What's my MBTI type ??? O u O

What's my MBTI type ??? O u O

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    Unknown Personality

    What's my MBTI type ??? O u O

    I've sometime ago posted a thread regarding what's my MBTI type and I thought it was ENFP too but then I never EVER relate to any of the ENFP description that people posted on tumblr and such, hence, I'm here again asking you guys your opinion on my MBTI type

    1) What aspect of your personality made you unsure of your type?

    People say that I have a very cheerful, fun, and somewhat gregarious personality though, even when Iím very sick (I have about 40 degree fever) people still think Iím being sarcastic even though I really am sick! It sucks though, because the only one who notice is people who knew me for years!

    I also tend to make friends with people from all walks of life, even the extreme introverts, as long as we have a very basic common ground, for example, we both like the same singer, and although Iím not extremely into that singer, Iíd be able to talk to them using that common ground, until I finally found something me, and them, actually like together. Long story short, I could talk for days, about a thing, I donít even know much of.

    In exams too, for example, Iím usually the type thatís good when I donít study in exam! Usually, I have some sort of idea and then Iíd think whether its logical or not, and usually I just, sort of, do it somehow!

    In general, people say that Iím quite selfish, but then I have a somewhat addicting personality. Like, they often said they find that they could talk to me about anything and everything and they just sort of find the idea of me comfortable, although I have a lot of downsides to me as well, of course!

    I am also very rebel, I could just go ahead and not do things because I don't like it, like that one time when I skipped class because the teacher's an ass, and I'm just 'fuck it' and skipped class and I got into trouble but then I'm just not my problem, idfc lol

    2) What do you yearn for in life? Why?

    Well, it's three things, Money, Power, Glory (lol)

    Actually, I don't know, but most of all I want security I guess (?) like a safety net? I want money not because I'm a gold digger (i think idk maybe i am) but just as a precaution just in case I fell, so I could afford the hospital bills and all.

    The song did say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", and the saying "Love is everything" doesn't really work on me, well, because Love doesn't pay bills you know? or college?

    3) Think about a time where you felt like you were at your finest. Tell us what made you feel that way.

    When I'm free, when I could do whatever the hell I want to with nothing tying me down, when I could do what I like, and when I have money lol, no, jk, but yeah, I don't like being tied down to something it's ew, but I want someone loyal to stay by my side, though, sort of like a birdcage, and I'm the bird?

    Because I know I won't be free forever so it's nice when I have a home to come home too

    4) What makes you feel inferior?

    Rules. I donít like when things weigh me down. Although I tend to see them as a suggestion, instead of something I should follow.

    5) What tends to weigh on your decisions? (Do you think about people, pro-cons, how you feel about it, etc.)

    For the most part, I think about the pros and cons but often I think of what I feel about it in the moment.

    For unimportant things, when I insult someone, I never thought of the distant future, I just did the thing regardless of whatever the consequences will be. Regardless of feeling, I mostly thought about my own feeling first, before thinking about others.

    For major things though, I create the pros and cons and thought about it, but usually I ended up deciding it just on the spot lol, like when I'm planning to choose a sociology as an electives and had been planning on it for 2 years, a girl i hate decided to take that electives and I went "nah" and took art instead, which I decided within 1 night.

    6) When working on a project what is normally your emphasis? Do you like to have control of the outcome?

    THIS. This is what I hate about my ex-art teacher. He judge things by EFFORT. I hate it, a lot. So what if I don't try hard but you still put my paintings on showroom and gave me a lower grade than those who you DONT put in the showrooms?

    I hate you, sir.

    Just because I don't try that much doesn't mean I got lower grades than those who try with ugly results, ew you.

    7) Describe us a time where you had a lot of fun. How is your memory of it?

    Anytime I am free to do my own thing. I hate rules, a lot. Especially those that makes no sense, and those that I hate, I mean, can't we all just do our own thing?

    8) When you want to learn something new, what feels more natural for you? (Are you more prone to be hands on, to theorize, to memorize, etc)

    Once I understand it, it's there forever, but I'm a slow learner, and I prefer if I could have an example of it, not just do a and b and you will get c without knowing what the c is? get it? like, if you mix milk and chocolate you will get something, idk but it's good and I'm just


    I would prefer it much more if they went if you mix milk and chocolate you get chocolate milk instead of an "idk"

    9) How organized do you to think of yourself as?

    Average. Not the messiest person you meet, but not the worst as well. My living space is quiet clean, and from a scale of 1-10 my living space is quite like the 7. I love the aesthetic of living in a beautiful space and I love cleaning, and I really do, but itís just not the thing I live for, and I think, just like everyone else, we would prefer to live in a clean environment.

    10) How do you judge new ideas? You try to understand the principles behind it to see if they make sense or do you look for information that supports it?

    Both. When given a new theory, the first thing I ask is mostly what, and coming really close to it is why. Rarely I ask how, because mostly I just did the figuring out process in my head and most of the time I got it right. Like, first the teacher usually gives me a problem, and Iíd ask whatís the meaning and why is it like that, and then I solved it in my head.

    Even math, I usually solve things in ways that I don't even know how, but I just somehow know the answer, like I suck 100% at math, but when there's this question only the best of the best could answer, I could solve it, just in a way that is not even understandable, that's why I work best with teachers who only consider the result.

    11) You find harmony by making sure everyone is doing fine and belonging to a given group or by making sure that you follow what you believe and being yourself?

    I don't care what happens to you, as long as I'm ok

    12) Are you the kind that thinks before speaking or do you speak before thinking? Do you prefer one-on-one communication or group discussions?

    I usually speak before I think. Words mostly came out of my mouth faster than Iíd like them too, but then I mostly just talk my way out of things and all is good.

    Iím okay with all kinds of discussion! One-on-one might be awkward at times, but, with the right common grounds, you can surely smooth things out!

    13) Do you jump into action right away or do you like to know where are you jumping before leaping? Does action speaks more than words?

    I prefer to know where Iím going to land, before jumping, but if someone told me things like ďYou definitely CANT jump!Ē or such, I would, just because I would like to prove them I can lol

    Action speaks louder than words, for me! But words matter too because communication is sometimes, the key to all problems.

    14) It's Saturday. You're at home, and your favorite show is about to start. Your friends call you for a night out. What will you do?

    Depends, actually! Iím a pretty lazy person so, if the distance to the place where we have to hang out is quite far, Iíd stay at home! Or when Iím feeling cozy, Iíd stay home!

    15) How do you act when you're stressed out?

    I mostly has this mini breakdown thing where Iím in full-blown anxiety and panic attack mode, and after a few hours, when I get things to click in my head, I dont care where I am, when I'm stressed, I wouldn't even hesitate to cry in public, no shame!

    16) What makes you dislike the personalities of some people?

    People who are too emotional, and subjective, those who explode when angry and can't chill, and those who see "efforts", come on guys, it's e(F)fort for reason, it's worth an F!

    17) Is there anything you really like talking about with other people?

    Depends I guess!

    18) What kind of things do pay the least attention to in your life

    The things that I consider doesnít matter. Like itís not even about priorities, itís mostly about whether I feel like it matters to me or not, and itís really bad because I genuinely think I need to sort things out!

    19) How do your friends perceive you? What is wrong about their perception? ? What would your friends never say about your personality ?

    Talkativ, Childish, Immature, Selfish, Sassy, Extremely Logical, Rebel, the YOLO typeand that they could talk to me about everything!

    Even around my family, Iím usually the one interacting with people the most, and somehow they feel comfortable around me, I really donít know why though!

    Maybe it's magic

    20) You got a whole day to do whatever you like. What kind of activities do you feel like doing?

    Research stuffs on the Internet, or go somewhere like do some activities I enjoy, or just sit at home and laze around watching free movies and generally just being chill and doing my thing you know, and buy a LOT of fast foods! xD


    1. Click on this link: Flickr: Explore! Look at the random photo for about 30 seconds. Copy and paste it here, and write about your impression of it.

    Ok so I saw an about 5 year old kid smiling surrounded with bubbles lol

    Guess what kid? In later years you will have exams coming up, you will have social expectations coming up, you will have college coming up, you will have job interview coming up, you will have bills to pay!

    Enjoy it while it last.

    2. You are with a group of people in a car, heading to a different town to see your favourite band/artist/musician. Suddenly, the car breaks down for an unknown reason in the middle of nowhere. What are your initial thoughts? What are your outward reactions?

    AND I PAID A LOT FOR THAT CONCERT TOO!!! I would groan about 'a waste of money' for 5 minutes and after that be like, do we call 911?

    3. You somehow make it to the concert. The driver wants to go to the afterparty that was announced (and assure you they won't drink so they can drive back later). How do you feel about this party? What do you do?

    OK GUYS LETS PARTY TONIGHT!! (Being honest with you, I don't care about the driver lol I'm drinking tonight)

    4. On the drive back, your friends are talking. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward reaction? What do you outwardly say?

    Inwardly I don't care, if you're going to hell, go by yourself

    Outwardly I would debate them though, for awhile, like no, no, it's wrong!

    5. What would you do if you actually saw/experienced something that clashes with your previous beliefs, experiences, and habits?

    Ok, lets change believe! Let me try it for a sec, if I like it continue it, if I don't, I return to my previous beliefs lol

    6. What are some of your most important values? How did you come about determining them? How can they change?

    My most important values is to do what I like, to do what I want and all

    I don't hate on people with non-mine-like values, I think they're awesome, but if they told me to follow their values by force, I would hate them, I think values is what you chose for yourself

    Like, I'm not asking you to follow my values, so can you stfu about me following yours?

    7. a) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else? b) If you could change one thing about you personality, what would it be? Why?

    My childishness, selfishness, and ignorance lol, if I could change one thing it would be I want to follow rules more often but I just cant

    8. How do you treat hunches or gut feelings? In what situations are they most often triggered?
    I don't know about my gut feeling, it's dead I guess? It only works when I feel like I'm in danger, I would follow them usually but mostly I follow it if it happens periodically and not just a one time thing

    9. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?
    When I could do whatever the hell I want with no care in what people think (I don't care what people think) it energizes me the most

    The things that drains me the most is when people force me to do something because it's like, can you not? I'm my own being, and you're your own being too, if I go to hell, you wont follow me, and if you do, I won't follow you, so can you just sshhhhhh

    10. What do you repress about your outward behavior or internal thought process when around others? Why?
    I don't internalize anything, what you see is what you get!

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    uh, ESFP?
    There are comments everywhere and it really shows that you are much more extroverted, with phrases such as "extreme introverts" and talking without thinking too much - an introverted person wouldn't say that. People find it easier to warm up to outgoing people, in my experience. FP, because you don't think it is important to follow or agree with the values of others, you are very independent in that way (e.g. questionaire 2, Q4) and Sensing because of the continuous references to real life examples in your answers.

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    Unknown Personality

    Thanks !! I never really read into ESFPs maybe I'll check on them a bit more :D

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    Unknown Personality

    edit: wrong post!
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    Unknown Personality

    If this helps any of you, I'm an artist, and I would draw literally anything as long as it's for the money, even things I don't like, because I honestly give little to no regards to others values as long as mine is right ?

    I guess ?

    I also don't care about conflict, I guess? I don't care what people think of me as long as I think I'm ok

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    SFP, ESFP likely.

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    Definite ESFP

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    Why did you think you are ENFP? Just curious. You pretty much act in the moment, which is Se. You said a lot about your own internal values and principles, which is Fi. E and P are pretty obvious. So yeah you're probably ESFP

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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by anaraqueen View Post
    Why did you think you are ENFP? Just curious. You pretty much act in the moment, which is Se. You said a lot about your own internal values and principles, which is Fi. E and P are pretty obvious. So yeah you're probably ESFP
    I don't knowww, online quizzes said I'm ENTP / ENFP but then I'm like


    And everything I do is a mess, I guess (?) like I have a hard time choosing what to do, and I'm lazy 24/7 idk is that a Ne function? e u e?

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    Fi for sure.
    ISFP ESFP maybe. ENFP maybe. INFP.

    you are a REALLY good writer compared to most ESFP's. They tend to not be the greatest writers IMO.

    Do you like performing, acting, singing, etc? Do you like to be center stage? hate it?

    when you are beat up emotionally do you go party, or do you retreat to your bedroom and hide out for awhile?

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