IxFP or Something Else?

IxFP or Something Else?

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    IxFP or Something Else?

    Hey, so I've been lurking in the forums for a while but this is my first time posting. I used to think I was an INFP but I'm not so sure anymore. I've taken tons of tests and gotten various results but the most common ones were INFP, ISFP, INTP and ISTP. I think I'm a Fi-dom but I can't work out if I'm using Ne or Se. Any insight on this would be much appreciated! I've answered one of the questionnaires below but I'm happy to clarify things or answer more questions, if that helps!

    1) What aspect of your personality made you unsure of your type?

    I relate to aspects of Ne and Se and I'm not sure what one I use the most. On one hand, I feel like I must be using Ne because I don't feel tuned into the real world the way Se users seem to be. I'm not very practical, I'm a daydreamer, I'm not sporty or physical. But on the other hand, I don't think I'm theoretical like Ne users. I'm not very good at brainstorming or seeing all the possibilities. I'm a writer and I consider myself creative in that sense, but I'm not constantly coming up with wild new ideas. I have specific interests and themes that I like to build upon in my stories and I mostly stick with those. I also don't really care about exploring abstract ideas and theories for the sake of it. I can entertain those things up to a point but then I get lost.

    2) What do you yearn for in life? Why?

    To be happy, to live by my ideals, to leave a positive impact on the world (or on at least one person), to find people who understand me and connect with me on a deeper level, to create stories that resonate with people and help them feel known. Most of all, to feel truly present in my body and like Iím actually enjoying and making the most of life and engaging with whatís in front of me. I get so trapped in my own head sometimes and I hate it. I want to be happy with whatís real.

    3) Think about a time where you felt like you were at your finest. Tell us what made you feel that way.

    When I finished the first draft of my book. Iím always procrastinating and putting projects on the back-burner, so to actually follow through on something Iíd invested so much time and energy in felt super rewarding.

    4) What makes you feel inferior?

    Being surrounded by people. Iím no good in social situations and when Iím thrown into a busy, loud environment I tend to shut down and end up feeling useless. Iím always afraid that people will find me boring and shallow because it takes me so long to ease up around anyone. I have so much going on inside but I rarely express myself, so I probably come across like Iíve never had a deep thought in my life.

    5) What tends to weigh on your decisions? (Do you think about people, pro-cons, how you feel about it, etc.)

    Sometimes I go off my gut instincts, like when Iím talking to someone new and I get bad vibes from them so I make a mental note not to reveal anything too personal around them, but other than that I just go off whatís most practical or what will have the least negative impact on everyone else. If itís a really personal decision, though, then Iíll consider what would make me happiest and go with that, even if it disappoints everyone else. Iíll disregard what everyone else thinks of me and put my own happiness and well-being first.

    6) When working on a project what is normally your emphasis? Do you like to have control of the outcome?

    I like to have control of the outcome, and I hate working in groups because I canít handle having my ideas shot down while the loudest voices take charge, but I donít go about things in any particular way. I just want whatever I do to not suck. And I want to have fun with it too, otherwise I get bored and become unproductive.

    7) Describe us a time where you had a lot of fun. How is your memory of it?

    When I went hiking in the Scottish Highlands and climbed Ben Nevis. I remember standing up there and feeling so alive and present in my body. It was exhilarating and the view was so beautiful, real misty and magical. For weeks afterwards I felt miserable because I just wanted to drive back up there and do it all over again.

    8) When you want to learn something new, what feels more natural for you? (Are you more prone to be hands on, to theorize, to memorize, etc)

    Hands-on, or watching someone else do something while describing the process and then trying it out myself. Whenever someone just tells me what to do, it goes in one ear and out the other. I have such a hard time absorbing information when I have nothing to physically apply it to. For instance when I was learning how to bake and decorate cakes, I watched youtube videos and then tried to do what they were doing. When I felt confident enough Iíd grasped the basics, I adjusted the process and started doing what felt right to me. Just reading instructions confused me because I needed to see what they were describing to fully understand it.

    9) How organized do you to think of yourself as?

    Not organized at all. Iím chaotic and I never plans things out. I leave everything till the last minute.

    10) How do you judge new ideas? You try to understand the principles behind it to see if they make sense or do you look for information that supports it?

    I look to what I already know about the world and then see if this new idea makes sense within that framework, and if it doesnít make sense then I might do some more research on it

    11) You find harmony by making sure everyone is doing fine and belonging to a given group or by making sure that you follow what you believe and being yourself?

    Following what I believe and being myself. I donít mind going against the tide if it means being true to myself.

    12) Are you the kind that thinks before speaking or do you speak before thinking? Do you prefer one-on-one communication or group discussions?

    Usually I think before speaking (and sometimes I spend so much time thinking that I never get around to saying anything) but when I feel really strongly about a subject Iíll start speaking/arguing without thinking. I can get carried away quite easily when it comes to talking about things I care deeply about. I prefer one-on-one communication because my voice gets drowned out in group discussions due to me being so quiet.

    13) Do you jump into action right away or do you like to know where are you jumping before leaping? Does action speaks more than words?

    It depends on the situation. If itís a social situation then I need to be coaxed into things slowly and can be quite resistant to taking action or trying anything new, but if itís something fun or exciting or adventurous then Iíll take the lead without much thought. I do things that seem like a good idea at the time and sometimes it ends badly but in the moment Iím not worrying about any of that.

    14) It's Saturday. You're at home, and your favorite show is about to start. Your friends call you for a night out. What will you do?

    I tell them Iím busy and arrange to meet up with them another night.

    15) How do you act when you're stressed out?

    I go into panic mode and start worrying about all the worst case scenarios.

    16) What makes you dislike the personalities of some people?

    I donít like anyone without integrity or anyone whoís motivated by greed and has no solid principles of their own, or anyone who is bigoted, violent, or who abuses their authority. I also donít get on well with people who are super nitpicky or obsessed with following rules and doing everything by the book. If Iím going to follow a rule, there needs to be a good reason for it. I canít stand it when people do things just because everyone else is doing it, even though thereís no logical reason for it.

    17) Is there anything you really like talking about with other people?

    I love talking about my favourites books and movies/shows. I could spend all day discussing my favourite characters and how I relate to them. I also love talking about religion and spirituality and other peopleís belief systems. I find it all so fascinating and I love learning how other people see the world and how they came to those conclusions. Paranormal experiences and anything thatís a bit weird and ďout thereĒ interests me too. And I sometimes like discussing politics and current events but only on days where Iím full of energy and can afford to waste some of it on useless anger about the state of the world.

    18) What kind of things do you pay the least attention to in your life

    I donít give much thought to practical matters like finances. I also donít like planning things in advance or worrying too much about the future or long-term goals. I get so stressed out when I have to plan ahead. I like to take things day by day and worry about those issues when theyíre relevant, not months/years in advance.

    19) How do your friends perceive you? What is wrong about their perception? ? What would your friends never say about your personality ?

    I think my friends perceive me as a lot less emotional and way more laid-back than I really am, because I hold back on showing them how Iím feeling inside. I donít like scaring people with my darker thoughts so I keep them to myself. I think they might think Iím a bit impulsive and self-destructive too, but I donít think theyíd ever admit it.

    20) You got a whole day to do whatever you like. What kind of activities do you feel like doing?

    If itís a nice morning (not too hot or cold) Iíd go for a long walk/run with my earphones in. Thereís this nice park about forty minutes away from my house so I might stop off there and wander through it for a bit and just enjoy being alone in nature. I love running through all the trees as if Iím the final girl in a horror film. Then Iíd go home and maybe spend some time reading, writing or watching movies, make something nice to eat, have a few friends over and have a fun night in drinking and playing dumb party games (Iím super competitive). Or Iíd wait till itís dark outside and then go for a drive with my music up loud.

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    Hi, Welcome to the forums! From what you wrote, I'm getting an INFP vibe ... (although at some points I wasn't sure if it was ISFP....but I think more so INFP). It's possible that you also rate strongly on the 'S' spectrum, but maybe your 'N' is stronger.

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    Hey, thank you!

    I think I rate strongly on both spectrums, definitely. The tests I took all said I had a strong preference for I and P but N/S was roughly the same. I took some functions tests too but it didn't clear much up because I kept getting different answers. The last one I took gave me the result Fi-Se-Ni-Ne-Si-Te-Ti-Fe, strong Fi with the N/S functions stacked really close together, so I've no idea what to make of that. I don't even think I can tell the difference between the two at this point, the descriptions are all too vague for me to wrap my head around. Reading them gives me a headache but I want to understand.


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