important to me than some of my other needs(reach complete authenticity, being the most unique, acheive personal goals, find meaning in the world, figure out truths), but it's still very high on my list. I really have a huge idealistic streak...knowing me, I will procrastinate too much to acheive anything, but I still hope very much to do my part in improving the planet.

    While I identify with Ones in terms of needs and regarding their behaviors in debates, I relate to Nines in terms of taking too many breaks(which sort of makes me doubt being a Three). I think my gut fix is 1w9, but 9w1 also makes sense...

    I have analyse my sources of anger, and it all comes from Nines and Ones issues. Things that triggers my anger are hypocrisy, lack of understanding, seeing the world in black-and-white, selishness, injustice, lack of conscience/awareness, premature assumptions, etc.

    What do you think?

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    I'm going to say 1w9 with a strong w9 and probably a touch of disintegration.

    9w1 will withdraw from any conflicts that might provoke anger on either side. They'll even apologize for a valid outburst and be afraid that no one will accept it (outburst and apology alike).
    1w9 will avoid becoming angry, but if they do, it's a self-righteous anger. They have their eye on moralistic behaviors like you mentioned, and feel the need to point it out when others are acting in error.
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    Seconding Paradigm: that sounds more 1w9 to me, particularly the "things that trigger my anger".
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    I have fought myself between this a lot also. I suppose I might initially consider myself a 1w9 in that I am very adamant about what I believe in, but that is more because of experience and logical analysis of its legitimacy. I don't push it on others, especially those I am closer to. But yea, this is difficult to distinguish.

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    Fixes in general are difficult to pin down. They don't matter as much as your core type does, even if tritype theory is valid.

    That said:

    9w1 and 1w9 both experience anger and apathy, and both types can be highly unaware of themselves. It is not a good idea to determine these two by looking at "anger" as we usually think of it. "Anger" for the gut types is a code word for moving against the environment - not necessarily blasting off into rage as we usually think of it.

    The 9's way of moving against their environment is by willfully carrying on a comfortable routine even if this is neither the right nor productive thing to do. If a 9's environment is not inclusive, loving, or harmonic they stick their heads in the sand and refuse to participate, zoning out and narcing themselves to replicate the missing feeling of warmth and comfort. In doing so, a 9 may completely give themselves away to others, lose track of commitments and obligations, or detach from their own being with apathy. 9's want to avoid conventional anger, but their stubborn reactions are just a way of "dealing with" their environment with anger.

    The 1's way of moving against their environment is by willfully standing against their experiences, even when there is nothing innately wrong with them. 1's impulsively approach their inner or outer experiences from the perspective that they are somehow deficient. The anger for 1 isn't so much about loss of love as it is the result of a constant sense that their world "isn't right." I would not say that 1's "avoid" anger - rather, anger pervades everything the 1 experiences, and while they attempt to hide their feelings and/or may not even be conscious of them, the anger is channeled into maintaining self-control, re-shaping what "isn't right" with what they see to be "better," and domineering or controlling their experiences.

    Generally speaking I would recommend not trying to describe yourself with adjectives when self-typing, particularly with these two as they can be described with some of the same words. I would ignore the wing, and focus on whether you really fall back to apathy and substituting comfortable for important (9) or transferring your frustration into self control, or reformation of your experiences (1).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymma View Post gut fix is probably my last one. I'm torn between 9w1 and 1w9. What are the main differences between the two?
    --When faced with anger, how does a 9w1 and a 1w9 react?
    Badly. A 9 tries so desperately to avoid conflict and never wants to be forced to take a stand against anything, or anyone. They will try all sorts of passive-aggressive ploys to avoid this. They prefer to "go with the flow" so much that they don't even want to have to paddle around the rocks in front of them. When they get truly angry they have a nuclear meltdown of epic proportions and will be completely taken aback at just how volcanic their rage can become, it will generally frighten them to the point where others may not see or hear from them for a few days afterwards.

    --What usually causes a 9w1 to be angry? What are the main sources of anger of a 1w9?
    A 1s passion is anger, they are indignant that the world is so terribly flawed and not as it SHOULD BE. They believe in ultimate goodness and perfection to a point where they are often highly critical of others, but whatever criticism they may direct towards others is miniscule compared with the amount of criticism they place upon themselves. They want to live up to their own image of goodness and perfection so badly, that when they inevitably fall short, they cannot bear it. It is why so many 1s wind up with obsessive-compulsive conditions. Everything has to be based on rules, and to break them is blasphemous. What a 1 needs to learn is serenity. They need to learn the difference between holding themselves (and others) to impossibly high standards, and striving to be better than the sum of our parts, knowing full well that absolute good and absolute perfection, are unachievable ideals.

    I want to know how different their attitudes can be towards anger, how they view the world...
    9s are likely to be more passive and willing to go along with the crowd than 1s are. 9s want to avoid conflict with as little effort on their part as is necessary. You really have to push a 9 into a corner to get a strong reaction out of them. They are capable of mimicking other types at a superficial level, usually someone they respect, or admire; thus they can be very difficult to peg. Due to their desire to NOT be noticed, and never be forced to face conflict, a 9 can develop a broad range of subtle, but effective, talents, that allow them to "fade into the woodwork," so to speak. They can also develop sneaky ways of manipulating people such that they permit others to think they are getting what they want. Failing at any of this, the 9 will withdraw in order to avoid conflict, to the point of becoming almost invisible. These are examples of unhealthy to average 9s. A healthy 9 balances their desire to avoid conflict with action. They will take a stand when they believe it necessary. They will play the "diplomat" and arbitrate conflicts between others. Their very presence can often project a sense of peace and harmony.

    Not so with a 1. They have a tendency to point out the flaws in everything. They rarely go along with anything that violates their highly developed sense of morality. Trying to change a 1's mind when they firmly believe they are right, is like trying to herd cats. On the other hand, sometimes a 1 gets to a point where they've gotten so rigid, they crack, and then they may start to circumvent some of their rules because they are human, and they are flawed, and they have wants, needs, and desires, just like everyone else. They may go on a binge of sorts, but eventually they will feel a tremendous urge to atone for their sins. As before, these traits belong to 1s who are unhealthy to average. A healthy 1 recognizes that the world is flawed and so are they. They see goodness and perfection as ideals to strive for, instead of an endless series of rigid rules that must constantly force themselves (and others) to emulate. A healthy 1 knows there are rules, and there are RULES. They can inspire others to take up a worthy cause for all the right reasons, and they honestly believe that they can make a positive difference in the world.
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