Confused about my Personality Type because im just too messed up

Confused about my Personality Type because im just too messed up

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This is a discussion on Confused about my Personality Type because im just too messed up within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; English is not my native language so I ask for some patience if I commit misspellings. i have studied the ...

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    Confused about my Personality Type because im just too messed up

    English is not my native language so I ask for some patience if I commit misspellings.

    i have studied the MBTI and the 8 cognitive functions also I have done practically all the tests that can be found on the internet receiving in some INFJs and in other ENFPs, even ENTP or ENTJ (even so, what I receive the most is INFJ or ENFP) of what I am really sure is that my enneagram is the 6w5 with self-preservation instinct

    Now if you are asking how i am, well this is a long story
    I have 21 years old. I am a very insecure and pessimistic person who is always scanning and analyzing any problem or inconvenience that could arise with each one of my actions, I have the mentality that if something goes wrong, it was because I simply was not prepared enough and that I should always be because the world is a wild place, ruthless and without rules in which if I do not measure up I will be defeated and hurted inevitably because there are many perverse people in the world and there is no compassion Due to this, I only seek to know and to befriend people who think exactly like me and share my same values about life and the world, I reject and I am extremely aggressive with everyone else because I consider them all as potential enemies because if they are not like me or believe in the same thing I am afraid that at some point they will stab me in the back and betray me. In conversations I am very expressive and ask many questions, I am good at making people open to me and express their feelings and concerns as long as I like that person, otherwise I end up being ignored, which usually happens with unintelligent people. I always have high expectations of myself, I am sensitive to criticism, when I am not up to my expectations I tend to blame myself as I do to others. I'm good at analyzing things to find flaws in the system or potential hazards, but I'm not exactly an astute person. I tend to read many things, since I want to have knowledge about all kinds of information to be prepared for any danger, mostly I focus on reading political and psychological issues

    All of this is due because when i was a kid and a teenager I was rejected multiple times by society and my high school classmates, because every time I expressed my thoughts and my ideas they turned away from me and called me someone weird and because many times I was betrayed by people I had a lot of esteem in the past due to not being perfect enough for them, all this has led me to simply not trust anyone and concentrate on always being prepared to face any danger. as a young man I was very doubtful with everything but at the same time too naive with the people that I loved. Among my activities are anime, videogames (multiplayer oriented), exercise, read and research a lot about anything, daydream while listening to music, thinking about people. I do not like to do basic tasks like cleaning my room and doing the dish

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    as extra data:
    -I'm bad improvising, I need to have a plan and be prepared
    -I'm clueless about objects and present reality, however I am aware of people and their looks
    -I am able to know the reasons and the way of thinking of a person that I do not even know just by knowing small data about that person or just seeing his face and expressions
    -I always seek to be an expert if not, the best in every project or competition that I perform

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    If your big five results are High in neuroticism and Low in extroversion there is big chance you may have anxiety

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    There is a little similarity between how introverted personalities approach the world around them and an anxious personalities
    an anxious person can’t trust even his mind..Try to figure out the difference

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    Introverted people will avoid socializing because they don’t like it,
    Anxious people will fear social situations.
    Introverted people try to have there own time without thinking about people,
    Anxious people will think all the time about people without wanting them.
    Intuitive personalities will imagine harsh realities in the future based on present
    Anxious people fear the future.
    There is a big chance that introverted anxious people are extroverted!

    Overthinking,Perfectionism,Resistance to change its all traits that can confuse anyone to think they are a certain type

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    Dude (or dudette), toughen up and go the lone wolf route (slightly joking here). Take some time to get to know and understand yourself. With that inner confidence none of what those people think will matter. Heh, I was always a bit of an outcast, but then again, nothing really bothered me because I was always thinking and somewhat indifferent (or even unaware when younger). Hell, I've been rejected by society, a good portion of my family, although, I was always good with my high school classmates and peers despite being a loner, because I never let em see me sweat. Inner confidence goes a long way. People pick up on low self esteem, like... sharks.

    You seem to know yourself a little, so you're on the right track. And you're not messed up at all, from what you have said here. That's just a manifestation of your self-esteem from past experiences. You won't truly figure out your personality until you get yourself together, so just take it easy and use MBTI as a tool to learn about yourself and develop into a better you.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.

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    Hey! You're the first person I've typed on here, but I feel confident with this one.

    Even if you think you're messed up, you strike me as INFJ. What stands out is the Ni and Fe. This combo shows in that you stated you are good at reading people. You're future-oriented and not that aware of reality, which also points to low Se. Extroverted feelers are more expressive of feelings than introverted feelers, and you're good at making people open up to you, which is both Fe and very traditional of INFJs. Needing a plan and not being good at improvising is a sign of being a judger.

    Good luck man. :)

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    Everyone is messed up, and so is MBTI

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    Hello! thanks for all your replies, and my big five results are this
    Extroversion : 19
    Emotional Stability: 3
    Agreeableness : 76
    Conscientiousness : 0
    Intellect/Imagination : 96

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