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This is a discussion on Type Me. within the What's my personality type? forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; So, Instead of studying I've decided to post a 'Type Me' thread. I am new here and this is my ...

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    Type Me.

    So, Instead of studying I've decided to post a 'Type Me' thread.
    I am new here and this is my first post.

    I need some help with typing.
    I tend to go for collective data when I ultimately decide my type. Responses would be appreciated.
    I will not state what type the test results give me as they might be bias, lead to bias-ness, and unreliable.
    I do not know which questionnaire to use, therefore I shall just ramble on about my 'self.'

    I am in a rather miserable state now, not emotionally.
    Beginning to develop some misanthropy, generally find that people are rather selfish and self-centred.
    Emotionally, I can seem accommodating, but I prefer not to.
    I rarely open up, I choose to ignore my emotions.
    I am, however aware of others 'feelings.'
    Some day's I can be considerate, others, completely cold.
    I did once think of myself as a feeling type.
    I can be rather expressive but rarely in public.
    I live a hermit life.
    My relationships tend to be one sided with me feeling left out, so I decided to end them before I start doing the same to them.
    I don't use people, I manipulate them at times, Yes, I'm unhealthy.
    I hate talking about emotions.
    When I do get a scolding, I wish I could just disappear, because authority is too reactive.
    I find people to be hypocrites.
    My dad once told me that I can choose to react blindly or analytically.
    He reacts blindly and I have zero respect towards him.
    Somedays I feel lonely, other days I feel better alone.
    I can act rather extraverted in public and among peers.

    I rarely go out and meet people unless I have to.
    I spend my time at home, either studying, researching or planning.
    My brain takes in chunks of information and I rarely sort them out.
    I just wake up one day or etc and it everything makes sense.
    My creative process is similar.
    I cannot just create to express my 'feelings' and 'self'.
    I can only create to express an idea, nothing personal.
    I hate using the term, 'I'.
    I am usually confused about Identity and 'self.'
    Not sure what I believe in anymore.
    My thinking patter now is in loops.
    I can literally form conspiracy theories about how everything is a lie.
    Maybe I am paranoid, Not aware of it.

    My creative life is dead
    I intentionally stopped art.
    I did plan to form a band, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and where to direct it to, but decided that people are unreliable and It would be easier if I just pursued that as an individual.
    I personally dislike Hipsters and Emo's. I find them to be hypocrites; They focus on authenticity and uniqueness, but fail to realise that in the big picture, they are fitting in to a rebellious social construct.
    I am rather scientific.
    I constantly feel the need to search for evidence, No evidence = Not true. Not necessarily a lie, but I need closure, fast.
    I can read people, but I am usually quite.
    I find that people tend to want others to validate them for being deep etc, but a display of that is rather meaningless.
    I usually get lost in existential crisis, but when I have to get something done, I do it without delay.

    People are like leeches.
    Correction, they're like trees.
    They fail to realise that at the end of the day, they're all the same.
    You may disagree, but don't go looking for a debate, I refuse to participate.
    I tend to be stuck in my head most of the time.
    I lack empathy. I do not feel sorry for anyone.
    I see it as they are in this situation because of their own actions so instead of feeling sorry, I would rather give solutions.

    Feel free to request for me to fill in questionnaires.
    Just don't get me to do tests and post results. I know enough to manipulate the results.
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    Let me know if I'm doing this(Type Me Thread) wrong.

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    Unknown Personality

    only thing i'd say is preference for Thinking :)
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    Yes, I agree. The cynicism in this post seems very much like a struggle with Fe. Significantly, I notice that you struggle to identify the way you feel about anything, because you can only express it in terms of what you see in others.

    Which I would consider a sign of low-order Fe. Everything you feel is externalized. And I associate nihilistic rants with low-order Fe. It's certainly not Fi, because it's simply declaring absurdities upon the ethics of the individuals surrounding you, identified through Ti.

    In your case, very detached Ti. Your auxiliary is going to be harder to identify, because in hermit mode you won't be using it a great deal.

    I could see you as INTP or ISTP. Ne and Se can look very similar, especially as auxiliary functions.
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    do a questionaire. how old are you? why so depressed/cynical?

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    Yes, I agree. The cynicism in this post seems very much like a struggle with Fe. Significantly, I notice that you struggle to identify the way you feel about anything, because you can only express it in terms of what you see in others.

    Which I would consider a sign of low-order Fe. Everything you feel is externalized. And I associate nihilistic rants with low-order Fe. It's certainly not Fi, because it's simply declaring absurdities upon the ethics of the individuals surrounding you, identified through Ti.

    In your case, very detached Ti. Your auxiliary is going to be harder to identify, because in hermit mode you won't be using it a great deal.

    I could see you as INTP or ISTP. Ne and Se can look very similar, especially as auxiliary functions.
    Thanks for the response. What is the difference between Se and Ne as an auxiliary function?

    do a questionaire. how old are you? why so depressed/cynical?
    By the time I post this, the questionnaire would be completed. I am going to be 20 next month.. still young so I lack experience when it comes to 'living life.' I'm not really that depressed yet, I am more of frustrated with everything that's around me, but I find it stupid to blame the world for my problems with it, so I keep it in, reanalyse it and eventually reach the same conclusion, leading to zero faith in everyone.

    I used this questionnaire from @Entropic

    1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.
    Self-Produced stress, frustration and basically I'm at my worst, or close to it.

    2. Study these two images here and here. Which one do you prefer and why? How would you describe it?
    Honestly, I prefer the first one. It gives out a very mysterious vibe, mysterious, yet comfortable. To be honest, at first glance, I see it as it is. The sea, the sky. It reminds me that there is more to life than being mindless robots, that there's a lot more 'unknowns', beyond our comprehension. I could go on about it, but I don't think I would be describing the image anymore, but more of my thoughts.

    3. Please describe yourself as a person if you were to introduce yourself to someone else like in a cover letter. What kind of person are you and why?
    I do not enjoy describing myself, but..
    I have good social skills. I am aware of my surroundings, I am considerate, but usually fluctuate between extreme detachment, harshness and compassion. I am in the process of finding myself. I find it stupid to label myself as 'unique, good, thankful, deep.'
    I am usually the person my 'friends' go to when they need advice, and I usually seem to read their expression and situation correctly. I can be an uplifting soul, but lack energy to seem 'enthusiastic.' I would rather be alone than have one-sided relationships, though at times I fear intimacy. I treat the concept of 'love' and 'sex' and whatsoever as a spiritual connection. I personally think a lot and overanalyse stuff. As much as I hate to admit it, I need people. I am confused with the terms 'introvert and extrovert'(overthinking) and find it to be rather vague descriptions since one can just label themselves as whichever they 'feel' like. I enjoy alone time simply because I get to focus on my life and ideas. I am most probably the kind of guy who would have one girlfriend who would be exposed to all sides of me, especially emotionally. I am emotional, but I do not express it much as I don't think anyone really cares. I am logical yet I fail to use it to help others as I am uncomfortable with sharing my thoughts. When stressed out I tend to become rather depressed, nihilistic, emotional, and over indulge in games, tv shows, long walks etc. I love human beings because they are flawed. They either work on their flaws or hide it. It is rather amusing, but I do respect those who aren't afraid to express it, yet focus on improving themselves. I used to be interested in psychology and chose not to pursue it, its self-sabotague. I am losing track of the original question therefore I shall stop here.

    4. What kind of person would you LIKE to be? Why? What kind of person would you NOT want to be? Why?
    AH, I am not comfortable expressing that, and now that I am in a rut, I do not know what to believe in anymore and the future seems bleak. I almost feel opposite to what i was before now.

    5. Do you think there are any differences to how you described yourself and how people actually perceive you? How do you think others would describe you? If there are any discrepancies between these two that are you are aware of; do you know why exactly that is?
    I have heard others describe me in a rather positive manner, as someone who understands them, but those close to me tend to stay away from me when I am stressed as I tend to be rather detached and unsympathetic towards them. I don't usually worry about how others perceive me as I see us all to be 'temporary.'

    6. What in life do you find to be of importance? Why? If you are unsure you can always take the Value Test and post the results here. Do note that it helps if you narrow it down to 20 or ideally 10 values as suggested at stage 2.
    I do not know. I would say I value.. Honesty, Spirituality, Knowledge, Perfection, Silence.. I do not know what else. What I value doesn't really matter as every situation would either lead to with an upgrade in values or downgrade.

    7. How do you react to new situations in your life? Can you describe an event in your life where you were in an unknown situation? How did you deal with it?
    In unknown situations I tend to stay in the background at first. I would be rather quite, silently observing and figuring out what i can do with those people, what they are like and what they want to be seen as. If I get comfortable with others, I would be more expressive, accommodating, etc

    My memory isn't that good. I would say though that I think the day through in the morning before leaving my home, prepare myself mentally for whatever might happen and then react accordingly.

    I usually stay calm, or force myself to since reacting won't do me any good.

    8. Please describe yourself when you are in a stressful situation. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.
    I can be one of the most messed up and frustrated people around. Bad experiences = loneliness = cynicism = frustration = conspiracy theories = disappointment = anger = sadness. I would tend to attach my darkest thoughts about my hobbies, to my hobbies, so when I do them, I get pissed off and start hating them in general. Then comes the self-hatred.

    9. Please describe yourself when you are in an enjoyable situation. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.
    I react in a calm manner, when in public. When alone or with someone I know, I tend to be rather eccentric and shocked as I am not really aware of my own personal feelings.

    10. Describe your relationship to socialization. How do you perceive one-on-one interaction? How do you perceive group interaction?
    I have good social skills. I just hate using them, its tiring to be constantly focused on the person. I space out quite a lot. I do prefer one to one interaction and I tend to make it all about the other person. Nothing much about myself, and everyone else exists in the background.

    Group interaction is necessary due to there being many people and I get to test out my judgements to reach a conclusion. I would rarely speak, but focus on getting things done in a better, efficient manner, yet emotionally pleasing.

    11. Describe your relationship to society. What are the elements of it you hold important or unimportant (e.g. social norms, values, customs, traditions)? How do you see people as a whole?
    As of now, I hate society. I don't pay attention to social norms as I figured that by keeping my mouth shut about myself, I would be able to fit in, and it works.
    I see people to be completely messed up, they all blame the system but forget that they are the ones who created it. They blame it, tell you your ideas won't work but they don't seem to have solutions. They all just want to complain about how pathetic their lives are etc. They are self-centred, greedy and just want someone or something to blame. At my best, I am pretty sure I see it the other way around.

    12. Describe your relationship to authority. How do you perceive authority? What does it mean to you, and how do you deal with it?
    I am secretly a rebel. Outwardly I respond accordingly, but I don't really like it. No one should have power over another individual, because it is rather unhealthy to them both. Authority is an excuse to control others for their own pleasure.

    13. Describe your relationship to order and chaos. What do order and chaos mean to you? How do they manifest in your daily life?
    Chaos and order are necessary. Balance.
    They don't necessarily mean much to me as I am not too focused on order and chaos, I keep things organised for my own good and other unimportant things are discarded. In my daily life, I would say my father represents order and my mother, chaos. I see the need for them both, but I would rather be surrounded with peace and silence.

    14. What is it that you fear in life? Why? How does this fear manifest to you both in how you think and how you act?
    Nothing much. I once thought I moved from phobic to counter phobic, but nah. I do not necessarily fear anything in life as I accept everything. Whatever happens, happens. I just have to keep my calm and move beyond that experience. Oh wait, I do fear intrusion. I get paranoid about it. I am extremely secretive. It doesn't really affect me much other than a lack of progress.

    15. What is it that you desire in life? What do you strive to achieve? Why? Where do you think these drives and desires stem from or are inspired by?
    I do not know anymore.
    As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut, as I loved space and wanted to study what I loved.. and at the same time stay away from people.I remember talking to my dad about this when I was 5.
    Other than that, I just don't know anymore.

    16. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?
    Nothing much really. Socialising drains me, other than that i can do just about anything alone without feeling energised and drained.

    17. Why do you want to know your type? What type do you think you are? Why this/these type(s)? Is there a type that appeals to you, to your self-perception, that you would like to be? Why? If you know your enneagram, please post this here. If you have done any online function tests such as the Keys2Cognition, it helps if you post these results here as well.
    I want to move on and find something that really suites me. I have a few ideas, but am not sure as of yet. I did those test until I knew enough to manipulate them. So, i stopped as there was no truth in them anymore. I think I am an enneagram 4, 5, or 8. I did Keys2Cognition, but Like I said, I know it enough to manipulate my answers. I was usually typed INTJ, ISTP, ENTP, INFJ etc. I think theres a N type bias-ness there.

    18. Finally, is there something else you find to be of importance you want to add about yourself you think might be of relevance when helping to type you?
    I don't think so.
    I go for counselling at times, I get rather frustrated when they tell me to relax, slow down, be present etc. I have been told that I am rather insightful and deep(whichidoubt). I hate those terms. I was told that I was a deep feeler, but I know for a fact that I am not a Fi/Fe dominant.
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    INFJ is my guess. A depressed one.

    you are focused on your relationships with other people. You don't strike me as an extrovert.

    I'd encourage you to go hang out in the INFJ forum. Really nice people, and either you'll fit in or not, but if not, they'll give you some great ideas to help you.
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    Agreed. I would say you might appear to be an INTJ, but that is because you sound depressed. Deep down, you are an INFJ.
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    I would say you're definitely an introvert, almost definitely a thinking type and almost definitely a perceiving type, and I think you might be a N but more information is needed. I would say INTP, I'm intp (22) and I've been in the state you are now and probably worse, right now I'm fine but I think it might come back but I can relate to some of the things you said. Btw originally I thought I was an INFJ.

    Can you answer some questions? (I'm gonna make them up, I'm quite new to this but I'll try).

    1) You're a part of a group project, what would piss you off more? Someone criticising another person because their idea is illogical or someone criticising the first critic for being insensitive?
    2) Congratulations, you realised that Q1 was designed to determine whether you are T or F and you didn't like it because it was obvious and you could manipulate it however you wanted. So how do you bias? towards T or F?
    3) You're doing a scientific experiment, what excites you more? Looking over the data to find logic? Or analysing the experiment before the the data and trying to predict the logic with theory?
    4) Do you like "What if" type of questions?
    5) Are you well organised, if you try to be organised does it ever last, does it drain your energy?
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    Oh and what made me really sure about what type I was, is reading the type descriptions and watching loads of different videos by different people on the different types, especially the ones I thought I might be. That made it really clear.

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