Cognitive Function stacks and me.

Cognitive Function stacks and me.

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This is a discussion on Cognitive Function stacks and me. within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; I feel like it probably makes me seem retarded and unaware of myself, but I really can't decide what my ...

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Cognitive Function stacks and me.

    I feel like it probably makes me seem retarded and unaware of myself, but I really can't decide what my stack looks like. I don't know if it's just because I've got a relatively balanced set of functions, or what. I am fairly positive that my N is horrible. But I've also read that ISTP's are likely to develop their inferior Fe before their tertiary Ni.

    I do relate well to ISTPs at times, but at other times I feel like I don't at all. They seem much more rigid than I am, on average. Again, this may be the Fe development making me feel different, or maybe my lack of N and F are both contributing to my failure to see myself.

    I definitely use Ti and Se, but I'm really not sure what order they should all go in.

    Is there a way to break it down further? Or are there realistic stacks that don't align with any of the 16 mbti types? Didn't Jung himself claim to be Ti and Fi, or something? I can't remember the details, but I do think he broke the "rules" of standard MBTI types in his self-analysis.

    I think I'm having a bit of an identity crisis about it all. I'm trying to sort out my own priorities, and have been going through major life changes as of late, and can't decide if I was just forced into ISTP-like ways of life, or if I'm just a confused ESTP who can't look past the current moment. I've also read that ISTPs can tend to be ambiverts, which I almost definitely think I am. Although I am socially anxious and sway heavily toward introversion in my daily life, I NEED human interaction on a regular basis, and generally seek it out online in a way that bring out my bubbly and extroverted side. The videogames I commonly play are mostly team games, although I've surely spent my share of time in RPGs and action-adventures.

    I just don't know what to make of it all, honestly. halp.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Firstly, all (healthy) human beings need interaction on a regular basis--and Fe users in particular tend to be drawn toward situations where they can "check in" with others.

    Secondly, typing hadn't really developed to its current state when Jung wrote, but he thought of himself as an INFJ with Ni and Fi. I'm a bit skeptical--I see a lot of Ti in his writing and Fe attempts to ground his theory in external standards of appropriateness in the way he judges various functions.

    Third, of course there's no uniformity across a type. Other dimensions such as our upbringing, families/friends, enneagram, etc. all shade our personalities. The 7w8 ISTP is going to be a lot more bold and active than the 9w1, who may focus more on his own pet projects given their core fears.

    But enough of that, what makes you think ISTP and not ESTP? Why dominant Ti and not inferior Ni?

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Quote Originally Posted by TyranAmiros View Post
    But enough of that, what makes you think ISTP and not ESTP? Why dominant Ti and not inferior Ni?
    I think you have multiple good points. And the main reason for assuming I over E is my fairly deep preference for introversion. Although I have very little human interaction in meatspace, I get very uncomfortable and lonely if I don't have any sort of human interaction on the internet. Of course, this is likely an unhealthy preference. I have an anxiety disorder for sure, and I'm certain that it interferes with a lot of my decision making and the way I see the world and most activities. I think this makes it very difficult to accurately type myself. I almost feel like I might be an ESTP hermit. Which really doesn't make much sense for that type.

    I don't do many extreme or risky things, although I do fantasize about them at times. I typically am not willing to actually risk my life for a thrill, no matter how small the risk. Again, this may all still be a conflict with my anxiety.

    I believe I might be dominant Ti because I'm also deeply analytical, and always search for the underlying mechanics of any given system. In video games, I need to know all the formulas and systems in order to efficiently use them to my advantage. On multiple occasions, I've taken things apart to understand how they work inside. I'm a big fan of cross-sectional diagrams.

    However, I'm also extremely sensitive to stimuli in general. I consider myself an HSP (highly sensitive person) and am constantly aware of my surroundings (queue anxiety). I am very in touch with all of my senses, and am constantly processing information from them in a deep way.

    In any case, I think I bounce between Ti and Se almost evenly, which is why I have so much trouble differentiating between ISTP and ESTP for myself. My Fe seems to be my center for my strong feelings of empathy, but maybe it's really my Se being so keen on body language and socials cues that really makes me thrive in that area. So maybe ESTP is more accurate.

    It's just REALLY hard to claim to be an extroverted type at all, when I'm such a hermit and lead a very boring lifestyle atm. It's entirely possible that I'm just a very shy ESTP. Which kinda fucking sucks, but I am working on it! Maybe the next few years of going back to school and continuing heavy treatment for my anxiety issues will help me become the ESTP I've always wanted to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by susugam View Post
    Is there a way to break it down further? Or are there realistic stacks that don't align with any of the 16 mbti types?
    YES. People with my own cognitive functions (Ne-Fi-Ti-Si) supposedly don't exist, but I know for a fact that I do, and I'm not letting anybody tell me otherwise. Neither should you


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