another guy confused about infp/infj

another guy confused about infp/infj

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This is a discussion on another guy confused about infp/infj within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; hello As the title suggests I'm trying to figure out whether I'm infp or infj. I'm not really looking to ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    another guy confused about infp/infj


    As the title suggests I'm trying to figure out whether I'm infp or infj. I'm not really looking to be told my type so much as being told why I'm that type. I can go find an online test that will tell me a type and it will be wrong. I know it's wrong because I get different answers when I do.

    Ok a little background:
    A month ago I had no idea about anything typology related, since then I have read a book and some online things about it, taken online tests in which I typically come out as INT*, but I have come up as about as many different types as there are. Up till a few days ago I was convinced that I was INFP to the point that I argued it to someone who thought I was ENFP. The problem is that I've noticed um... discrepencies, between me and INFP, and that I seem to have things in common with INFJ that an INFP would not, although I'm still very unsure of the differences. When I look at the differences bw INFP/INFJ I tend to find that I seem to have a lot of characteristics of both.

    I'm not really sure what's relevant to this or not. Ask me whatever you want to figure it out.

    I'm about the most disorganized person you'll meet, my car is a mobile closet. I tend to live in the future more than the present. I do like to predict things, but I also like experiencing new and unusual things. I love hearing others point of views on things, and do try to see things from other people's perspectives. I've been called both muleheaded and a pushover. I tend to avoid conflict when I can, but don't really have a problem with it once I'm actually in it and easily get carried away with it.

    Since I know that a person's perspective can cloud what they are by biasing what they say towards a type they want here's the direct qoutes of my platoon tac from LDAC (I'm in ROTC). It's the only objective view I can find at the moment:

    "A marginally average leader; quiet and reserved when following and in leadership; general attitude can be perceived as lacking initiative and motivation"

    "Great planner; thoroughly thinks through all possible courses of action and chooses the best one; possesses a firm grasp of the OPORD format and how to utilize it to produce effective plans"

    "Very analytical and logical mind; takes the time to fully analyze a situation and make informed decisions; deliberate decision making process and hinder him in situations that require quick action"

    "Very quiet and reserved; lacks a strong command presence and sometimes takes a back seat in tough situations when stronger personalities try to take control"

    "Has the ability to succeed as an Army Officer given proper mentorship and coaching"

    I got interested in type to help me understand other people to better motivate them, predict how they'll act in situations, and how to get my point of view across to them the best way I can.

    I'm mostly trying to figure out what type I am so I can better anticipate how I'll react to situations and what
    strengths and weaknesses I have.

    I'm trying to be convinced of what type I am, if all you're gonna do is say "you're type xxxx" thanks, but don't bother.

    Ask me whatever you need to, I don't know what is or isn't relevant

    Don't worry about upsetting me, if you do manage to, I'll get over it

    If it seems like I'm arguing with you (which I prolly will) I'm likely just trying to better convince myself, don't take it personally but let me know if I offend you.

    If you made it this far, thanks for the interest and help, I deeply appreciate it.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Online tests can be inaccurate. Best way to determine your type for sure is to read in more detail about the cognitive functions, especially dominant and auxiliary ones. These are the functions people use most often when thinking and making decisions and so are most familiar with.

    For INFJs the functional order is - introverted intuition dominant, extraverted feeling auxiliary
    For INFPs the functions order is - introverted feeling dominant, extraverted intuition auxiliary

    So as you can see behind last letter there is quite a bit of difference hiding. You can read up about these functions here: Function Attitude

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Thanks, that actually helped.

    Using that site I couldn't figure out F or N, but I did get Se and Ti. Looking it up on google and checking some other sites I got Ni and Fe.

    So apparently I'm INFJ.

    Thanks again, I'm actually amazed at how much of a headache this has been.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by otherdude View Post
    Thanks, that actually helped.

    Using that site I couldn't figure out F or N, but I did get Se and Ti. Looking it up on google and checking some other sites I got Ni and Fe.

    So apparently I'm INFJ.

    Thanks again, I'm actually amazed at how much of a headache this has been.
    yeah took me a week to firmly decide on my own type preference - overall I've been studying MBTI for about 4 months now lol ... have you considered that you might be INTP? the Ti function isn't well developed in INFJs but it is primary for INTPs so they'd related to it most - INFJs and INTPs can be a bit of look-alikes in this respect if INFJ uses decent amount of his or her own Ti and INTP makes use of his or her Ne

    key differences between INxJs and INxPs is that for INxPs their primary function is introverted judging one, their minds spend great deal of time making internal judgements, and so these people are likely to hold moderate to strong usually well-formulated opinions about various topics and subjects that have caught their eye, they are likely to strive to express themselves as accurately as possible, but their extraverted function is perceiving one so they not so interested in rearranging the world according to their judgement - for the INxJs to the contrary the main function is a perceiving one, one that simply scans for possibilities but makes no judgement, as such their inner world is much more flexible, less rigid, but also can be quite confusing and filled with doubt, the Ni dominant types may have trouble phrasing what they think in words because their thoughts are more like vibes, connections, sudden eureka moments, furballs of many things connected into one which takes them time and effort to disentangle

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Yeah I definitely thought about INTP, but the whole NF idealistic "how can I help" is me in a nutshell. I mean I joined the army, well for many reasons, but mostly because I couldn't stand the thought of not doing something important and making a difference in the world.

    yeah the way you describe Ni sounds a lot like me as well. The way the site that you posted described it was more confusing than anything.


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