To Type or Not to Type - To Type, now type me.

To Type or Not to Type - To Type, now type me.

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This is a discussion on To Type or Not to Type - To Type, now type me. within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Ok guys so I've been into MBTI and typing for around a year now and was wondering if y'all can ...

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    To Type or Not to Type - To Type, now type me.

    Ok guys so I've been into MBTI and typing for around a year now and was wondering if y'all can give me some insight into what type/function combination I use. On tests, I've received a wide range of types including (most frequent to least) ENTP, ENTJ, ENFP, INTJ, and INFJ. I am currently a 16 year old male who has been diagnosed with ADHD in the past though I have never taken medication for too long because it kinda screws with my appetite. Despite this, I have done pretty well in high school due to hard work and am currently interested in subjects including Calculus and Computer Science.

    1) What aspect of your personality made you unsure of your type?
    - I find myself embodying a wide variety of traits that makes me feel unable to fit myself into one type. I am idealistic but also rational. I have trouble focusing yet I am hard working and can perform at the top of my class. I have a pretty terrible memory and suck at navigation. I have been called socially unaware/awkward, yet crave social interactions/popularity. In a group of extroverts, I am often the most introverted. In a group of introverts, I am usually the most extroverted. I exist in a great superposition of states so to speak.

    2) What do you yearn for in life? Why?
    - I want to be respected and valued by my peers. Maybe this is a high school thing but my social life in high school kinda sucked and now that I realized it, I want to turn that situation upside down. I yearn to be a leader, someone who inspires others feel the enthusiasm that I have towards certain ideas and subjects. In life, I want people who can keep me engaged intellectually, for them to come out of a situation thinking "damn, I experienced something new and interesting from that guy."

    4) What makes you feel inferior?
    - My inefficiencies and incompetence. Basically, ENTJs (how do y'all do it).

    5) What tends to weigh on your decisions?
    - I want to think of myself as someone who sees a holistic view when it comes to decision making, though I am quite indecisive (like I have been trying to type myself for these past few months, repeating cycles of "I found my type" and "wait but this makes more/less sense". I'm known to overthink things, but its fun (yet INEFFICIENT)). I want to weigh the opportunity cost of my decisions, which usually involves me brainstorming what I would miss out on if I did "X".

    6) When working on a project what is normally your emphasis? Do you like to have control of the outcome? Generally I would like to have control over the outcome or at least know why something turned out the way it does (success or failure). I want to understand the why and how so I can learn from it. I want input from teammates, understanding their point of view so we can benefit mutually.

    7) Describe us a time where you had a lot of fun. How is your memory of it?
    - There was this one time where I was able to smooth talk my way out of getting in trouble with an strict ass substitute teacher. I roasted him to hell and everyone was out bursting in laughter. I dropped the mic and got out like a boss. I love to be the funny guy in the room though my humor isnt funny to everyone.

    8) When you want to learn something new, what feels more natural for you? (Are you more prone to be hands on, to theorize, to memorize, etc)
    - I try learn things conceptually before applying it hands on. For example, Ill probably learn about how heaps work conceptually before implementing it in Java/Python. But then again, I usually just screw around in my chemistry labs and enjoying experimentation. In school especially, many of my teachers have told me that I just don't follow instructions well (especially in Computer Science classes). Besides that, just watch YouTube videos and soak up information for the fun of it. When it comes to literature, I would theorize meanings behind the text, which makes for a much more interesting experience. Brute force memorization is probably the least efficient means of remembering information as you aren't really learning anything (whats the point?). If I do have to memorize, ill use a mind palace or something that is more effective.

    9) How organized do you to think of yourself as?
    - I believe that I am decently organized: I use an accordion folder for school so things don't get mixed up (although at times, I do accidentally place things in the wrong folder RIP.) My room can get a bit messy but I don't usually mind. I occasionally organize/clean it in order to relive stress and to feel productive. Overall, I dont want to obsess over being organized, instead just let the entropy of the universe do its thing.

    10) How do you judge new ideas? You try to understand the principles behind it to see if they make sense or do you look for information that supports it?
    - I try to understand the principles behind it and see if they are consistent and I love pointing out inconsistencies (though I dont believe that this is my strongest suit). I want to understand the deeper meaning within a piece of work and experience all there is to it and more. The last thing I want to be is naive in this regard.

    12) Are you the kind that thinks before speaking or do you speak before thinking? Do you prefer one-on-one communication or group discussions?
    - I double think, jkjk. That would be contradictory. I generally think a bit before speaking, then speak, then put in a bunch of filler trying to think of what I want to say while speaking (ADHD perhaps). People usually tell me to get to the point but I usually develop that point as I speak.

    13) Do you jump into action right away or do you like to know where are you jumping before leaping? Does action speaks more than words?
    - Definitely jump into action quickly for most tasks that I dont give much thought to. However, if I believe that I can gain a strategic advantage by planning, I'll bust out that Batman prep time. Actions can speak louder than words but I do value to ability to influence others with words.

    14) It's Saturday. You're at home, and your favorite show is about to start. Your friends call you for a night out. What will you do?
    - This assumes that I have a TV, PC master race!!! Anyways, Ill definitely choose to go out rather than watch a show that I can stream whenever (Honestly, I have the feeling that this questionnaire was made in 2004). Assuming that Im single, Id probably find some hot girl at a local bar to talk to.

    15) How do you act when you're stressed out?
    - I can lead a group of classmates asking questions every few seconds and I wont be stressed. For me, stress usually stems from envy. I often create a self image comprising of the best of others which is an unobtainable ideal. I cant really be the best of all worlds. When I am stressed, I usually stay at home, thinking about reasons why I am stressed. I usually dont stay stressed for too long, and I'm often back to my usual self within a day.

    16) What makes you dislike the personalities of some people?
    - I really don't dislike the personalities of others or you can say i'm mostly indifferent. Generally, i'd focus on the positive aspects of personality to find ways of incorporating their positive personality traits into my own for self improvement. When people call someone arrogant, I say that they are confident. Obsessive --> persistent (in certain situations). stupid --> carefree (ignorance is bliss). Suck up to authority --> playing the social hierarchy game. Maybe I dont like to agree with people when they are too black and white, and I like to find new perspectives on everything including personality.

    17) Is there anything you really like talking about with other people?
    - computer science, chemistry, physics, plans for future, goals, love interests, motivation, and anime. I also like discussing philosophy with others and have recently been interested in works from Kant and Nietzsche. Nothing is off for discussion as I can ramble on for hours when it comes to thought provoking topics.

    18) What kind of things do pay the least attention to in your life?
    - Practical skills/ physical awareness. Sometimes, i can miss things right in front of me and lose keys/phone on a dime. It wasn't until recently that I decided to start cooking because I dont want to be a college student eating ramen all day (nothing wrong with that, just personal preference :)). I'm a decently big guy (6'2 190 lbs) and I usually bump into people unintentionally. Yea, I pay attention to it now, but I didnt really before. Socializing too, was something that I didnt pay attention to much until this year (2018 onward).

    19) How do your friends perceive you? What is wrong about their perception? What would your friends never say about your personality?
    - I got an ESTP best buddy and we are kinda opposites, yet people say that we are similar despite us having different view points. He thinks I ask too many questions (especially "what ifs" in order to disprove his points). Yet he also views me as an idealistic person (compared to his practicality) who genuinely cares for others.However, none of my friends would ever say that I am an introvert (though I tended to disagree for a while).

    20) You got a whole day to do whatever you like. What kind of activities do you feel like doing?
    I can control the weather, let their be sunny weather. I get a bunch of my friends and we go and hike Mount Everest. Honestly, I dislike the idea of being indoors all the time and would rather be active. I wasn't always like this though, as when I was younger, I would probably have preferred playing video games with friends. If I were to be indoors, give me a hyperbolic time chamber so I can get ahead in studies/personal goals/self improvement.
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    So I'd definitely say you have both Te/Fi and Ne/Si. Being an extrovert that makes you either ESTJ or ENFP. Quite frankly you seem to have typical EXTJ motivation with a strong Ne influence. I suspect that ADHD may create brain patterns similar to Ne Doms (which your tests are picking up) I would type you as ESTJ with hyperactive Ne. Your the first exception I've come across essentially behaving as Te, Ne, Si, Fi.

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    Only typing because I got a chuckle out of the title

    You yearn to be loved and respected by other people (a very Fe drive) but want to achieve it by showing people how smart you are (Ti). You want them to leave the conversation thinking "woah, he's brilliant!!!" sooooo, I think you're a Ti/Fe type right off the bat.

    The fact that you enjoy brainstorming, love pointing our inconsistencies in ideas, lack physical awareness, don't follow instructions well but are still intelligent, don't consider yourself to be practical and consider your proudest moment to be when you roasted a substitute teacher by pointing out how illogical he was being... it all leads me to believe that you're an INTP.

    Can you think of yourself as a "curious, intuitive inventor with a thirst for knowledge" or nah?

    EDIT: I get most of my MBTI knowledge from Michael Pierce so I suggest watching his INTP video to see if it 'clicks' with you.
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    I think you are probably an entp
    Im pretty sure you are an ambiverted extriverd, really typical to entp and enfp, and you seem to have extroverted intuition.

    You also seem like a thinker to me, so entp
    enfp and intp also kinda make sense though

    I personally think entp
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