Am i INTP or ENTP or INTJ?

Am i INTP or ENTP or INTJ?

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This is a discussion on Am i INTP or ENTP or INTJ? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hello there. First time here. I recently started discovering what type i am, and all tests throw that i am ...

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    Am i INTP or ENTP or INTJ?

    Hello there. First time here.

    I recently started discovering what type i am, and all tests throw that i am INTP. Also one of them (don't remember which one) showed me that my most used type of intelligences are Musical to 93%, Linguistical 93%, Logical 90% and intrapersonal 90%. So here are the questions/ notes:

    * Can an INTP show this types of intelligences as most used or it contradicts itself with the type theory?

    *I also have been researching like crazy if INTP's show any sing of dominance with people but most of it have been no's. But put me one or more topics/works that i know, and i'll want to be in charge cause no one does them or know them better than i do

    *The theory says that INTP don't like people that much and like to be isolated, also, they don't like to be either in a position of charge or below. They like to be alone.
    I, as an example, don't like partys or gatherings because i don't know how to react with people, i always feel random around them and uncomfortable.

    *I'm not very tender with people at anything. If they sound a little bit emotional, i'll just stop hearing them and i'll try to correct everything they say (i know, i am annoying and don't care).

    *I procrastinate like if i had a lifetime.
    *I don't care how others see me. Not how i act, not how i think, not how i dress. Not at all.
    *I love to think and analize everything, i can spend days, months, trying to understand something even if that takes me much more cause i see connections in everything.

    *Even though i prefer staying at home 77 % of the time, the other% i like it to be outside, swimming, dancing, driving etc.

    *I've read that INTP are not that good at feeling peoples emotions. The thing is that i can feel them, and i understand them, i just don't accept them.

    *I am currently in law school, and even if i'm working in that kind of enviroment, i like the spirit/essence of the law, but don't the literacy. There are just so much holes and ilogical tendencies in law.

    *I don't like the majority of affection/love signs.

    Those are. There are more but still can't figure how to formulate them. Also my first language is Spanish so if there are any errors, my mistake.

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    Sounds like you’re gonna make a great lawyer. Im all about that loophole life... I’d hire you.

    You sound very INTP ish I work with one, he is the creative design guy at the office. He always wants to be left alone but if he hears the coworkers discussing a topic he’s passionate about he jumps in (most of the time with an angry opinion lol) he doesn’t dress well at all and is pretty sloppy looking, he doesn’t have a feely side but he’s talked to me when his girlfriend broke up with him and he was really down about it.. but within a few days got over it. Umm he’s really super smart and we’ve had cool convos about outer space and classical music.. but he gets insanely passionate about politics and talks about it in an angry tone. Mister knowitall for sure but I have to credit him cuz it’s justified.

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