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    Am I INFP or ENFP?

    I can't ever seem to figure out introversion vs. extraversion or which cognitive function is my dominant function. On the MBTI tests I always score 50/50 on I vs. E and then on the cognitive functions test extraverted intuition and introverted feeling are almost equal.
    A little about me:
    I am very socially anxious, but crave social interaction
    I get bored easily alone
    I like feeling connected and having good conversations with people
    After I hangout with a group of people I feel extremely happy and energetic, but it's difficult for me to make true friends or even follow through because of my anxiety.
    I like to be alone to process things but when I'm alone for too long I get bored and too much into my head.

    I know for sure I am NFP just not sure which kind :P
    I am enneagram 7 and tritype 749

    Is there such a thing as socially anxious or shy extraverts? Or are we just introverts in disguise?

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    Extraverts can be socially anxious or shy. They don't always have to be outgoing. Ne-doms in particular have a reputation on the MBTI community as being amongst the most introverted of extroverts. Unlike dom Te, Fe and Se, which requires interacts with the outside world a lot in order to be used, dom-Ne is stimulated as long as there are lots of possibilities and ideas to entertain. MBTI questionaries are not the most reliable so the best option is to study MBTI further and come to the answer yourself. I'm guessing that you thought you were an ENFP but then something came up that make you question your extroversion.

    Write out a list for arguments for both sides. Don't rely just on the stereotypes but rather on the functions themselves. What are your arguments for dominant Fi vs dominant Ne? What are your arguments for inferior Te vs inferior Si? If you struggle with being able to recall specific instances in your life as evidence for one type, chances are you are an ENFP. An INFP's Si would be able to better easily recall examples and would work together with dom-Fi's deep insight to their feelings to come with evidence. ENFPs on the other hand with inferior Si would struggle more will recall examples accurately and would prefer to remember the gist of what happened rather than specific details. Ne-doms tends to waffle a lot with decision making, being willing to entertain all the different perspectives. INFPs may still have that trait but they can be quite firm regarding decisions concerning their values. Can you bypass your Fi? Can you take strong insults and shut off your Fi to plan logical counter arguments (higher Te) or turn it back into a joke (higher Ne). Then probably Ne>Fi. How important are living by your personal standards/values and keeping in touch with your feelings are you?

    I'm surprised that seeing how you are waffling between xNFPs, you were able to pinpoint your enneagram as 749 sx/sp. That is very specific. Were you able to recall specific examples in your life to support this? FunkyMBTI is a great resource for differentiating types apart, you should check it out if you haven't already.

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    You're an ENFP.

    Wait, I should provide more? *Grumble* fine!

    INFPs generally know that they are introverts, ENFPs always view themselves as ambiverts (yet to meet an ENFP that doesn't) even if others see us as extraverted but these tests are self reflective so it'll look more ambiverted.

    If we want to do this by functions well then you have to learn if you lead with Ne or Fi.

    You can't turn off your primary function. You are more conscious of when you use your secondary function because you have to make a conscious effort to do so.

    ENFPs explore first and then reflect on it afterwards, that's what makes them extraverted. INFPs explore selectively based on their preferences. You're a 7, this should be an easy one to relate to: I personally want to live my life by experiencing all that life has to offer and then I'll catalogue what I've discovered to get a better understanding of myself and what I like. Unlike an INFP, I mostly live by the idea that you don't know until you have tried it out but INFPs are more cautious there because they very much believe that you can.

    Have you looked into Si and Te descriptions? Which one do you relate to the least? Which one do you think actively works against what you want to do at times? What I explained above is a Ne > Si cycle. Exploration > to the tried and tested for informing future and present endeavours but I have such a poor grasp on Si that it's going to take a while before I actually utilise what I've learnt properly and for the longest time Si was a bit of a fear of mine.

    Anyway, are you still on board or need to consider more options?


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