Needing guidance. Much Confusion. INFx

Needing guidance. Much Confusion. INFx

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This is a discussion on Needing guidance. Much Confusion. INFx within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hello i am new to this community and seek aid. I don't understand which if my final letter. I have ...

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    Needing guidance. Much Confusion. INFx

    Hello i am new to this community and seek aid. I don't understand which if my final letter. I have much inner conflict which makes me believe i am an INFP as their dominate function is introverted feeling. I have a strong morale compass, in regards to my personal beliefs. I do not necessarily believe in good and evil however, which is entirely based on what society deems to be right or wrong or what you as an individual believe to be right or wrong. I have taken personality test on 3 different occasions all of which were 16 personality test, Human metrics, and Personality Hacker. All these tests provided me the type INFJ. I agree that most of it sounds like me in regards to me being an emotional absorbent, careful, passion for planning things out, and deep thoughtful insights(which leads clarity to my life). I am to understand though i have a massive amounts of personal conflict. I see many quality of both types in me, here are some examples. INFP: wants harmony with self, guided by personal beliefs and feelings towards them, tries to satisfy everyone, somewhat passive aggressive when someone goes against my beliefs, has great sympathy for those whom are hurt. INFJ: Emotionally absorbent, good with empathy because i literally see myself through their eyes and feel like i understand them instantly, can instantly sense the other parties motives no matter how they try to hide it, loves to do list and having a plan/organized, undoubtedly impatient due to anxiety about every detail the world throws at me, and finally am a solid perfectionist.
    Please resourceful people of this community help me to resolve this inner conflict. Am i an INFP whom has attached INFJ qualities to my belief system or am i an INFJ whom has an intangible inner conflict.
    Much appreciation Nolan. (also know i might not respond forgive me as i am shy . This does not mean however i do not appreciate your input. I came to this site reading post before 95% of this community has bright, well-informative answers.)
    Thanks to those whom have given me your time.

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    It's hard for me to say for sure, but based off this, I lean to INFJ. But this is just a guess because most of this could overlap between types.

    Wanting to please/satisfy others leans me to INFJ, but it would depend a lot on why and who you do this with, those who are close? Everybody? Fe tend to be more group oriented, Fi more individualistic. Behaviors can look the same though, but the motivation will be different

    Also both types can be empathetic and sensitive to others.

    You should also be confirming by looking for the other functions in your stack, tests are known to be unreliable. Might help you pick. INFP= Fi-Ne-Si-Te, INFJ=Ni-Fe-Ti-Se. Do you tend to notice more linear thinking? Ni, or divergent thinking? Ne.

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    Oh, still quite new to all this. I want to please/satisfy everyone that i sort into groups so i guess FE. I agree, all the tests did were bewilder me. I suppose i am more so Linear thinking as well. I want to thank you Persona Maiden, examining the functions like that that really helped me clarify what type i am. I appreciate the quick response as this has been bothering me ever since i took the test.


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