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This is a discussion on What is my type? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Originally Posted by SigningBeast You say that you use Ne as your helping function because it does seem that Si ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigningBeast View Post
    You say that you use Ne as your helping function because it does seem that Si isn’t as developed, but it is there. I can also see Fi and Ti as your dominating function, so I can see where it’s hard. Like I said, I am having trouble with trying to figure out if I use Se more or Ne more. I’m In The same boat you, too

    But to help you with the order, I really do think you use Ne as your helper function. Just from reading it
    Hey SigningBeast! Our lovely friend here has an empathy spanner to throw into the MTBI gears. I’ve got the same thing :) looks a lot like Fi except it actually perceptive in nature unlike the Fi judgement function. It’s not putting yourself in their shoes, it actually sensing their emotions. Its an “interesting” experience let me tell you!

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    I read only the first sentence and then skimmed through the text in under three seconds, no more, and concluded ENTP. I’m quite impressed with myself, actually. I reasoned it be rather obvious.

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    It feels good to find someone who actually understands me. Now I know how to improve:)

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