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This is a discussion on ENTP or ESTP? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hi, there! I've been struggling to find my type recently. I used to think I was an ENTP, but after ...

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    ENTP or ESTP?

    Hi, there!

    I've been struggling to find my type recently. I used to think I was an ENTP, but after talking to a friend about MBTI types I'm not so sure anymore. I also have anxiety, which makes my energy levels very low, and it's harder to figure my dominant function because of that. I would appreciate if you could help me.

    So let's start with what I know (or think I know):

    I'm pretty sure I'm not an introverted type, especially because I don't identify too much with any of the introverted functions. I am pretty low key for an extrovert, but I believe this is caused by my mental illness. I think I would be engaging much more in things if I wasn't feeling so bad.

    I'm also pretty sure I have Ti/Fe in second and third positions. I am a very logical person and tend to go to logic when I need to solve a problem (even my therapist said that, that I put logic over feelings). I also am pretty bad to understand and listen to my own feelings, but I can have a general grasp of what others are feeling and what's the emotional "atmosphere"(?) of a situation. I also care about what others think of me, but not to the point that it stops me from doing what I want to do.

    Now, some general information I hope it's useful:

    I am an illustrator. I think I have a good grasp of aesthetics and people often compliment me about my choices of clothing, the decoration in my house and my sense of color in art, especially.

    I am creative but I don't identify with the "artist" stereotype. I like many things, not just drawing, but I kept with drawing because I thought it was the most fun. It has a lot of variety, you can always choose to try something different, to tell a new story. Even the artistic career itself is not a career with many rules. I think that makes the path interesting, I could not live my whole life doing just one same thing. I like to explore the world, either with my senses (like trying new food, going to new places, etc) or mentally (new stories, points of view, information).

    I thought I was Ne because of this interest in new things, but I think it could be Se as well. My friend pointed that in most cases I am actually trying new experiences, which she thought meant more Se (instead of ideias as Ne). I do like to learn things, but lately, like from some years ago, I have been loosing my patience to read or listen to too much theorectical information. I like new ideias, but I don't like talking just for the sake of talking if nothing is going to be done. That is why I started thinking I might be an Se that just happen to live an more intuitive friendly environment.

    The cons of me being an Se are that I am not good at observing detail. I have, as I said, a general grasp of the "atmosphere" of a place or a person, but nothing too specific, I think. I am also very bad with knowing where I am in a street or a large building (I got lost inside a bigger house one day). I wasn't very good at sports at school. I don't know if that's related to anxiety as well, since when I am out in public I get nervous. I am not sure really.

    Then again I am still prone to jump into things, even when feeling anxious, just to try and get a new exprience, to add to my repertory of tried things in life - and because it's more fun. Doing the same thing many times can make me go crazy.

    I do conceptualize things, and make associations and see patterns in a general way, but that may be Ti? I also understand things quickly and usually got high grades at school even without studying too much.

    I read about the inferior functions too. I am totally not the type to dwell in the past, and my anxiety does not come from going back to past events, rather it comes from me thinking about how I am today and how my future is going to be. So that's more like inferior Ni?

    I'm just very confused, haha. If you have anything to ask me that you think would help figure out my dominant function I will gladly answer.

    Thank you so much!

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    Well the general idea of an ENTP is debating.

    Do you see yourself as a debater ? As an ENTP my idea of good time is debating or talking about an idea or theory and understanding all of its aspects.

    Maybe dealing with anxiety makes it hard for you to do that, But when you do see a debate going on do you get a feeling inside of wanting to jump there and face your opinions and talk ?

    If that then you’re probably a fellow ENTP.

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    I get the vibe that you’re INTP?

    Their function stack is:

    Your descriptions seem to reflect many of the INTP expressions.
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    That's actually difficult to answer xD

    I am not very prone to debating, especially nowadays. I like discussing ideas, but I guess if I do that too much I will become exhausted. I don't know how much of that is the anxiety working tho, since I used to try to debate a lot more. But I understand what you mean.

    I'll try to pay attention to that, and if I can I'll also comment here again.

    Thank you very much :)

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    I don't think I am an INTP because even though I use a lot of Ti, I still think I get most of my information from the outside world (that may be a reason why I don't know very well what's happening within as well?). I can't explain that part very well, haha, but I also don't think I have inferior Fe, since I don't dismiss other people's feelings and I am not too oblivious of them. I think being tactful is important, even though it's not always my first priority. I think a person with high Ti and inferior Fe would be a lot more introverted and I do like being engaged with what's happening in the world, even if the anxiety gets in the way of most of it

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    You seem pretty aware of how your functions could be working within your stack, so I don't think I really need to point out much since you've already got a good grasp on what could be which. My own conclusions are that you're an ESTP-- you did mention a Ne like answer (exploring ideas and generally staying within that sphere of thought), but overall your Se dominated in all others-- you want to go out and do and are impatient with the theoretical because it seems more practical and easier to experience than to conceptualize. Your observation about inferior Ni was correct as well-- you've mentioned that you're definitely not an introvert, along with the not relating to inferior Fe descriptions as well, but having a general grasp on others and the emotional situation <-- Fe + isn't inferior = tertiary function. Here, it's just filling in the blanks:

    -you're stuck between Se and Ne, but Se dominates (here I'd also factor in the 7 in your enneagram to perhaps just amplifying an Se-like appearance, but to keep it simple I'll just try to keep it to the functions)
    -you're already sure of your Ti
    -you know you have Fe but it's not your inferior function, so it's tertiary
    -if Se dominates then it's inferior Ni

    That's just my conclusion, though, so if there's any information I'm missing or you differ in opinion then feel free to add or change your mind. :)

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    I agree with probably ESTP, partly because of the need to experience things, also because you say discussing ideas tires you out eventually, which is a big no-no for ENTP but fits well with ESTP's inferior Ni.

    Otherwise, both can be artistic and like novelty (that's the EP types in general)

    As to being bad at detail, that's actually fine for Se, since detail is the domain of Si. Se is more general and sweeping in its observations, relying more on impressions than specific details and memorization.
    I could see the 'getting lost' part as inferior Ni, since Ni deals with the 'big picture' part where Se controls real-time responding to stimuli and getting around in itself. Se and Ni actually work together a lot and it can be hard to draw clear lines between them.

    So everything you said fits better with ESTP than with ENTP.

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    Definitely ESTP, I don't really see much Ne, mind you. The post itself seems more focused, so if I'm typing you from this post, I'd say ESTP.


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