needing some help again N or S

needing some help again N or S

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This is a discussion on needing some help again N or S within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Ok it has been a while since I have been here and I think shadow processes or me just not ...

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    Unknown Personality

    needing some help again N or S

    Ok it has been a while since I have been here and I think shadow processes or me just not knowing my own mind have been in play making this typing thing harder than it should be. I did the enegram and that was completely obvious compared to the myers briggs. I am a 4w3.
    I thought for sure I was ISFJ for a very long time but I was going through some very stressful circumstances and now that things have died down and life is returning to normal I am pondering again if that is really right because it feels really wrong now.
    One thing I am as sure of as I am sitting here, as I understand it, is that I have a strong Fe. I have a need to be understood a need to run things by others, a need to be validated,etc, and like my wing trait, I have a strong need for praise, acclaim and the spotlight.
    I am just too much of a mix to say I or E and I totally accept and embrace my Ambivertness.
    I know I am a J.
    The rest is a little muddy.
    I feel totally at home with S (the perfectionism like choosing the exact word you want or noticing typos before anyone else) yet there are things about N that feel authentic as well so how do I figure out which I am? The thing that I am really good at is making connections and recognizing symbols in literature. Like for instance in Twilight. I was struck how a perfect man loves an ordinary girl and my mind quickly jumped to the fact that even though we are sinful creatures Christ the perfect man loved us enough to die for us, I see connections like that really clearly. I take what is there and ask questions based on the facts and draw conclusions. The professors sometimes had to tell me an apple is just an apple. But I also need to experience things personally to truly understand them. I remember things in brilliant technicolor and feel like my environment is really important to my mood. I don't have a sense in general that I am intuitive, but I have had feelings in the past that I just knew something, like when I had cancer, part of me knew it before I was diagnosed. But I consider myself really practical and can relate to the idea of acting first and thinking later. However in my own life, I always feel like my best life is just out of reach and am future oriented in the sense that I have lots of goals and plans but never quite work hard enough in the present to achieve them. I sometimes wonder if I did achieve them if I would be satisfied and feel completely like an S. Ok this is rambling but ask me any questions in order to help me figure this one out. If you look at my other posts I really related to a lot of Sness but I had to be in the here and now to tackle a lot of real life problems.

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    Unknown Personality

    Both N and S:)
    The question is do you use Si+Ne or Ni+Se?

    In my opinion, taking one situation and applying it to another sounds more like Ni/Se. So does living in the moment and experiencing what is to draw links between things in the past or projecting that into one path in the future. In general Se users, provided they are paying enough attention to the environment have excellent recall skills despite Si being associated with sensory things in the past.

    I don't know how good/accurate this page is, but what is your reaction to each of the exercises for the different functions described on it?
    How to Experience Different Function-Attitudes

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    Unknown Personality

    Will work on that later, good food for thought
    Last edited by adelissa; 04-25-2011 at 11:31 PM. Reason: need to start a new thread because I have more questions about a different subject

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    when I think of Ns I think of the kids who liked learning in class
    when I think of Ss I think of the kids who go excited to do experiments and the more "hands on" stuff

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    Unknown Personality

    I loved school and disliked "projects" because they required me to think to hard and I wasn't very artsy. I got A's in English - best subject, loved literature...pretty sure I am an N


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