What the heck am I?

What the heck am I?

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This is a discussion on What the heck am I? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Welcome, I'm new here. I've created an account hoping I'll discover myself. I've read many post in here from people ...

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    What the heck am I?

    Welcome, I'm new here. I've created an account hoping I'll discover myself. I've read many post in here from people who couldn't type themselves either.I've read about functions, but i can't possibly tell apart on my own, only sure of introvertion.
    I've been typed as INTP, INTJ, INFJ, INFP, ISTJ, ISTP.
    I enjoy debates about the future and science, i love to imagine new inventions in my mind. I love maths, physics but also english literature, i love metaphors, highly intuitive artists like Bjork - interpreting the meaning of her videos is one of the things like to do, classical music but music in general too (jazz, blues, soul, rock metal). Sometimes i get so lost in the music that i forget about the world around me. I hate injustice, but i'm not always fair myslef. There was a time i wanted to be a prosecutor because i wanted to protect people, then i wanted to be a spy or diplomat to fight for the peace, but I decided to be someone else since world can't be a perfect place - I'm a developer. I'm interested in politics a bit, and it scares me how we're being manipulated all the time, everywhere. I despise some social sides of conseravsatism, i think we should move forward, not back. I'm not religious but i believe in aliens, anything is possible.
    I love interpreting people's behaviour, that's a feeling functions i've heard but I'm also very ashamed of my own feelings, i can't be honest about them even with my own family, friends. I sometimes like to fix something which my be ISTP thing but i get bored very easily with that suff. I have to be really bored to do something like that. I usually do things that will profit me in the future - learning new language on my own, also started programming on my own.
    I'm not sure if this is enough. Forgive me for my poor language. The thing I know about myself for sure is that self disovery is really important to me.
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    You sound alot like me, which makes me think XNTP. Note that ENTP often type introverted when young, especially if you have any social anxiety issues (like me). So are you comfortable being alone with nothing to do, or do you get fidgety? Do you have a silly or dry sense of humor? Do you tend to jump to conclusions, then analyze if you were right? Or do you prefer to collect all the data first before making any judgment?

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    My guess.....

    ENTP ?

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    I think you're either an ENTP or an INTP.

    You don't sound like you have inferior Fe and your Ne seems very strong, so my vote goes to ENTP for now, but I would need more details to be sure.


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