How does mental illness affect your type? *trigger warning*

How does mental illness affect your type? *trigger warning*

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This is a discussion on How does mental illness affect your type? *trigger warning* within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; When I was younger I always seemed to type as an ENFP, and I did not really agree with that ...

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    How does mental illness affect your type? *trigger warning*

    When I was younger I always seemed to type as an ENFP, and I did not really agree with that because I don`t like being around people much and seem to need a huge amount of alone time. I now keep testing as an INFJ or INFP. is some background on my question.

    I have severe, chronic depression and I am not on medication for it. I have also been diagnosed with complex PTSD from childhood trauma and multiple personality disorder (the fun thing is my alters have all taken the test as well and we are all different, wildly so actually). On top of that I have general anxiety disorder. I am not taking medication for any of these. Before my mental health issues got to the degree they are at now, I was a very social person. I actually really enjoyed interacting with people. Now outside of work (I work as a veterinary technician) I tend to be alone a lot of the time with the exception of one or two close friends. People at work try often to include me in outside activities like going to festivals and such but I am usually very upfront with telling them that I am anti-social and a hermit. I think a lot of this is because I have a very hard time trusting people and opening up, it is just exhausting and I know if I do I will be hurt - because I always am.

    So, I have been doing research on how different types behave when unbalanced or unhealthy because I feel like my mental health issues may be skewing results for me. I do indulge a lot in self-loathing and one of my struggles with depression is that it makes it hard for me to get moving. One of my biggest triggers is things not going right or not working the way they should and things being messy. My recent bout of depression started when my landlord/best friend moved a new roommate into the garage. All the stuff in the garage was then moved down to the basement, which is supposed to be my space, and it has made me feel anxious and has made my depression go into overdrive. I hate clutter, I hate things being messy (which may be why I keep testing as a "J", but this is also due to childhood trauma since my mother insisted on my room always being spotless), and I hate not having space to move around in. When in a severe depression I tend to shut down emotionally, have a short temper, and people notice a very big difference in me. My coworkers tend to try their best to cheer me up because they say they miss my bubbly and happy. They tell me they are there for me to talk about whatever is bothering me, but I never take anyone up on that offer because I don`t think they really mean it and even if they did, I have a hard time putting things into words. I never let on how bad things are. And I struggle a lot with self-injury that has become worse and worse over the years. I have also recently been struggling with getting out of bed and going to work, which is strange because I love my job.

    So when reading about the three personality types in question (INFJ, ENFP, INFP) and how they behave when stressed or mentally ill, the one I seem to relate the most to is actually ENFP. And then in one video, I forget which one, someone was talking about the "ENFP dark side" and said that when in a depression or when not mentally stable an ENFP may test as an INFJ frequently. So, I guess my question is, how accurate can typing be when the subject is mentally ill, in my case severely so?

    And just a footnote on this - right now I am not a danger to myself although I am not in a good place. I have tried several medications and they always seem to backfire and send me to the hospital. My depression gets very bad around this time of year so I have been taking vitamin D and other supplements that seem to help. I don`t work with a therapist because I just can`t afford it and they tend to like locking me up when I talk about my suicidal tendencies instead of actually helping me. So I really just don`t trust them.

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    Hello. It depends on the mental illness, but in general, it does not affect type. It indeed makes it harder to self-assess as it really clouds one from seeing their natural self. It's hard to type yourself when you're in a bad spot because when you try to do so at such a moment, that moment distorts the perception of who you really are with a skewed image.


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