ESTP manifesting as ENFP or ENFP using ESTP functions?

ESTP manifesting as ENFP or ENFP using ESTP functions?

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This is a discussion on ESTP manifesting as ENFP or ENFP using ESTP functions? within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; ...

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    Unknown Personality

    ESTP manifesting as ENFP or ENFP using ESTP functions?

    While enjoying my runners high, I considered among many other things, my personality, as defined by the Myer Briggs functions, further than before. Through this clarity, I came to the conclusion that at my core I make most use of Se and Ti, which might make me deduce that I am an ESTP; however, my manifestation, specially, in the social respect tailored to fit the tendencies of the functions Ne and Fi. So in other words: I interact as ENFP but when push comes to shove I will trust my Se and Ti functions much more. However, I don’t feel facetious when I act as ENFP because it is my ideal, but I am always simultaneously scanning concrete clues that might give me an edge on the situation, if I needed it. There have been many occasions when people have confronted me and been taken aback by the shift in my mannerisms; I take confrontation very seriously, whether it is malicious or constructive, I look for a concrete and coherent argument, instead of relying on my more intangible beliefs. Nevertheless, I feel most fulfilled when I succeed at operating accordingly to Ne and Fi.
    What do you believe/think is my “real” type?

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    ESTP - The Doers

    You seem ENFP to me. I have a male ENFP agent in my office, he is all that you have mentioned. As an ESTP, I am less likely scanning clues as I am reading people in order to give me an edge. So instead of me reading between the lines for clues, I am taking in people's body language,voice, fear, happiness, etc. The same way a dog can sense feeling in humans.

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    ESTP - The Doers

    Even wondering about this stuff seems a lot more like N to me.... and as you are doing it out there (e) Ne would seem right. Whilst also i am curious about the confrontation piece, seems more T than F maybe?? Ne Ti how about ENTP would that make any sense to you? Like njchick says its more scanning for ESTP, taking in data like a sponge and then making sense of them by endless analytical thought...... I had my myers briggs done a long time ago and never questioned it, just another fact, makes sense.... move on :)


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