Tests, videos, trying to figure out

Tests, videos, trying to figure out

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This is a discussion on Tests, videos, trying to figure out within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hello! I am newbie here. I try to understand my personality type for a long time. I took online tests. ...

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    Tests, videos, trying to figure out

    I am newbie here. I try to understand my personality type for a long time. I took online tests. I am between INTJ/ISTJ. Online tests are very inaccurate.
    I am introvert
    49% Sensing 51% Intuition
    66% Thinking 34% Feeling
    47% Perceiving 53% Judging
    According to these tests, I am an INTJ.
    I checked C.S Joseph youtube channel, I checked everything. Differences between ISTJ/INTJ, each type individually, but I am not 100% sure.
    The main difference is concrete vs abstract thinking. Not sure, I am really bad at math, especially geometry, I can't calculate in my head quickly, I always use paper to calculate numbers. Math is abstract subject. No, no that's not for me. Also, I don't have spatial thinking. Technical drawing is nightmare as well .
    But I am doing research a lot. I am information sponge. I never break a rules when driving a car. I like my house and things organized.
    Yesterday I found my notebook, before I discovered my personality type, I liked to make to-do lists and plans. But I was too lazy to start them lol. I always make notes.
    Can someone help me to figure out?
    I can't afford 50$ to do real MBTI test
    Thanks a lot 🙂

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    I really do think you are an istj. First of all, it is one of the most common personality types, while intj is the one of the rarest types.
    Secondly, as you called yourself "a sponge of information" is something that really does sound like istj rather than intj, as the function usually related to mory and information, facts and so on is introverted sensing, the most dominant cognitive function of istj, and the ltast one on the intj's stuck.
    Also math is expresed in abstract thinking, which is strong to intj, in there introverted intuition, so if one of the types is GOOD at math, i think it will be intj.

    That's only my silly opinion, so don't lock yourself in that "description"
    There is a LOT of information (as you like) and tests on the internet.
    Search thinga like: cognitive functions, intj vs istj, a way to identify you're mbti type and more things in this spirit.

    Good luck!!!

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    Also, dont close yourself, you might be a preciver as well, because you didn't get a definite score, and your habit of making to do lists and being organised is confusing to the test, as organization is confused with Judging when its not really is, and if the score is close maybe it means you answered "judgmental" answers of organization and in the questions abiur actual look in you answered preciving answers, whoch could mean you're actually a preciver, just an organized one


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