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IxFP or IXFJ? Please help

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This is a discussion on IxFP or IXFJ? Please help within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Originally Posted by INTPercent They also typically have fewer genuine interests, but are intensely interested in them and can become ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPercent View Post
    They also typically have fewer genuine interests, but are intensely interested in them and can become real experts in their domain.
    Yeah, this is definitely something i can relate to.

    Quote Originally Posted by INTPercent View Post
    So if you lived on your own your house would be clean and tidy?
    Ideally, yes. I hope to be able to keep my home clean and tidy, once I move out of my parents's house but who knows, hehe.

    Thank you all for your input! I think I'll settle for INFJ, at least for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocean Helm View Post
    This seems more like an excuse to type actual Perceivers who relate to "Ni" as J.
    Except it is not. See, the thing is that INxJs are not so much "stereotypical judgers" as their designation would like you to think. Anecdotally, I see not caring or "chilled" about the external environment to point of almost being like perceivers in that regard, which is atypical to judgers (Je exterts control on the external environment for stability). There isn't an empirical study on this, but with how Ni is open to information, no matter how unorthodox or unconventional, and probabilities regardless of realism, expect Ni doms to be more open-minded than most if not all judgers. By the way, you're implying that OP is a perceiver herself since she is "disorganized." Nevermind the fact that she still organizes to an extent on the external environment. It's her mind that is disorganized, which is a characteristic of Pi doms (moreso for Ni doms).

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    I see a lot of Ni and Fe and maybe inferior Se. I'd say INFJ. My sister is INFJ and it some of the things you described sound like what she has described to me. I'm very interested in how her brain works, since she has the opposite functions that I have, so I have asked her a lot of questions about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HonorableGoblin View Post
    I see a lot of Ni and Fe and maybe inferior Se. I'd say INFJ. My sister is INFJ and it some of the things you described sound like what she has described to me. I'm very interested in how her brain works, since she has the opposite functions that I have, so I have asked her a lot of questions about it.
    Thank you for your input! In what aspects would you say your sister and I are similar?

    Something interesting – albeit quite distressing – has just happened to me. I missed a test in university during this last semester and had to take a make-up test. I thought the test would happen today, so I prepared myself accordingly. But I felt I should check what room the test would be taken in, since, despite having had classes in all rooms of my university, each room has its own name, and I can’t recall each room’s names even if my life depended on it. By checking the info, I was able to find out in what room my test would transpire. Also, I found out that my test had actually happened yesterday, and would not happen today, as I previously thought. I was immediately relieved to have a reason not to take the test anymore, but now I’m feeling sort of anxious for getting a really bad grade in this class. I’m also feeling kind of stupid for being so inattentive and forgetful. Thankfully, I don’t need this class’s credits to graduate, since I’ve accrued – according to my calculations, heh – all the credits necessary. Sigh.

    This particular incident reminded me of another situation where I felt really silly and inattentive. In middle school, there was a class – which I don’t recall, so let’s just say it was Geography – that happened in two days of the week – I can’t remember which ones exactly, maybe Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday. In one of those days, break started immediately after the class (let’s say it was Tuesday); in the other day, there was an English (as a foreign language) class in the middle (let’s say it was Wednesday). Very well. One Wednesday, after Geography class, I ran to the library, so I could get a good spot to use the computer. A few moments later, I wondered why the library wasn’t packed with people, as it happened a lot during break. Then, when I checked the clock on the computer, I realized that break hadn’t started yet, and it was time for English class. I was desperate. I ran back to my classroom and opened the door, gasping and sweating, and asked my teacher (Marisa – she was really nice to me) if I could come in, since I had made an honest mistake and thought it was already break. She looked at me, really confused, and said she was sorry, but she couldn’t let me in, since at least half the class had already started. She found my story hard to believe, since I was, in her opinion, a good student. I think this is why she didn’t hold a grudge against me – she treated me fairly until the end of that year (unlike other students).

    I think I’d forget my head if it wasn’t glued to my neck.

    I hope these two anecdotes can help catch a glimpse of what my inferior function might be. I’m thinking of Se, Si or Te. There are more stories like these – the majority of which I probably don’t remember.

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    I don't know about inferior function from your anecdotes. I have sometimes done things like this. I think it may just be something that happens to people who are inside their own heads more than they are in the real world.

    Your describing the teacher as looking "confused" and treating you "fairly" makes me think you're Fe rather than Fi. These are very objective descriptions. If I described this incident, it would be all about how her reaction made me feel and how she was probably judging me as an honest or dishonest person. And that would be VERY important to me. Being thought of as a good person: Most Important Thing. Consequences would be of secondary importance. (maybe that's just me and my own emotional issues, though).

    I'm trying to read over your initial post again to see what reminded me of my infj sister, but I'm neglecting my responsibilities while I'm typing this, so will run out of time soon. I see that you had also been considering ISFJ. I have another sister who is isfj. You don't seem like her at all. To her it is very important that she is doing what she "supposed to be doing" what is expected of her, and she likes sticking to what has worked in the past. It's funny because she tries to motivate me to do things because I'm "supposed to" and that doesn't make any sense to me.
    One day I said to my INFJ sister, "People are responsible for their own feelings!" (as in, I can handle my own feelings and it's not my job to make other people feel happy. that's their job. They can choose to feel however they want). She laughed like she completely disagreed, but didn't want to say anything. Then sometimes she says that she makes decisions based on how it will make other people feel. It's her first consideration, and that feels so wrong to me. I first think about what I want, then consider other people second. She also says that she often doesn't even know how she feels and that her feelings sometimes manifest as physical sensations. I'm generally able to identify my feelings at any given moment, even when I have conflicting ones. One thing that I've noticed about Fe is that it seems to want to change people's negative feelings to positive ones. Fi is more likely to just acknowledge and sit with negative feelings. To try to change them is invalidating. All feelings are valid. All are trying to tell you something and deserve attention. Fe seems more concerned with emotional atmosphere and Fi with emotional understanding. Not sure on this, as Fe is so icky to me that I have trouble discussing it. I suspect that those people who tell you to smile are Fe users. My thoughts on that are, "Why should I smile when I don't feel like it so that you can feel like your environment is happy? I'm not responsible for your emotions!

    Anyway, sorry this is so scattered. Hopefully it helps you some?
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