I've been back and forth a thousand times.. still not sure my type.

I've been back and forth a thousand times.. still not sure my type.

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This is a discussion on I've been back and forth a thousand times.. still not sure my type. within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Hey everyone.. so.. I'm still having trouble typing myself. I've been everything from ENTP, INTP, INFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ.. Please help... ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I've been back and forth a thousand times.. still not sure my type.

    Hey everyone.. so.. I'm still having trouble typing myself. I've been everything from ENTP, INTP, INFJ, ISFJ, ENFJ.. Please help... if you need any info.. feel free to ask.

    Cognitive Process Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)
    extraverted Sensing (Se) ********************** (22.4)
    limited use
    introverted Sensing (Si) ******************************* (31.2)
    good use
    extraverted Intuiting (Ne) *************************** (27.3)
    average use
    introverted Intuiting (Ni) ********************************** (34.7)
    good use
    extraverted Thinking (Te) *********************** (23.1)
    limited use
    introverted Thinking (Ti) ******************************** (32)
    good use
    extraverted Feeling (Fe) *************************************** (39.8)
    excellent use
    introverted Feeling (Fi) ***************************** (29.7)
    average use

    Summary Analysis of Profile
    By focusing on the strongest configuration of cognitive processes, your pattern of responses most closely matches individuals of this type: INFJ

    Lead (Dominant) Process
    Introverted Intuiting (Ni): Transforming with a meta-perspective. Withdrawing from the world and focusing your mind to receive an insight or realization. Checking if synergy results. Trying out a realization to transform things.

    Support (Auxilliary) Process
    Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Building trust through giving relationships. Empathically responding to others' needs and take on their needs and values as your own. Checking for respect and trust. Giving and receiving support to grow closer to people.

    If these cognitive processes don't fit well then consider these types: ENFJ, or ISFJ

    If these results are different from what you know of yourself, you might consider why your developmental pattern does not align with your expectation. You might also consider exploring this result as a possible better fit.

    The Four Temperaments
    Corresponding best-fit temperaments based on your profile: Catalyst; secondly Stabilizer; then Theorist; and lastly, Improviser.
    To read more about the four temperaments click here.

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    Unknown Personality

    I've also spent quite some time trying to figure out what type I am and have found out (at least for myself) that the free online tests aren't very helpful in determining type (although they were a good start). I'd like to ask you a few questions:

    1. Which types of activities do you find that you enjoy engaging in the most? For each activity you list name what you believe to be the single most important/stimulating component of each of those activities and why.

    2. Who in your life has been the single most greatest influence on you? List the traits you most admire about this person and then why you admire them.

    3. What do you consider a waste of time and why?

    I have to go to class now but I'll check and reply back later.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I enjoy listening to and playing music a lot. I'm into a lot of music.. I'm more into independent artists and underground music. I love hip hop, jazz, progressive metal, electronica.. you name it. I love music because I can feel it move through me. It's as if we have a mutual understanding of each other.. its great. I like playing video games, reading psychology books, hanging out with my friends, going on adventures, etc.. I love to learn, I love tinkering with software and fixing people's computers. A buddy of mine is getting me into cars.. I'm pretty much down for whatever.

    2. YouTube - Tosin Abasi - 8 String Guitar It really speaks for itself. This guy is incredible.

    3. I think daytime television is a waste of time because I mean.. its garbage. Its basically a time filler, how are you improving your life at all by watching crap. I think the news is a waste of time.. I don't care that the Beatles are on iTunes. If you didn't have them already.. you're not a fan. I think politics is a waste of time. It's pretty apparent that our democracy can be bought by the highest bidder.. (Off my soapbox.) Anywho.. Any kinda of irrelevancy I don't really have time for.

    Thanks.. hope this helps.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Extrovert vs Introvert is easy.

    Do you become energized around people, go home feeling great and look forward to seeing your friends again?

    Or do you spend time with friends and afterward go home needing to spend time alone to energize?

    Extroverts love being around a variety of people and gain energy by conversing/working with groups of people.

    Introverts on the other hand work in small groups to one-on-one best.

    Personally, I'd rather work alone on projects. I have a few friends and only one friend with whom I've shared nearly every part of my life. I'm an INFP.

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    Unknown Personality

    I am leaning mostly towards ENFJ because the way you describe your greatest passion (music) as having a mutual understanding with you seems to point towards a dominant Extraverted Feeling which enjoys helping others but also receiving equal treatment back and auxiliary Introverted Intuition which, when coupled with a dominant Extraverted Feeling, likes to search for meaning behind interpersonal relationships and gets satisfaction from building them. You also mention that you enjoy fixing other peoples computers which allows you to actively explore a system which you are interested in (Extraverted Sensing), learn through a hands-on-experience (Introverted Thinking), and show appreciation/receive appreciation at same time (Extraverted Feeling) with help from your perceptual storehouse (Introverted Intuition). I am not so worried about extraversion/introversion in this case because either way the function attitudes are the same and that can more easily be determined after you discover which main functions drive you. Remember that your dominant function is the leader (your main goal behind what you do), while the auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior are all followers to this main identity.
    In order to better understand your true motivations try to pay close attention to what you feel stimulated through doing or achieving and what the ideal result is. I know this was a lot of information so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Check this: https://personalitycafe.com/myers-bri...made-easy.html and let us know the results here on this thread.


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