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Confident at MBTI typing? Then I challenge you to type me :D

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This is a discussion on Confident at MBTI typing? Then I challenge you to type me :D within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; @ PurpleKitti my answer will be super long, which is why I'm not quoting you. Don't apologize for anything, I'm ...

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    @PurpleKitti my answer will be super long, which is why I'm not quoting you.

    Don't apologize for anything, I'm very grateful and count myself lucky that you're actually taking the time to give my questionnaire some attention. I'm pretty traumatized from a very violent and hurtful experience I had at a Socionics forum, so I wasn't expecting much from joining here, it's good to know I had nothing to fear (though I did have someone jump me in one of my first posts).

    For context, I feel like I should come clean about something I hadn't shared as to not influence y'all: I stumbled on MBTI about seven years ago and back then I tested ENTP in every test I took, as well as I tested 8 in the Enneagram, which I also discovered at that time. The ENTP profiles fit me to a T then, I was overjoyed to see that finally, someone got me and made feel better about myself. But everything changed when I started frequenting another forum and other personality blogs, and I couldn't stand interacting with other ENTPs, I thought they were all try hard, obnoxious, attention seeking and worst of all, rude.

    I then started to entertain the idea that maybe because I was an 8 I had tested T when in fact I was F, so I tried ENFP for a bit. It seemed logical, since I was always lauded for being creative, open minded, bringing in new insights, super good at noticing parallels and connecting concepts, all while being freedom loving and being super judgemental in terms of how people I interact treat others. But again me and other ENFps clashed, to be fair, they were all female and we mainly clashed due to two factors:one was because their head over heels attitude towards INTJs made me sick and I resented their insistence that with time I'd join their ranks, and the other was that they kept on finding offense in the things I've said not only to them, but in interactions with other types too. I then again thought there was no way I could be one of them, so I gave up.

    After a while I accidently stumbled upon a Ni post on synesthesia (here on the forum actually), and had an Ahha! moment. I started reading on the function and thought "That's me, that's what I do!". I took the MBTI official assessment and got INTJ. Everything was peachy for a long time, I felt comfortable and validated. The thing is, through all that I was depressed and stressed, and in deep denial about some very important stuff. My Enneagram test results never changed, though I did type 4w3 as main for a while, I see how ridiculous that was now.

    But the better and healthier I got, the more I was forced to face my fears and deal with them, the more honest I had to be with myself and the more I opened up to others...the less INTJ I felt. I didn't help that through therapy I had to remember about my childhood a lot, and as a young kid I was super extroverted, social and spontaneous, the opposite of who I turned into due to family traumas, bullying and emotional abuse from a teacher. There was also the fact that I was pretty obsessed with a Kpop idol because I figured we were type twins, she's ENFP by the way, one with unstable levels of psychological health like I was.

    I'm sharing this just to let it be clear that I'm not resistant to being ENFP AT ALL, I just don't see it because ENFPs in general baffle me and I can't relate to them well because Ne drives me bonkers, my mom is an ENFP and though I love her and we have all night long discussions about everything in the world, her mind just works very differently from mine. I'm much more focused, specific, linear, I search for the bottle line, the ONE ALL ENCOMPASSING TRUTH. I don't really theorize on what might be going on, I just know, without even knowing how at first, and I'm almost always 100% sure. I can't stand vagueness or compromise in ideas, I don't care about possibilities, I focus on probabilities, I'm an idealist but a pragmatic and even cynical one. If you and the others who pose ENFP as my type can explain how to reconcile what I said with using Ne please do, because I honestly can't do it on my own. I'm open to hearing your thoughts.

    I agree on everything you've said about Fe types, it totally correlates to my (vast) personal experience with them, in fact I used to hate Fe for many years, it seemed to be the embodiment of everything I hated and resisted. With time I realized that I had bought the wrong idea of what it was and how it worked, which it didn't bother me when I started to type Ti.

    Yes NTJs are like that indeed, I for one don't give a acrap about accolades and titles. I had terrible experiences with INTPs throughout the years, these few days was the first time in my life I encountered an INTP that is respectful and not condescending, it was a shock for me.

    Now onto your questions:

    1) This scenario has played out very few times in my life, because like I mentioned before I usually see things coming long before they do. When it does happen though, I don't resist it at all, no matter how it hurts. I just accept the truth and deal with it, while reviewing everything that has ever involved that thing/person in my mind, seeing things with fresh eyes bring new meanings, and I might identify signs I ignored before, this will be useful in making sure I never fall for something/someone like it again. This usually happens pretty fast and on its own accord, it's like I'm watching a movie being fast forward and stopped or slowed down at times, it's pretty weird.

    2) a> I'd immediately take legal action, I'd hunt and finish off whoever started this rumour and make an example out of them. This has actually happened to one of my teammates, I was livid. How dare them, this is foul play.

    b> Same tactic, in my country you're always guilty by association.

    3) It's important that the truth is clear and recognized, if I'm right or wrong is secondary. If it's a matter of opinion, then I always propose we agree to disagree and move on.

    4) I have to, my job makes sure that most of my days are planned by the minute. There are several managers that take care of our schedule, and I have also a personal one that plans my individual activities. I'm quite the rebel though, so when i think I could be doing something more productive instead of attending the gym or practicing something I already know by heart, I skip it and use my time as I see fit. I've always got away with it since I do it for the right reasons and deliver the desired results, I believe. I actually HATE not having anything on my schedule the most, because it means I won't be doing what I crave the most that day.

    5) If it's superior to the one I have now I'll gladly embrace it, it'll make things fresh again which I love. If it's worse though I'll refuse it, flat out. It ain't happening.

    6) Ah I'm terrible at this stuff so I need other people to do it for me. Before moving in with my flatmates it was my mom, now it's between the maid and the other members. I get crazy with clutter and I'm clean, but so messy it hurts.

    7) I'd have to refuse because I wouldn't know what I was doing anyway. I'll find a good professional to do it for them, if they deserve it I might even pay for the service.

    8) Oh my God I don't know, maybe use alphabetical order??? I honestly am no help. I'm shaking just thinking about it, my heart is racing, I ain't joking!!!

    9) I'm not actually bad at memorizing things, in fact I can be great, it's just completely dependent on the content. If it resonates with me I'll keep in my mind for a long time and will be able to sometimes recite it to verbatim, but things that held no meaning or purpose just slid through my mind no matter how many times I see it or read it. In school I memorized subjects I liked like Languages, Science and Physics, but I sucked at Math and Chemistry big time no matter how much I studied, I couldn't remember anything. Like I know all the words to songs I haven't heard in a decade, but I can't remember my ID's number. My brain just decides on it's own what stays and what doesn't.

    10) I just read them or watch them a couple times? Mostly I don't have to though, so I'm not sure how it works.
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    Re: Socionics forum-- Ouch! I just hate when a good idea goes into a website but then gets polluted by trolls. I've had to quit a couple of websites like that because they were going downhill so badly, and even staff were blatantly disrespectful to members.

    Re: ENT/FPs-- Again, ouch. Being an ENFP isn't a bad thing, but in an environment where so many like-minded people come together I can easily imagine a whole lot of negative traits being amplified. I would LOVE for a chance to have a small-group (maybe 10-20 or so, not like a whole stadium full) ENFP hangout in person one day, but not for too long. I can just imagine all the conversations going WILDLY randomly everywhere, people not finishing their sentences, getting suddenly distracted and playing with a piece of lint on the ground, showing up late because they were finishing the last 18 chapters of the book they were reading and lost track of time, 4 people not showing up because they forgot we were having a meeting, 2 of them spontaneously combusting and causing a forest fire, and just stop it, I know we all have our differences but you're all acting too much like me and stop it. XD

    I have no idea about their fascination with INTJs, except that maybe it has to do with an extreme fascination with being with/ talking to a nearly opposite type, and I guess INTJs are seen as... stoic, or something? I feel a certain level of fascination with MBTI because it gives me a chance to learn, understand other people, and understand myself, all of which are fascinating enough alone, so it's great when it's all combined into one package. I read about the legendary ENFP+INFJ pairing being such a terrific romantic pairing, and it excited me when I found out I had that relationship going in a story I was writing. I know they're supposed to make great friends too, and I found out my closest friend whom I basically regard as a sister is INFJ and I thought, hey that's really cool! But I didn't go off-the-wall bonkers over it the way I've seen. Seeing some ENFPs basically fetishize the INTJs... that's kinda creepy. >.>;

    Re: iNtuition-- yep, sounds like Ni to me. I know I suggested ENFP before, but reading about your iNtuition does seem more Ni to me than Ne, so in the end I didn't really comment on it. My understanding of Ni isn't that solid, but as I understand, Ne takes a starting place and branches several ideas from the center, outwards. One idea leads to the next and the next, growing it bigger and bigger.

    An example from my writing (I'm told this is an Ne trait) : I started on a short story, got several ideas for it, then more ideas based on those, then it became a short story series, into a novel, into a trilogy, into a world setting for future novels. I expanded on my characters, added more and more new characters, gave one a backstory as a historical hero, noted him for a future story that would take place prior to the one I was on, built up the country they were in, its laws, surrounding countries, cultures, people/ races, the laws of magic, the histories of all the countries and how they were connected, the cause and effects of wars on each one, parallels to stories in the Bible, etc. etc. I can get these sudden "waterfalls" of inspiration, often in VERY quick succession, almost lightning fast. Basically ideas just keep spiralling further and further outward, adding more and more detail, branching off of branches off of branches. This can also fairly well describe my research stage. I basically want to see every angle of everything, the possibilities and implications of each idea, where each thing leads, whether one thing might be related to another thing, etc. Does this all make sense to you?

    I noticed that after I replied to your first page, you added a post with more questions/ answers, and I noticed a lot of strong Fe statements in there. I thought the switch was kind of amusing, as if you were deliberately trying to prove you're really an Fe after all. XD So I'm thinking NFJ now. I still seem to see more F than T in any case.

    Re: questions... I'm afraid it's getting late now and I need some sleep. I can't think too clearly any more. XD And I have a busy day or two ahead (prepping for extermination), so I *might* not be back for a couple of days. Hopefully someone else might have some more input into the discussion, so you can get some more points of view. :)

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    Yeah the mods over there did nothing at all to stop me from being ganged up on, they didn't even delete the most offending post which was super shitty and unprofessional.

    The ENFPs & INTJs were made for each other thing was really big a couple of years back in MBTI forums, even her on PerC, though. I always found it super weird that the attention came almost exclusively from the ENFP side. Yes, fetishizing is the right word, it is creepy and pathetic in my opinion, because it both paints the INTJ as not a human but an ideal thing to e obtained but it also makes ENFPs look like they're always begging for approval and idolizing the INTJ's "intellectual superiority", as a feminist it offends me on a personal level. My mom is precisely how you've described, is what drives me crazy, she's brilliant but like a real life Dory, I can't deal.

    It does make sense to me and it's fascinating, it must be a great asset for writers or creators in general.

    I'm not deliberately trying to prove anything, I merely answered more in response to a request, I stated several times that I'm difficult to pin down because of seemly paradoxical things. If I was clean cut and simple I wouldn't have to be doing this anyway, I'd have the answer without all the hassle. But you're entitled to think I'm faking or skewing the outcome if that's what you make of it, it's really whatever.

    I see. Thanks and good luck with your thing.
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    @KarmaButterfly after reading your more recent posts, I'd stick by ENTP.

    I don't understand why, but some socionics people are assholes.

    There is some truth to the whole INTJ-ENFP thing. I think the INTJ men are typically just a whole lot more low key about broadcasting it. I back it from interacting with some ENFPs here, and real life experience. I loved her (ENFP in my life) before I knew anything about typology, so it's not an after the fact fetish thing.
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    No, I don't believe you're faking, that part was only a joke. And there's nothing wrong with being complex. If you were clean-cut and simple, you wouldn't be you. And anyway, everyone is more complex than a four letter descrption-- that part is just intended as a starting point for understanding yourself.

    Re: INTJs, I'm not against the matchup of ENFPs with INTJs, and I'm sure there's truth behind the reported dynamic. My problem is that I saw a forum full of ENFPs talking about/ to INTJs in a way that made me uncomfortable, and saw that same pattern repeated a few other places. They were saying things like, "Oh it's so adorable/ sexy when they don't understand/ notice we're flirting," and "I would love to go to one of your houses and REALLY get to know you," and things like that. And the INTJs weren't playing along. A few of them expressed confusion over what was going on, but I saw some asking them to stop treating them like objects and treat them like human beings. And seeing several ENFPs talk among themselves about them was equally creepy. In all this, I regard it as a fetish.

    Again, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the matchup when it does happen, so long as both sides will behave themselves. I'm guessing the "creepiness factor" goes down if they're actually together, as opposed to playing on a forum where nobody has real strings attached.

    Maybe this could have been a moderation problem on those forums as well. I don't know.
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    Closed by OP's request.
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