Really need help typing myself

Really need help typing myself

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This is a discussion on Really need help typing myself within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hello, I apologize in advance for this lengthy thread, but here we go; I really need your help in finding ...

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    Really need help typing myself

    Hello, I apologize in advance for this lengthy thread, but here we go;

    I really need your help in finding my mbti type. I've been dealing with this for quite a while and the more I know, the less sense everything seems to make.
    I've taken the mbti test multiple times and for the most part I seem to be between INFP and INTP - but when you take the functions into an account, this doesn't really make sense. The cognitive functions test... i find it too abstract, but mainly i get the INFP order of functions.
    I've heard that sometimes two functions working together can mimic one... basically, I'm completely baffled and that's why I'm looking for your opinions.

    I'm fairly certain that I'm an introvert, I definitely am more on the shy, quiet, introspective side. I definitely feel drained after spending time with people and I need alone time. I don't like parties because I don't consider them fun (I don't dance, drink, or enjoy small-talk). When I talk with people, I like it to be about things that I like and that are more intellectual in nature.
    I love observing people and analyzing them. I often find it hard to express myself even around friends (one-on-one conversation is fine, but the second there are more people around I just resort to listening and occasionally burning with excitement to say something, but I just can't get myself to do it...). With people I really know well and feel confident around (basically just my two cousins) I can be louder, more outgoing, make more jokes...
    We're currently working on a musical (just the three of us, my idea, a summer thing for our family to see), and I like being in charge, but I don't want to impose anything on anyone... I don't think any of them would call me rigid or bossy. It's my project, so of course I'm passionate about it and I want it to go well, so I feel that I have to organize our rehearsals, etc., but at the end of the day I still want them to be responsible enough to learn their parts and take care of that.
    As for teamwork in general, I hate being in charge (not only because of the responsibility, but because I have to tell people what to do)... I prefer working alone - that way if anything goes wrong, I'm the only one to blame (and yes, I can be severely self critical and perfectionistic). I'm an individualist.
    I study English and German, and in general I have quite the ear for languages and grammar. I almost always correct people on that (for the most part in my head, though).

    I've always considered myself more on the "emotionally colder side", I don't really express any intense emotions (except when I'm under stress, then I can be either a nightmare to be around, or I get pretty chatty to try and diffuse the tension). I'm pretty sure that's because there isn't much to express. I rarely feel super angry or anything strong and intense. Any displays of affection are also not my forte (the dreaded hugs - not to mention anything more!). Is much as I hate it, I'm not good at consoling people. If someone is sad I have no idea how to deal with them. I often don't know how to deal with myself and I'm not sure what emotion I'm experiencing - BUT there can be another extreme - I get overwhelmed with emotions and feel too many at once, so I can't say "I feel happy today", because I might be feeling happy, sad, anxious, excited, all at once.

    I used to think that I was a judger because tbh I'm not that easygoing... or at least I don't like it when things don't go according to plan because that means I'll lose precious time that I wanted to spend doing something else.
    if we go on a trip and were supposed to be home by 4pm, but make it back at say 6pm, I'll get anxious because I had planned to do other things instead of losing these two hours.
    As far as timetables and planning other activities goes, I'm pretty chill... I'm a college student so I need to be organized to an extent, but even if I try to make a plan for studying I most likely won't follow it. I'm big on procrastinating and I'm not an orderly person (my chaos does make sense to me, and I'm not bothered by it).

    I'm one of those "everything is relative" (or at least most things are) people. :P I often make decisions quickly if I feel prompted to, but 99% of the time I go back, pondering on them and possibly changing them. I went vegan for what I consider "selfish" reasons (weight loss :P), and I never really cared much for the other factors that are related to this (environment, animals, compassion, etc.), but I'm glad that it encompasses all of this too.

    I tend to have a lot of ideas and my brain is always scattered (jumping from one topic to the next). I usually get really excited about something, but when it's time to put it into action, I lose the interest. I guess that's why I have issues explaining things, like an event - I can't condense it (I can never just get to the point, I have to start at the beginning).
    I'm an artist in many ways. I draw, paint, sing (I taught myself how to play the guitar, but I can't say I have the will to do do anything advanced - it's enough for me to be able to play the basic chords so that I can sing along; if I had more time and patience, I'd like to got more proficient though). When it comes to drawing I do portraits and I love working with the details in this case.
    I was about to go study last weekend and just this idea of the Newton's cradle crossed my mind - here's the inner monologue that went on in my mind (hope it can be relevant for my typing).
    "oh, remember that cool thing, the five balls suspended on the frame... what exactly is that thing called?... [googles it] aaaa... so that's what it is! i want it! but wait... i have to order it and wait for it... let's just make it! it will be fun and so cool if i can make it work! let's see... hmmm... oh, wait, but i should be studying - wait, this is more important! - so i'll get the string..."
    to add to that, as far as instructions go, I briefly glanced at a yt video and thought i got it... i didn't... the first version failed, but the 2nd one was a success (as i learned from my own mistakes, no thanks to further investigation into the matter).:P

    I can become obsessed with problems and keep thinking about their essence. If I can't find an answer I tend to drop it all and start thinking that nothing really makes sense anymore (nothing is quite as frustrating as coming to a realization that all your assumptions/theories/etc. you've built mean nothing because the base of your thinking crumbles).
    I have very little clue of who I actually am. One of my biggest concerns, especially in college, is that we're studying such irrelevant things and living in a bubble (analyzing sentences is really going to help solve world problems). I also don't like dealing with irrelevant details - if they are indeed irrelevant.

    This is all that I can think off the top of my head, I applaud you if you've managed to read through my ramble :)
    I will greatly appreciate any suggestions of my type, and if you have any more questions that would help you type me, please ask away. :)

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    I also did the questionnaire if that helps;

    0. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.
    Female, 20. Nothing special I think… I’m asexual, don’t know if that’s of relevance, maybe in regards to emotions (?).

    1. Click on this link: Flickr: Explore! Look at the random photo for about 30 seconds. Copy and paste it here, and write about your impression of it.
    I like the different shades of green. It represents serenity, peace, and tranquility to me. The soft lines of the grass remind me of waves. I like the asymmetry of it.
    (couldn't post the link)

    2. You are with a group of people in a car, heading to a different town to see your favourite band/artist/musician. Suddenly, the car breaks down for an unknown reason in the middle of nowhere. What are your initial thoughts? What are your outward reactions?
    Thoughts: Oh, sh**, we’re going to miss the performance! I’ve been looking forward to it so much! This cannot happen! We NEED to get there!
    Reactions: Ask whoever is driving if they know what is wrong and if they can fix it. Advise that we all step together and try to fix the car.

    3. You somehow make it to the concert. The driver wants to go to the afterparty that was announced (and assure you they won't drink so they can drive back later). How do you feel about this party? What do you do?
    Not that interested, probably tired, but if it’s a chance to meet the band I might consider it. If it’s just people dancing and drinking, count me out. I try to see what other friends will do, if there is anyone else that’s also not going and I try to get a ride back with them.

    4. On the drive back, your friends are talking. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward reaction? What do you outwardly say?
    Inward: I’m thinking about my stance on the matter, in my head disagreeing with the friend.
    Outward: probably say nothing, even though I want to. Depends on my mood and energy level (whether I’m ready to argue with them or not).

    5. What would you do if you actually saw/experienced something that clashes with your previous beliefs, experiences, and habits?
    I would probably feel stupid, would be rethinking it (Was I wrong? How could I have been wrong?). I would proceed by reevaluating my belief… if it’s been proven wrong (depends how) I would most likely resort to not believing it anymore. It depends on what it was… if it no longer makes sense to believe in it, why be stubborn?

    6. What are some of your most important values? How did you come about determining them? How can they change?
    Sincerity, justice, being true to yourself, honesty, loyalty, intelligence, respect, kindness, doing the right thing. It’s the things I believe make you a good person. Some of them are cliché ones that society imposes on us. I wouldn’t know where they come from, really. I think that values must come from the outside… How could they come from within, given that they’re such abstract concepts? I think we all have a moral compass, but some people chose to go against it, for whatever reason… My values don’t change much, perhaps a certain experience opens up my eyes and I start valuing something that I haven’t thought of before…

    7. a) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else? b) If you could change one thing about you personality, what would it be? Why?
    I don’t think anything really distinguishes me. I think we all like to think we’re somehow special, but if we’re all special, doesn’t that really just make us the same?
    I wouldn’t be that hesitant in expressing my views and opinions; I would believe more in myself instead of double-checking myself before I say something, because then the moment is gone.

    8. How do you treat hunches or gut feelings? In what situations are they most often triggered?
    I mostly just ignore them. I can’t describe how they feel to me. I try to think things through not just do something because I have a particular feeling about it. I’m not sure what triggers them as I seldom experience them or can’t really recognize them.

    9. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?
    My hobbies (painting, drawing, writing, reading, singing, playing guitar, daydreaming, crafting), exercising (anti-stress ), daydreaming or spending time in my head (exploring ideas), *not a activity, but* success or achievement – something that helps me restore my confidence in myself.
    What drains me is too much socializing, crowds, stress, routine chores, not being able to focus on what makes me happy (this last one doesn’t drain me, but it does make me severely unhappy).
    Why? Tough one… things that energize me bring me joy and inner satisfaction; those that drain me require me to step out of my comfort zone and do things I don’t deem productive or fulfilling.

    10. What do you repress about your outward behavior or internal thought process when around others? Why?
    Opinions – I guess I’m afraid of reactions, but perhaps it’s just because I’m bad at verbal expression. (on the contrary, public speaking is not a problem at all – I love being in charge talking about things I know well and informing people – presentations are the only way I feel like I have people’s undivided attention). I guess this may sound rude, but I also repress criticizing people (it’s considered impolite to do it outwardly :P, but I’m guilty of doing it in my head). As for outward behavior… I’m terrible at keeping eye contact when talking to people (anyone) because it takes away my focus from what I want to say).

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    Most likely I.
    T more likely than F.
    S more likely than N.

    Quote Originally Posted by LanaInTheSky View Post
    I don't really express any intense emotions (except when I'm under stress, then I can be either a nightmare to be around, or I get pretty chatty to try and diffuse the tension).
    This may be an extroverted inferior function, but which? (Not Te, that is totally different) Could be Fe, Se or Ne, not much to go on.

    The way you talked about values made me think T over F; the way you talked about people being special makes me think Fe user is more likely than Fi user. The way you talked about hunches = much more likely S than N. You wrote a lot about how you are, but very little about why you are that way; some things transpired, mostly in your 2nd post, but nothing definitive.

    The types I thought of are, in order of probability: ISTP, ISTJ, maybe INTP (far behind).

    None of these is certain; yes, a combo of functions can come off like a totally different function.

    Let's look for the inferior function to sort things out. Do you identify with this: How Functions Work: Inferior Fe (ISTP/INTP) - Type Theory
    or this: How Functions Work: Inferior Ne (ISTJ/ISFJ) - Type Theory

    Also, Ti dom: The Principles of Cognitive Function Theory MBTI-notes - Type Theory
    because I find ISTP most likely.
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    I definitely identify more with inferior Fe... this was actually a really good read. Fi/Fe was a huge dilemma for me and Fi/Ti too, because they can sometimes appear to be very similar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LanaInTheSky View Post
    I definitely identify more with inferior Fe... this was actually a really good read. Fi/Fe was a huge dilemma for me and Fi/Ti too, because they can sometimes appear to be very similar.
    Do you identify with it enough to say that that's it? And, in that case, did you identify with Ti dom, too?

    Because just resembling more inf. Fe than inf. Ne doesn't say much: you may have found yourself very little in both of them. Fe could be tertiary and show some traits similar to the inf.

    However, if you really resonated with both Ti dom and Fe inf., then there's only the question of Se or Ne aux. I'm pretty sure it's Se, you didn't have the high Ne vibe.
    Aux Se & Ne: The Principles of Cognitive Function Theory MBTI-notes - Type Theory
    Tert. Si & Ni: The Principles of Cognitive Function Theory MBTI-notes - Type Theory

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    The description of lead Ti & undeveloped inf. Fe working together was pretty spot on. My biggest dilemma was whether I'm using lead Fi or Ti. From a subjective pov it's pretty hard to get that sorted. But this really resonated with me.

    As far as aux Se or Ne go, I definitely find myself more in the Ne description... I don't know, I found it interesting that you suggested Se, because even on cognitive functions tests I always score the lowest on Se.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanaInTheSky View Post
    As far as aux Se or Ne go, I definitely find myself more in the Ne description... I don't know, I found it interesting that you suggested Se, because even on cognitive functions tests I always score the lowest on Se.
    I suggested Se based on your first 2 posts. It was not necessarily an obvious Se, but you seemed to be S over N. But such things are misleading, it's not a sure thing when someone types you by answers to questionnaires, it's just another test and tests are unreliable. Plus, as you know, 2 functions combined can seem like a totally different one. Ne+Si may seem Se.

    Then you are INTP.
    because even on cognitive functions tests I always score the lowest on Se.
    Though tests are unreliable, this may be another argument for INTP. There's Beebe's theory of 8 functions which says that function 7 (the opposing attitude to the tertiary) is the Point of Least Resistance (PoLR), it may test as your weakest function, is the one you understand/relate to the least, it's the one that bothers you in others if they're high users of it. Your PoLR is Se.

    You may have a developed Si, that's why you first gave me a S vibe.
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    you're intp
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