The ISFP vs INFP debate

The ISFP vs INFP debate

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This is a discussion on The ISFP vs INFP debate within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; I am confused or whether not I'm a INFP or ISFP(might be ISFJ). People see both Se and Ne in ...

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    The ISFP vs INFP debate

    I am confused or whether not I'm a INFP or ISFP(might be ISFJ). People see both Se and Ne in me and I see both in myself.

    I am dreadful at sports and am pretty clumsy overall. However, I do enjoy a lot of traditionally Se/sensor things. I like challenging myself by eating spicy foods, I love eating weird foods from around the world. I like intense thrill rides at the fair, I like road trips and exploring new places. I like being in nature, appreciating the wind on my shoulders. I like to cook, I'm very interested in crafts, I listen to music for hours on end whilst dancing.

    But! I'm not disinterested in the future. I find myself making future plans for, well, just about anything, at anytime of the day. This might be Ni though? I'm very curious, which is usually associated with Ne. I love learning reading about psychology, I like trying new things, I'm very interested in history and love to read historical fiction. While I do like to experience things, I really like talking about different ideas with people, and they don't have to have a purpose. Plus, I have this tendency to be super into a topic and soak up lots of info, then drop it(though I often find it again). I'm pretty sure that's a Ne thing.

    Also, I find myself relating to Si too. I am a very nostalgic person, although tbh I'm not sure if this is a Si thing or a feeler thing. But yeah, I like playing old school video games, I like using old computers, I like visiting hometowns. Plus I have a notoriously good long term memory, while my short term memory is not as good. I shock people when I can recite their restaurant orders from years ago.

    It says Se users are more aware of their environment, and that gets confusing to me, cause I find myself going both ways. Like, I easily glaze over details, but I can easily pick up sudden noises. So yeah.

    So, what do you guys think? I could give you a questionnaire later if you want, but yeah, that's what I'm confused about.

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    Hello !
    I reply to you, but hope that more knowledgeable members will give you a bit of advice !

    I think it is normal if you find in yourself "proof" of differents functions, because technically we does have all functions (that the conclusion I reached for now), just in differents proportions, with a preferences for some over others. And from what I gathered of late, functions come into pairs, which can make it a bit confusing to discern from another function.

    So when looking for your type, narrow down your prefered functions, the ones that come in play naturally first for yourself. When trying to use functions not your favourite, for too long, you can end up feeling tired quickly. Also, I noticed that enneagram type can "flavor" the MBTI type, in a way that end up sometimes confusing, so take it into account too !

    And if I had to type you over your post, I would have said INFP.

    Good luck ! :)


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